Favorite Non-Gaming Stress Relievers

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    Reading comics when not in a gaming mode

  • Just close my eyes, dive into my 'mental sanctuary' (so to speak), and just enjoy either quiet or the sounds of nature.

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  • I'm a competitive dancer, and I find it oddly calming to get into battles with people for fun. Sometimes I just show up at my school's break dance club and throw down against a few people there, keeps me sharp and lets me get my negative emotions out through movement. The physical activity of it combined with the mental attention required to predict beats and answer back the opponent's best moments helps me feel refreshed.

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    Sorry, just had to add that.

    Anyway reading, cooking/baking, walking, coming here, look up random stuff on YouTube (How did I never hear of "Dont hug me, I'm Scared" till now)

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    My job doesn't allow us to listen to music. Kinda blows having to sing to myself for ten to eleven long tedious hours, but when I'm not at work and I need to relax I just draw.

    This is the start of something new I'm working on. http://oi65.tinypic.com/3304i0w.jpg

  • Playing music. I play guitar mostly, but I like tinkering around on pianos, synths, and drums. Don't sell yourself short. Anyone can learn to play. It just takes time so it helps to have patience and motivation. Guitar is easy because there are so many popular recognizable songs that you can learn from the beginning. From there just keep learning new songs and perfecting the ones you know. Then next thing you know, you'll know how to play a bunch of chords. It's challenging and gratifying. Makes for a great stress reliever. I'd recommend it to everyone.

    Skateboarding is fun. I love just cruising around. Getting tricks no matter how simple or difficult always feels great.

    Running is a good stress reliever. It's hard to get motivated to get outside most of the times. But I've never finished a run with regret. And it's a good way to lose weight. Bicycling is fun for the same reasons.

    Cooking is a great stress reliever. Enjoying good food. Drinking beer, wine, or whiskey to go with....the best combo right there.

    Last but not least riding my motorcycle. I love it. Feels so good. Feels like riding a bicycle down an endless hill.

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    Martial Arts.
    Nothing like punching someone in the face followed by some peaceful meditation

    Getting punched in the face is however, very stress inducing.

    Just kidding, what kind of martial arts do you do & how long?

  • @RyanBates Yeah, it's always better to be generous ;)

    I've been doing ITF Taekwondo for abouttttt 20 years? Some gaps in there though, not 20 years of consistent traininh

  • Cracking open a beer, revving up the massage chair, while listening to whale songs.

  • Ironically, exercising and working out really relaxes my nerves. And it really helps gets rid of stress. When I'm running on a treadmill, I am kind of in my own zone, it feels nice. It's just a good feeling every time.

    Other than that, chatting with friends online, watching videos(which is why I love that EZA gives us so many!), is a great way to relieve stress.

  • Smelling petitgrain essential oil. It's made from orange tree twigs. I discovered it when I detected a unique & soothing flavour note in a bottle of Pepsi Throwback (I almost never drink commercial colas for health reasons), and looked up the recipe (which is actually public knowledge). I must mention that it's perfectly matched to my body type, and might not necessarily have a strong effect on somebody else.

    Also ginger ale.

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    "If you are depressed you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present."
    -Lao Tzu

    That's a good one to remember.

  • Music. That's it. Just music. It's nuts what it does to my state of mind.