Favorite Non-Gaming Stress Relievers

  • @sam776 And that right there is exactly the song I usually listen to, to relax. Such a great song =D

  • @sam776 said in Favorite Non-Gaming Stress Relievers:

    @Lexad Fantastic idea. I have fallen into the "just surf the net' thing many times. I'm makin' lunch real time!

    The last three months were a little more difficult and I didn't really get to destress in the way I normally do. I was studying for the GMAT to go for my MBA. I pretty much refused to study at home so I just used my lunches as my study time. I did great which was awesome. But it also hit me during one of the most difficult projects I have ever had before so I think it took a little more of an impact on me. But I still made the effort to get away from my desk.

  • I also want to add one more thing. I don't know what the religious make up is of this community but I do want to respectfully share this.

    I am a Christian. Not perfect by any means and pretty prone to anxiety and self doubt, especially at work. Whenever I start to get those emotions of lack of self worth, and I recognize I am doing it, I just get up and walk away from my desk/situation for a few minutes. I do believe there is a greater purpose to things and it helps put my own "concerns" into perspective. There is a Latin word called Deditio, which means total surrender. It has become sort of a one word prayer/reminder for me.

    Don't want that to be preachy by any means but it is something that has helped me in the past.

  • My biggest stress relievers are probably listening to or playing music, movies, reading, or just getting outside, biking, etc.

  • I need to start biking again! Thank you! ^_^

  • @Lexad I am a Christian as well. We seem very similar in terms of having doubt and self-worth issues. Thanks for the input. : ) Not preachy in the slightest, haha.

  • I watch the following videos on youtube:

    • cat videos
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    • puppy videos
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    • alpaca videos

  • I make PowerPoints. It's weird but it's just so calming to organize information. A nice 50 slide presentation usually does the trick. That, and listening to music. Either Kpop (lately Wonder Girls) or my older favorites like Gorillaz.

  • @sam776 Its a lot of fun! I started mountain biking when I went to college as a cheaper/easier alternative to dirt biking. I'm not that great but I really love it

  • Photography , walking around in nature, classical music.

  • @Whoaness CAT VIDEOS ARE BAE!!!

  • @michemagius This is, by far, the most unique technique I've read so far, and it's awesome! Thank you for sharing. ^_^

  • @Vexchaneu Classical music is like fresh drinking water for the soul. <3

  • @Faaip I used to ride ATVs every now and then. Never had a dirt bike, though I was tempted to try to ride my cousin's several times, haha. Great fun indeed!

  • @sam776 Nice, I started out with ATVs too. Its a lot of fun and I'd really like to get back into it someday!

  • I always enjoy practicing a little piano, but in stressful times, I always like playing some of the stuff I've got down well. Ff7 main theme, fisherman's horizon from above, to Zanarkand, and some moonlight sonata 1st movement are good examples.

  • Take a few hours and just listen to music, like really listen to it. It's a very refreshing experience, especially since there are often long stretches of time(like months) when I don't really do that and instead use my free time in other ways like watching series and games. That makes those listening sessions all the more refreshing, like I had stretches in my last month where I was just under pure stress but 5 hours on the weekend just taking music in saved my sanity at those moments.

  • I like laying around with my dog and meditating.

  • @kirkking2000 Love me some piano only themes as well. : ) You should record yourself playing and post it on Youtube! I search for random people playing game themes on Youtube sometimes, haha.

  • @Holundrian Music certainly powerful. It can't be underestimated! Thank you! : )