Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC)

  • Any impressions of the final game ? I am on the fence of whether to buy it or no ...

  • @blacknight9020 If you haven't tried Xbox gamepass before, you can try it for 14 days for free, which of course means you can play Sea of Thieves for free for 14 days. I'm doing that right now. This is on windows 10 btw, if that matters. Good luck and hope this works for you too.

  • I'd say 'game passing' Sea of Thieves would be a safe bet if you're on the fence.

    I have only played solo so far but I'm enjoying the game very much. Water is hands down the best water in any game to date, and the sailing is very relaxing. (water is also cloud powered, whatever that means) Because of the water effects this might be the only game I prefer playing 30 fps with higher fidelity visuals, the better looking water just adds so much to the overall experience.

    I haven't seen any other ships yet, probably because all of the early voyages are so close proximity to the outpost they are given out of.

    With the price of $10, you really can't go wrong.

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    @marketplace_dc I really wonder if there is any physical asset rendering going on in the cloud, or if Microsoft just assumes people are idiots and think calculating wave patterns server side is "cloud processing".

  • Yup. I've jumped on the 14 day trial of gamepass to properly check this out so hopefully I'll get to put some time in after work and if I like it, I'll probably hold onto the gamepass until State of Decay 2 anyway.

  • So is there an EZA Sea of Thieves community or something like that? I'd love to play with some allies for good vibes hunting treasure :)

  • @gurrzilla Thanks ... checking it out on trail now :)

  • Still haven't got around to playing yet. What's the general consensus here?

    From what I'm seeing in other places, it seems pretty mixed.

  • @tokeeffe9 Mostly the beta with a couple extra new mission types from what I've heard. Also, there's been matchmaking and various other serverside problems around peak playing times the devs are scrambling to work out that don't largely affect gameplay but lots of small annoyances like delayed achievement popping and rewards when you turn in chests due to strained servers.

  • Sounds like it’ll be a disappointment at least going by the talk on NeoGAF 1 and 2.0. Bummer for MS. The foundation is great but from day 1 of the announcement I thought this needed a single player campaign, hopefully Rare understands now that a multiplayer/coop sandbox isn’t enough and they’ll do a 180 and relaunch it as a SP game within a year.

  • @jaggafredde There's still quest progression. You can just pretend it's a single player campaign or three even. Only thing missing really is cutscenes. The game isn't bad, just a little rough with not as much to do as people initially expected, but if they treat it like games as a service and keep adding stuff, it should be a fun game to go back to every week or so with friends.

  • Yesterday I played with a friend, we had a good time. I specially like how they make out of the mundane a game mechanic. In any other game, to navigate you just press X to get into the vehicle and press forward towards the cursor. Here you need to look in the map for your objective, drop the sail, raise the anchor and always be on the wheel to prevent the tide/wind to deviate you. I love ideas like that.

    At the end of our voyage, when we were reaching the starting island to sell our chests, a vessel started to pursue us, we tried to evade them for nearly half hour. At the end we sunk our ship for them to not get out treasures. It was kind infuriating that , after spending two hours in two voyages, we end up losing our progress but, then I realised that we actually didn't lose much because progression is not much important in this game.

    About progression:
    Today a friend asked me about if the game requires you to spend much time in it, like Destiny. I told him that it does but not in the traditional way. It requires time because it makes out of the mundane a task and that takes time (yesterday I spent around 10 minutes loking for an island in the map) opposed to other games when it takes time because you need to progress. In games llike Destiny, you need to spend hours to get to the end game and then to keep getting better and better with even more of you time. In SoT you can enjoy the game at it's fullest right from your first time playing. Removing that tedios progression that prevent some people from enjoying a game like Destiny is a genious idea.

    SoT combines the instant gratification of a match of CoD in the skin of a persisnte world. It is one of the most refreshing ideas in gaming.

    I'm going to play it again on sunday, hopefully with a larger crew.
    Oh yes, I had insufferable lag despite having a good internet connection. My friend was fine.

  • Today, I finally plan to put some time into it.

  • I played for over an hour tonight by myself and didn't see anyone else while I was playing.

    It's a really cool looking game. In general, the aesthetic is pretty nice but it's the water and clouds that just seem really impressive to me.

    On the game itself, took me a while to figure out how to get a quest but in the end I did three for one person. For that hour or so, I did laugh a lot at sinking my ship and getting drunk but I've no intention of playing anymore of the game solo. It's just that, it's a bit lonely really. With NMS, I liked that vibe of being alone but here you're just surrounded by things where you think it'd be cool to have someone else to steer, set the sails etc. So I'll wait to play with others next time.

    If you do have a few friends and are looking for a casual laugh, I think it's pretty good for that.

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  • @el-shmiablo People trying really hard to turn this into a NMS 2.0, when the devs never hyped it up more than what is actually there, this whole time they've been extremely transparent through tons of video updates exactly what was going to be in the game at launch, and lots of their design choices aren't bad choices, just not what some people seem to require in video games to find enjoyment.

    Like yes it lacks numbers go up progression and is all cosmetic, but that means you can play it with anyone at any time without any number based auto win advantages for the people who can play way more, only skilled based advantages from having more practice or being better at the game's mechanics. Not everything needs to be Destiny. Yes there's no campaign, but they never said there would be one, and each faction's quests become longer with more parts as you progress, which is more time you spend sailing around loaded with treasure to lose to other players or otherwise. It's not perfect, and obviously the merchant faction quests need to be redesigned since they're almost universally hated, but like Ian said last time they streamed the game, yea your objectives might be mundane, but the "sandbox" of the game itself leads to fun and exciting moments through your interactions in the world of the game while polishing off said mundane objectives.

    It does have launch issues, the same kinds you see with many big releases, and the devs have basically admitted the amount of launch players far exceeded what they predicted based on the betas they had before, but they're working to get that stuff cleaned up as soon as possible and giving the playerbase compact timeframes for when to expect fixes for these issues.

  • It's just the standard reaction to a console exclusive game. People like to be outraged and more than likely, especially the ones who never had any interest in actually picking up the game.

    Right now, it seems a bit underwhelming. I'll wait to play with a crew to give full judgement.

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    @tokeeffe9 I mean, all the people who spoke in that video were streamers who played the game.
    I just haven't been down with the idea of "games as a service" and with games releasing barely functional and with pitiful amounts of content these days, with only the promise of "we'll add stuff later" I find it hard to be excited for said game.
    Maybe in a few months when that supposed content is released it might be a great game and the complaints being lodged against it will be invalid, but right now I think those people are very justified in making the complaints they are making.

  • LOL. My buddy and I found this chest that completely screwed up my game (probably wasn't actually the chest but whatever).

    Youtube Video

  • @el-shmiablo Oh for sure. I just find it very strange how quickly someone will make a video just to get some clicks. It's the same as seeing those videos of Todd Howard's lies, I can't take them too seriously to be honest.

    Someone could easily make a video of streamers having a great time with the game too.