My First Fiasco Playset

  • Posted this a little while earlier but I've now moved it to blogs.

    Basically I made my first fiasco playset based on people and events from my town, and based on Arizona in general.

    You can read the google doc here.

    I'd love some feedback since I'm still figuring out the insta-setup.

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    Haha I have had a quick skim through and I really like it! I am not the right person to give feedback as I dont have much experience with fiasco myself. Just got one question really... is it really illegal to cut down cactus in Arizona? :O

  • I know nothing about Fiasco outside of watching the Allies play it so I can't exactly provide any useful feedback, but I did laugh out loud multiple times while reading it. I think you nailed it. I think it could make a great grounded silly fiasco which would be better than some of the other playsets I have seen done at GT or EZA.

    I want to see Kyle and Brandon act out the romance "Meet at the park every Sunday but haven’t said anything yet."

  • @Lotias It really is illegal. There's lots of weird Arizona laws that I wanted to incorporate into the playset but not all of them would work.