Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC)

  • Who is looking forward to Sea of Theives? I'm in the alpha and most of the play sessions have been great. I can't wait for more people to be able to play in a beta and full game (hope it's at pax to) I will say this, things are easier with mics. Here's the latest video Rare put out today about shup wrecks in the world
    Youtube Video

  • I'm looking forward to the game, but not to play. I don't have a group of friends who would play it, and I don't like playing with strangers... not to mention the small problem of not having an Xbox or good computer.
    It should make for some great streams though, which is what I'm excited for.
    Curious to see how long this game last after it comes out though.

  • I've been interested in it for ages. Sad to hear people calling it things like vaporware since it's been in development for so long now when the dev team really has been constantly releasing little update videos pretty consistently since the public first heard about it. I don't know if my aging PC will be able to run it personally, but I'm glad to see someone tackle such a grand challenge of a game and do it as well as they seem to be doing with this.

    Sure, it might get old and samey to people after afew rounds of find the treasure, less so of course to people really into pirates and really wanting to live this kind of experience, but it's fine for games like that to exist when right now there's so many different games here and there that only spending a little time among each one is actually preferred by many people who want to rush ahead to the next after absorbing the basis of what one has to offer. Especially when what this particular one has to offer is for many a childhood dream.

  • I am very hyped for Sea of Thieves! From the reveal, I was in - adorable graphics, cozy pirating, GREAT WATER. Still, I may place that excitement in a box with my No Man's Sky hype, since I can't think I'll play it much. Like @Inustar , I know very few people who would play and I don't enjoy playing with strangers. Yet it looks so cozy and fun. I can at least look forward to some jolly EZA streaming.

  • Thieves tho.

  • Like others I'm excited for the game and would love to play it but I don't have a great PC or an X Box One. While it's tempting I don't think there's enough exclusive software on X Box to warrant getting the system right now (I have a PS4 and Switch). Totally going to watch EZA and others play it but sadly it doesn't seem like I'll be joining the crew any time soon.

  • I'm excited for it, but I'll wait till it comes down in price unless reviews are 10/10 across the board and it's the next can't miss game

  • Still don't think we know enough about this game to have a proper opinion yet.

  • Looks fun but so far it seems very limited on what you can do. They need to show the quest system, progression, loot, equipment and overall the stuff that will keep people playing for a long time. This is another case of MS unveiling a game too soon but this may be possitive at the end since the game is getting a lot off user feedback.
    At gamescon they will show some progression.

    Something I like a lot about this game is that they are building the world first, then implement the gameplay mechanics, instead of having a template and using it over a setting which makes many games feeling the same.

  • So, I played some of the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta this evening. Omg, it's so damn fun!

    Literally just spent 2 hours hanging around with some other dudes getting treasure, exploring shipwrecks. It's honestly so refreshing. I'm really glad you don't have markers or anything like that. We were literally just sailing along and I 'm watching for anything interesting. I see a shipwreck and just say "Hey, let's go have a look!", so we drop anchor and have a look around. So damn refreshing!

    The biggest problem we're going to get though is people camping at outposts. FYI, you have to sell the chests you discover at outposts in order to get currency for buying items like new weapons and clothes, and they're not a safe area, you can be murdered very easily. So we were the victim of someone camping at the outpost and killing us for our stuff.

  • @Hazz3r did you all use voice chat

  • @ib0show

    Once I managed to get it working yeah. There's no indicator that your mic if transmitting so it took me a while to realise that my Windows default mic was configured wrong. Once I got that working then yeah, there was four of us all talking and chatting.

    One really cool thing is that the boat controls are neither simple nor complex, they're somewhere in the middle. For example, we were pretty deep into a bay and needed to get out. There was no room for us to turn and you can't just put the boat in reverse.

    So we dropped the front sail to half-sail and the back sail to full-sail. Then, you can change the angle of the sails so that they're either 90 degrees left or right, so we turned the front sail all the way right an the back sail all the way left. When we raised the anchor, the boat did a reverse 180 out of the port, missing a dock by mere feet.

    I can't imagine the game being too fun by yourself, but in a group this game is amazing. We were laughing for ages afterwards how we were "pro pirates" for making that manoeuvre.

  • I tried the beta yesterday by myself, cause I'm a coward and don't like voice chatting with people I don't know, and the game looks gorgeous on the highest settings on PC. Doesn't appear to demand that much performance either since I don't have the most powerful PC out there. I have a geforce 980 and am able to run the game on the highest settings in 2160p with a very high framerate in case anyone is curious, but that is by myself with no other player around so that might change for the worse once there are more players and bad weather and stuff around.

    Would really like to try it with some allies so that I at least have some connection to the people I'm chatting with, but I suspect most people, including myself, will be quite busy with MonsterHunter Friday and onwards so that might not come to pass.

    I will however still get this game when it comes out so if I don't see ya on the seas this beta, maybe I'll come across some of you at a later date at least.

  • Just updating this into the general Sea of Thieves topic.

    Have to say I'm looking forward to this. Played a bit at EGX last year, had a blast and everytime I've seen it or heard someone talk about it, it's been positive.

  • I'm missing out playing with some friends just because this is exclusivly on the Windows Store and requires Windows 10. Feels bad man.. (they don't have nor want Windows 10/an Xbone)

  • Do the EZA guys have a video playing the beta? It certainly will be funny

  • @FutureCorpse thank you

  • I've been getting frustrated seeing people say they don't understand why people find this game appealing.

    Do kids these days not dream of being pirates anymore? I thought that'd be a timeless, universal appeal.

  • Well, EZA's stream wasn't much interesting, the best part was when that other pirate hook into their ship with them. Tha was funny.

    I've watch other streams more entertaining. Personally I enjoy more watching others play.
    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video