Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC)

  • @tokeeffe9 Mostly the beta with a couple extra new mission types from what I've heard. Also, there's been matchmaking and various other serverside problems around peak playing times the devs are scrambling to work out that don't largely affect gameplay but lots of small annoyances like delayed achievement popping and rewards when you turn in chests due to strained servers.

  • Sounds like it’ll be a disappointment at least going by the talk on NeoGAF 1 and 2.0. Bummer for MS. The foundation is great but from day 1 of the announcement I thought this needed a single player campaign, hopefully Rare understands now that a multiplayer/coop sandbox isn’t enough and they’ll do a 180 and relaunch it as a SP game within a year.

  • @jaggafredde There's still quest progression. You can just pretend it's a single player campaign or three even. Only thing missing really is cutscenes. The game isn't bad, just a little rough with not as much to do as people initially expected, but if they treat it like games as a service and keep adding stuff, it should be a fun game to go back to every week or so with friends.

  • Yesterday I played with a friend, we had a good time. I specially like how they make out of the mundane a game mechanic. In any other game, to navigate you just press X to get into the vehicle and press forward towards the cursor. Here you need to look in the map for your objective, drop the sail, raise the anchor and always be on the wheel to prevent the tide/wind to deviate you. I love ideas like that.

    At the end of our voyage, when we were reaching the starting island to sell our chests, a vessel started to pursue us, we tried to evade them for nearly half hour. At the end we sunk our ship for them to not get out treasures. It was kind infuriating that , after spending two hours in two voyages, we end up losing our progress but, then I realised that we actually didn't lose much because progression is not much important in this game.

    About progression:
    Today a friend asked me about if the game requires you to spend much time in it, like Destiny. I told him that it does but not in the traditional way. It requires time because it makes out of the mundane a task and that takes time (yesterday I spent around 10 minutes loking for an island in the map) opposed to other games when it takes time because you need to progress. In games llike Destiny, you need to spend hours to get to the end game and then to keep getting better and better with even more of you time. In SoT you can enjoy the game at it's fullest right from your first time playing. Removing that tedios progression that prevent some people from enjoying a game like Destiny is a genious idea.

    SoT combines the instant gratification of a match of CoD in the skin of a persisnte world. It is one of the most refreshing ideas in gaming.

    I'm going to play it again on sunday, hopefully with a larger crew.
    Oh yes, I had insufferable lag despite having a good internet connection. My friend was fine.

  • Today, I finally plan to put some time into it.

  • I played for over an hour tonight by myself and didn't see anyone else while I was playing.

    It's a really cool looking game. In general, the aesthetic is pretty nice but it's the water and clouds that just seem really impressive to me.

    On the game itself, took me a while to figure out how to get a quest but in the end I did three for one person. For that hour or so, I did laugh a lot at sinking my ship and getting drunk but I've no intention of playing anymore of the game solo. It's just that, it's a bit lonely really. With NMS, I liked that vibe of being alone but here you're just surrounded by things where you think it'd be cool to have someone else to steer, set the sails etc. So I'll wait to play with others next time.

    If you do have a few friends and are looking for a casual laugh, I think it's pretty good for that.

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  • @el-shmiablo People trying really hard to turn this into a NMS 2.0, when the devs never hyped it up more than what is actually there, this whole time they've been extremely transparent through tons of video updates exactly what was going to be in the game at launch, and lots of their design choices aren't bad choices, just not what some people seem to require in video games to find enjoyment.

    Like yes it lacks numbers go up progression and is all cosmetic, but that means you can play it with anyone at any time without any number based auto win advantages for the people who can play way more, only skilled based advantages from having more practice or being better at the game's mechanics. Not everything needs to be Destiny. Yes there's no campaign, but they never said there would be one, and each faction's quests become longer with more parts as you progress, which is more time you spend sailing around loaded with treasure to lose to other players or otherwise. It's not perfect, and obviously the merchant faction quests need to be redesigned since they're almost universally hated, but like Ian said last time they streamed the game, yea your objectives might be mundane, but the "sandbox" of the game itself leads to fun and exciting moments through your interactions in the world of the game while polishing off said mundane objectives.

    It does have launch issues, the same kinds you see with many big releases, and the devs have basically admitted the amount of launch players far exceeded what they predicted based on the betas they had before, but they're working to get that stuff cleaned up as soon as possible and giving the playerbase compact timeframes for when to expect fixes for these issues.

  • It's just the standard reaction to a console exclusive game. People like to be outraged and more than likely, especially the ones who never had any interest in actually picking up the game.

    Right now, it seems a bit underwhelming. I'll wait to play with a crew to give full judgement.

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    @tokeeffe9 I mean, all the people who spoke in that video were streamers who played the game.
    I just haven't been down with the idea of "games as a service" and with games releasing barely functional and with pitiful amounts of content these days, with only the promise of "we'll add stuff later" I find it hard to be excited for said game.
    Maybe in a few months when that supposed content is released it might be a great game and the complaints being lodged against it will be invalid, but right now I think those people are very justified in making the complaints they are making.

  • LOL. My buddy and I found this chest that completely screwed up my game (probably wasn't actually the chest but whatever).

    Youtube Video

  • @el-shmiablo Oh for sure. I just find it very strange how quickly someone will make a video just to get some clicks. It's the same as seeing those videos of Todd Howard's lies, I can't take them too seriously to be honest.

    Someone could easily make a video of streamers having a great time with the game too.

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    @tokeeffe9 Somebody could certainly make that video... if that was happening.
    I really don't think there is some conspiracy to bash this game. It has very evident problems, and people aren't satisfied because of them. People demand more from games these days, especially with how quickly we consume content. If a predominantly multiplayer experience only offers a very limited amount of experiences or reasons to seek out those experiences, it isn't going to last no matter how fun it is. Destiny 2 is a great example if this. The actual gameplay in the Destiny games is superb, but when you can experience literally the entire game in a few sittings, people aren't going to come back

  • @tokeeffe9 said:

    It's just the standard reaction to a console exclusive game.

    I don't know about that, especially with it on PC as well. Just think it isn't what some people expected or like. It's going to take a very long time if ever for some players to accept games that expect more of them rather than treating them like idiots, and when your progression in this game is mostly intangible, then it's hard to point to what you're getting out of your time spent with it.

    People like to be outraged and more than likely, especially the ones who never had any interest in actually picking up the game.

    I think it is more the people who saw the game at E3 but went media blackout on it from then until release, although that crowd might be part of it too.

    @El-Shmiablo said:

    I just haven't been down with the idea of "games as a service" and with games releasing barely functional and with pitiful amounts of content these days, with only the promise of "we'll add stuff later" I find it hard to be excited for said game.

    The server side launch problems are a pity, but I wouldn't call the game barely functional. As for games as a service, developers are doing it now so people actually play their game for longer than a week. No matter how much content a game has, rabid players will eat it up in no time, so the only way to prevent that is to trickle it out gradually. As for this game in particular, I'm not sure if they even have a ton of content waiting to be released currently, just plans for future things to add once the base game is stable. Aside from the server issues screwing it up, the base game was in a finished state, hence the release now. While it might feel light on content in terms of things to do, you can tell how much time they spent getting everything just right like the way players control a boat together, the islands and treasure quests, the ocean itself and how ships mingle with it, the lighting and general atmosphere, etc. Plus, even though it is all cosmetic, there is a good selection of gear to earn for your pirate.

    @TheWorthyEdge Something definitely broke there. Hopefully nothing like that becomes common. Aside from a little jank here and there, haven't seen anything that bad myself. Least it made for an entertaining video.

    @El-Shmiablo said:

    Somebody could certainly make that video... if that was happening.

    There's definitely people enjoying this game right now. We just have to see if that enjoyment lasts or if those people quickly tire of it and join the side annoyed about the current amount of content and state of the game.

    I really don't think there is some conspiracy to bash this game.

    Not a conspiracy, but you know how the internet is when they make up their mind to love or hate something. Lots of bandwagoning.

    It has very evident problems, and people aren't satisfied because of them.

    Yeah, hopefully the developers can fix most this stuff soon. Sadly I know some things like the lame skeleton AI is way too complex an issue to get a quick fix anytime soon, so that's just kinda a wash. There's some variety now, but it would've been cool to have like armored skeletons you can only headshot or maybe even have to get behind them and cut their armor off like those Windwaker enemies. Honestly, my mind swells with ideas that would be cool in this game, like if skeletons would pop halfway out the ground grabbing a player's legs, preventing them from moving until dealt with. There's a wealth of cool pirate fantasy to derive from, so there really should be no shortage of inspiration.

    People demand more from games these days, especially with how quickly we consume content.

    Like I said above, players will devour any amount of content that is present unless you trickle it out over time. This game probably is better off going for a model where players can return with their friends every couple weeks to check out new content as long as they can keep public perception from turning too sour on the game and people still caring enough to keep coming back. Also, they need to work out these server issues or they'll keep getting smashed every time there's a content patch. I'm glad this game isn't like Destiny though. I don't want to have to grind light level up to be strong enough to experience a new thing. I like how this game is setup, so you learn by doing and from experienced pirates players to get naturally better at the game itself, rather than get artificially better through stat gains.

  • @el-shmiablo I'm not suggesting it's a conspiracy. I'm just saying this is the norm for a big game and even more so when it's an exclusive.

    Anyway, I'm actually going to play with a few soon. So we'll see if it'll be my last time playing it.

  • I can't wrap my head around a game where you are living out a pirate fantasy, yet the experience is hollow and void of ideas.

  • @dipset It nails all the basics from sailing rough seas with a crew to elaborate treasure hunts to ship versus ship combat with cannons and ramming to taverns and tunes to swashbucklin' spooks to sharks to swindlin' ships and booty to cursed treasure to even The Kraken. People just want yet more.

  • @mbun

    But they can do more with what they currently have.

  • Not to continue the "bashing" but as someone who doesn't have a great PC or an XBox, I've got to get my info from somewhere.

    Youtube Video

    The thing that really shocks me the most is... there's only one type of ship? In a game.. about sailing? That's so strange to me.

    I don't think the lack of a real progression system means a game is dead in the water (I'm so sorry for this pun) but there has to be other offerings. Overwatch just has cosmetic items you earn by playing but not only does it have distinct modes to try, nearly every one of those characters has a different feel to them. My experience is going to be vastly different if I pick between Pharah or Mercy.

    What I essentially see from everyone online is the sentiment - it's a lot of fun if you play with people you know, for maybe an hour or two and the aesthetics and vibe are on point. While it's nice to have that essence, I'd say a large majority of gamers enjoy multiplayer games you can really sink your teeth into for more than bite-sized chunks. If everything I've heard is true (only one enemy type, no weapon upgrades, few variety of weapons, PVP is generally pointless, all quests are fetch quests) then... even if I did have the right equipment, I'd say this game isn't for me, in its current state. I'd also go out on a limb and say that particular set-up isn't for most people, especially when you consider it's being sold as a full price game. There's still time for Rare to turn the ship around (again, I'm so so sorry) but.... considering artists working on the game have been quoted as saying, "I have never worked on a game developed so slowly," I'd say these might be some troubled seas.

  • I'd agree with a lot of that. I put in a decent amount of time today. About 2 hour with two of us and maybe the same with a group of 3. While it was two of us, I was honestly kinda already done with the game. Of the three types of quests you get, I really only like the one where you find treasure. Get a map, find the island find the X. That I find pretty rewarding but fighting Skeletons and picking up items for merchants is pretty boring or far too tedious to consider doing it unless you happen to have certain items with you, like the cages. So we just did a few quests, met one other person who killed us but it didn't matter at all because we were at an outpost with nothing.

    But then I did come back to check it out with a group of three and actually had a much better time. We used the main, big ship (so technically 2 ships @SabotageTheTruth ) and I found that pretty fun to co ordinate around. And I think we had a lot of fun just because the world was a bit more a live. We saw a few ships around that were just in the distance, we did our quests, fought a kraken, found a sunken ships and finished up by trying to fight and join other ships and players. So in those moments the game was a lot of fun. The systems in place, specifically coordinating what everyone should be doing is pretty fun. So with that session, I would at least consider playing the game again.

    I do want to point out one thing in the game that I find feels really cheap. When you die on a sinking ship... or not die I guess. The Kraken sunk the ship in our fight and by the time I realised, the game just went to a black screen, and after what felt like a decent while, we were just floating in the water where the Kraken was and then a mermaid appeared so we could spawn back on a new ship somewhere else. That whole sequence just felt bad... and it always happens when you're on a sinking ship. Just really bizarre.

    Anyway, overall I probably wouldn't recommend the game. If you have a crew of 4, you're absolutely going to have a fun time for a while, messing around with the different mechanics and how they combine but there really isn't anything in the game that drives you on I suppose. The video @SabotageTheTruth posted does kinda nail it, it didn't really know who to target and in the end it's not really for anyone (or a very small audience). So, I might play it again and if they've any big update over the next week or two, I could still hop on but it's pretty unlikely.

    In terms of big misses for me, the enemy variety really sucks and the lack of any major exploration on the islands is pretty disappointing. I was hoping we'd find some caverns and things like that to find treasure in but it doesn't seem to be the case and then the treasure is just gold to buy cosmetics so... ya. I'm underwhelmed.