Pokemon go is back, kinda

  • Lots of stuff has happened the past few weeks and is happening throughout the summer that has the current community excited and bringing some back. Two weeks ago a big update hit that changed gyms and added a new raid mechanic. Gyms are now more casual. There is no more training up gyms. It's first come first serve. "Motivation" is now the health in gyms and anyone on your team can stop by a gym and feed your pokemon berries to replinish your pokemons motivation.

    Raids are co-op experiences that you and up to 20 people can do. Fight a super powerful pokemon raid boss and if you defeat it have a chance to catch it at lower cp. Legendary raids have been confirmed and are currently being tested. There is a real world event coming up in Chicago that people in Chico go and prople all over the world will work together to unlock. There will also be events later in the summer for Europe and Japan. Finally there are two more big updates coming out later this year.

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    Yeah Ive seen that the app have poped up more messages lately than it used to! think I might give this a go again (pun intended)

    Just need more data on my phone so I could spend more time collecting pokemons.. I still have a certain team in mind that I want, but they are hard to get

  • Ironic that it was such a huge thing literally one year ago this month. If it wasn't the peak of the heat out where I live I'd probably check it out again.

    They killed a lot of my interest by making it difficult to get pokemon while driving (No I don't personally do it while driving, my wife catches them while I drive lol).

  • @ZyloWolfBane it is still somewhat possible to play in a car. I'm always the passenger and I do it two or three times a week. If you know the route your taking remember that and if there are pokestops at or around stoplights you can grab them while stopped. Also I've found that you have a little bit of time to grab more after the speed lock re-engages

  • I started playing again two weeks ago.

    I like the new gyms and fighting a pokemon that you neer to best with more ppl

  • It never left here in Japan!
    Still not gonna play it, though

  • @naltmank .. Are you saying that not all japanese ppl play pokémon??

  • @HyronY Oh, I play Pokemon. Just not the Go version.

  • @naltmank hahaha, only the game(s) from Game freak.

  • Finally got a Tyranatar alt text

  • I live next to a park with lots of stops and gyms so I used it as an excuse to take longer/more frequent walks and I really only stopped playing during the winter. The gym update has been great for me as a solo player. I didn't typically bother with the gyms before and now I'll actually take the time to knock out a fully stacked gym. I was on a roadtrip this weekend and dropping a Pokemon in a Mystic Gym, that had open spots, while driving through random small towns was fun. I had Pokemon in 6 gyms across two states from my return trip!

    Raids are fun too! I'm trying to get my sister to come down for a weekend so we can do some Raid battles together!

    @ZyloWolfBane I play as a passenger too and you can cheat the speed restriction with a Pokemon Go Plus. If you time it right and spin the disk on the stop on your phone and press the Plus at the same time you can get the stop. Once I got the timing down, I've hit stops while we were going 55mph!

  • Ledgendarit's confirmed for this weekend. First at Go Fest then the rest of the world

  • @Disabledgamerjh I imagine I will be seeing even more people out and about on Sunday if the Legendary Raid gets unlocked!

  • @logic__error I'm pretty sure that Niantic will just say their unlocked or the "mystery challenge" at go fest is actually something else.

  • I'm not sure why it replied two ways

  • @Disabledgamerjh Probably, the official infographic is so vague, ugh