Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC)

  • Nobody in this wants to interact unless it's to kill. It's really not fun solo that's for sure...

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  • @tokeeffe9 Gotcha. Yeah, that blows.

    @TheWorthyEdge Depends who you meet, but they could do a better job giving incentive to picking up strays as well as making them officially part of your crew. I guess they know how broken it would be to have like twelve people on one ship during combat versus a ship with a crew of the standard four, but maybe they could balance it so extra crew weighs your ship down making it slower?

    Brad was calling for a PvP faction in his review, but I have a feeling they didn't want to make that, because players are already eager enough to rob one another without it, so if it existed you'd never get a moment's rest from people coming after you. Maybe they could do a ship battle faction that primarily matchmakes with others in the same faction as a solve though? Lots of tricky balance issues with making a game like this.

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    @mbun PVP could work by having a Safe Mode for players who don't want to engage, but reduces rewards for completing quests/finding treasure. Don't want to take the risk? Don't get as big a reward.

    I also like your weight idea for ships. Could even have to throw treasure or supplies off the ship to increase speed and maneuverability. Could mark bailed treasure with a bouy so you can come back for it after a skirmish.

  • @el-shmiablo That could work if there was like "safer seas" quests that rewarded less but wouldn't spawn other players in those areas. Throwing treasure overboard to speed up sounds fun too, but instead of bouys that other players could easy see, maybe you could use the map to mark where your ship currently is to come back for it later? That way there'd be some skill to when you toss the treasure overboard, hoping your chasers don't spot you dumping it through their scope, and when you came back for it later, there'd be some skill to finding the exact place you dumped it and salvaging it out the sea.

  • Here is Brad's review

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    @mbun I was thinking more like a toggle. Something like “Favor of the wind and sea" where you can still interact with players, but if they try to attack you, canonballs will be deflected by waves/carried off by wind, or attackers will be pushed away by waves/wind. But then when you bring treasure aboard some of it is taken as a sort of sacrifice.

  • I'd no idea raids were even in the game. Although, they seem more like the equivalent of a public event from Destiny but you can fight for the treasure afterwards. That would have been pretty fun to check out at least once but again, it looks a little too simple to hold interest after a few tries.

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    @tokeeffe9 When a game's meta resembles Destiny's sidequests...


  • @mbun I was thinking like RP servers, where you go in to strictly play as a pirate. Not just kill on sight but one in which you had to interact with or at least have voice chat. Obviously you could kill but it'd be a side thing.

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    Bum Tickley predicts the future.


  • @mbun I expect you to pick apart every line of Brad's review as well. Please, have it on my desk in the morning. ;)

  • @sabotagethetruth Nothing about it really bothered me. He seemed fair to it. Had his facts straight at least.

  • @mbun Counting separate factions as entirely new modes of play and counting cosmetic costumes as "upgrades" is having the facts straight though? Huh, well I really don't know how to justify that one. Glad you're enjoying the game though.

  • Ya, I think it's best to get back to focusing on the game.

    Last bit I news I saw was about the update locking out some people who were using game pass. I'll be interested to hear if they've any major updates they can talk about soon.