The EZA GOTY 2015 Community Nominations!

  • Hey everyone!

    It's been a while since we had a community list so I thought we could take a look back and vote for our GOTY... 2015!

    With the benefit of hindsight, it would be interesting to see what our definitive best games for that year are.

    For those who haven't seen those discussion lists before, here's the GOTY 2016 thread.

    The nomination process will be similar to previous lists.

    • I will ask you to rank your 5 favorite games of 2015. Send me this list via PM or at Don't forget to mention your forum username if you send an email.

    Your #1 pick will receive 5 points, #2 gets 4... and #5 gets 1.

    If you have played less than 5 games, you can send a top 4 or a top 3, but no less than that - it felt unfair to give 5 points to a game that was someone's only nomination last time.

    The list of games eligible only includes games released in the West (US and/or Europe) in 2015.

    • If a game came out on a different platform prior to 2015 and was ported to a new platform in 2015 (such as Shovel Knight), this game is not eligible.
    • DLCs and simple HD remasters are also not eligible.

    I strongly recommend you check this list of 2015 releases to jog your memory. It wasn't that long ago but I was still surprised going through it to choose my picks.

    • As always, do not post your list on the forum before the reveal is over.
    • After about 2 weeks, the nominations will be closed, and I will proceed to tally the votes and reveal our GOTY list via a countdown.

    Hopefully enough of you find the time to participate, I'm excited to see the results!

  • Oh no. It's Witcher/Bloodborne all over again. Can't we just let this die? lol

  • @TokyoSlim There were a lot of amazing games other than these two in 2015, so I'm not too worried!

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    Awesome! This have also given me a chance to catch up on a lot of 2015 games which I hadn't played that year! which also results in a completely different list than if I would have done one late 2015.

  • @Lotias Same here, there's only one game on my list that I actually played in 2015.

  • This makes me more interested in a 2014 GOTY list and seeing if we can right the wrongs of that year.

    I'll have to think about what I voted on in the past but I don't think my top 3 would change that much from 2015.

  • I was actually thinking about this setup. I'd just like to make a suggestion.

    I think we'd get a better indication on the community games if we did a Top 10 list but still maintained it as a Top 25 Overall. I just think that will actually give a better spread and if you can't think of 10 or haven't played 10, that's fine. Apply the same logic that we have right now, if you've only 3 games, put 3 down.

    What do others think?

  • Ideally if we all could name 10 it would indeed allow for a wider representation, but I think most people won't even have played 10 games from 2015, let alone liked 10.

    For the 2016 GOTY a lot of people couldn't even pick 5, but it still felt like a sweet spot overall.

    Personally I played 12 games from 2015 but I liked less than 10 of them, so I'd be giving points to games just for having played them, doesn't feel right.

    And if we allow some people to only enter 3 games and others enter 10, it feels too disparate in my opinion.

    But yeah, let us know what you all think!

  • @Axel There, I submitted it. I won't be as elusive as last time.

    And you're right; I'm surprised at how many games released that I really enjoyed from that year.

  • @Axel First, I wanted to say I'm SUPER happy to be doing this again, so thanks for firing this kind of thing back up! It's gets me excited to see what we thought of two years ago!

    Second, I recently was struggling to remember what my personal picks were, so this is a great excuse to look at the calendar and see!

    Third, do stand alone experiences count? I don't want to tip my hand if they do, but what I mean is much like Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider will be in the fall: Initially promised as DLC, but had their own physical retail release.

    Finally, will the reveals follow the same pattern? Just curious about that.

    When the standalone question is answered, I'll send my list your way!

  • @Brannox Yeah, I would say standalones count, they're essentially separate games. Don't know which one you're thinking of for 2015, but I imagine Uncharted: Lost Legacy could get a few votes for 2017 if it turns out as great as we expect. :)

  • @Axel Thanks! Just sent it off (BTW, my question revolves around my #2 choice ;-) )

  • just sent in my list

  • I only played one game I enjoyed from 2015, so I think I'll sit this one out.

    Looking forward to the results though. Maybe there'll be something on there I think I might enjoy and go about doubling my favorites from that year haha

  • @Ringedwithtile yea 2015 was a werid year for me as one game took me most of the year to complete

  • So far I counted 6 lists and we have... 22 different games! I like the way this is shaping up!

  • Hindsight. I really don't need it because in hindsight my #1 has only gotten cozier as the game of generation thus far. However, hindsight has brought one of the more competitive games waaaaaaaaay down for me personally.


    • Until Dawn
    • Rocket League

    sleepers (sorta) but goooooooood AND they released 2015

  • If I'm not mistaken I've played a grand total of 6 games from 2015 enough to vote for them, on the good sight they are all really good, so no complaints there.

  • Gotta specify an extra rule because I've already received a couple nominations for it:

    Trails of Cold Steel is not eligible because we already included it as part of the GOTY 2016 list. Sorry about that!

  • Submitted my rather boring list.. I guess I didn't get around to much in 2015 either. I feel like I play a lot of games until I see all the ones I haven't played yet