Help me pick my next "retro" RPG!

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    For Grandia? Absolutely start with the first game, it's on PSN as a PS1 classic and you can often get it for just a few dollars. 2 is also pretty easily available on steam now, 3 and xtreme are a bit harder to get and not quite as great, consider them after you play the first two

    For Wild Arms, it depends on your taste and how much you're willing to put in to get hooked. WA1 is very light on story and feels more like an 8/16 bit RPG and is more about exploring and dungeons. WA2 would be a good start if you want something with a bit more story to get you started

  • Final Fantasy Tactics used to be my favorite game until Persona 5 came out, so I'm gonna suggest that one. It does have some difficulty spikes but you never get "stuck" - save for one battle towards the end of chapter 2 that forces you to use the main character by himself. It was my first ever SRPG so it taught me a lot about the genre and if you're already familiar with Final Fantasy and Ivalice specifically, you'll have a lot to appreciate here. I'd really recommend picking up the War of the Lions port available on Vita/PS3 and hell, even IOS. Great story, great characters, and the job system lends itself to a lot of customization.

  • Final Fantasy: Tactics

  • Of your list, definitely Final Fantasy: Tactics. Good gameplay, even better worldbuilding and story

    It's rough around the edges, but if you're already in retro mode you'll expect it

  • I don't have an SNES nor Raspberry Pi but am also interested in the Chrono Trigger series. Can I enter at Chrono Cross?

  • @GoTaco why would you need a raspberry pi? if you are going to emulate it any computer would do for emulating those platforms

  • I didn't really disclaim that properly but I'd play with friends so we'd likely do a living room setup type thing. Don't wanna hover over a desktop.

  • Why would you "enter" at Chrono Cross?

    There's two games in the series, Chrono Trigger, which is among the best video games of all time, and Chrono Cross, which also exists.

  • @TokyoSlim

    Because I don't have access to the first game.

  • @GoTaco said in Help me pick my next "retro" RPG!:

    Because I don't have access to the first game.

    The playstation version is on the US PS Store.

  • @suplextrain

    Thanks. I didn't even know it was on PS1. I checked a while ago and I only ever saw Chrono Cross.

  • Thanks for the input, guys. Based on what you've said, I'm kind of down between FF Tactics and DQ8 now, leaning slightly towards tactics. The main thing keeping me from jumping headfirst into Tactics is the difficulty. On a scale of Banner Saga to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, how much trouble should I be expecting? Also, does anyone have experience with the 3DS port of DQ8? I do plan on getting to all of these (plus all the extras you guys have mentioned, including Tactics Ogre if I can deal with the difficulty) at some point down the line. Just trying to pick off this massive retro backlog one game at a time.

  • I haven't played Banner Saga or Path of Radiance, but I'd say that FFT is amongst the more difficult SRPGs that I've played, mainly for the difficulty spikes that come out of nowhere. Not impossible, but definately not easy. Hence why I recommend reading up a bit on Gamefaqs for some advice before you start.

    I haven't played the 3DS version of DQ8, but most of the additions don't make the game better and it's a pity that stuff like less voiceacting is a thing. Personally I'd say the PS2 version is still the best version, but if you have no other way of playing DQ8 then playing it on 3DS is fine. It's not like Xenoblade that got gimped pretty hard with the 3DS port.

    Tactics Ogre isn't that difficult. Some stuff like getting some bonus characters or some of the bonus dungeons can be tricky, but the main game is pretty straightforward. It's easier and overall better designed gameplay wise than FFT if you ask me, but some might disagree.

    Also I remembered that Breath of FIre 3 is also avaliable on the PS Store.

  • @suplextrain Good looks. Yeah, I think the PS2 version of DQ8 is pretty unanimously the preferred version, but I don't have a TV right now and won't have one for a little while still (moving every couple of months makes investing in one tough). That's why I need everything playable on my portable systems. Regarding Breath of Fire, great/shit, that's another legendary franchise I need to play. Adding it to the list.

  • @naltmank Tactics is harder then banner saga but nowhere near the difficulty levels of fire emblem

  • @naltmank Again, I really don't find Tactics all that difficult unless you are only running from story battle to story battle, then yes, you're going to have some trouble. Just like Dragon Quest 8 (the other game in contention), you're going to have to grind every now and then - which isn't much of an issue as you can engage in random battles all over the map. Just a few random tips off the top of my head - Time Mage with Haste makes life much easier, make sure everyone in your party learns JP Up early on (learned from the Squire class), and there's a real easy way to buff up your party fairly quickly: Enter a random battle, wreck the enemy until there's just one monster left, hurt but don't kill it until it hides from you, beat the crap out of your own party using rocks and weak weapons, heal, repeat until you've gained the levels/job experience you're looking for. I generally pursue the main story until fights start getting real rough (ie. half the party is dead or at low health) and then I'll grind a bit to get a new job or learn a skill that makes battles flow more in my favor. Besides a fight towards the end of chapter 3 where you can't use a full party, most of the combat feels fair. The difficulty spikes mentioned in the thread are generally from the game introducing a new class that you may not have fought against before, like the Dorter fight in the first chapter introducing wizards and archers all at once.

    So basically, if you don't prepare and just try to rush through the game, yep, it'll be difficult.. but that could be said of most games really. If you're leaning towards it already, I'd say just take the dive - even if you run into trouble, there's enough resources online to help you out. Hell, I believe a few of us in this community could definitely help out too but I'm gonna say you got this.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Help me pick my next "retro" RPG!:

    Dragon Quest 8 (the other game in contention), you're going to have to grind every now and then - which isn't much of an issue as you can engage in random battles all over the map.

    The only real section in DQ8 that I'd say requires some grind is around the midpoint of the game. It especially helps to level up Angelo until he gets a heal all spell since it really helps with the boss fight.
    Getting a decent monster squad also helps out a lot in DQ8.

  • I haven't played Tactics, but if it is between that and DQ8, FF Tactics would be an easy choice for me. I think DQ8 is pretty good, but not the amazing JRPG people make it out to be, worth playing but if I had to choose based on the impressions I have it seems like Tactics is a much better option.

    Also I don't care what Huber says, DQ8 towns are mediocre at best.

  • @suplextrain Haven't played that particular entry myself, I just have heard the series is notorious for being overly grindy - when compared to stuff like the mainline Final Fantasies at least.

  • from the ones listen here i would go with FFX, but the PS4 remastered, which i recently bought and finished, if you deep into the story you would like it very much, the combat system is something refreshing from the previuos entries and the soundtrack... oh the soundtrack...

    now the case that you need to play it on Vita or 3DS i would go with Dragon Quest 8, the refine enemies battles and the Toriyama art style are so good.