Help me pick my next "retro" RPG!

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    My roommate and I want to go on a retro binge but our PS3 controllers are kinda messed up and we only have so much space so we'd prefer to just keep the PS4 hooked up and it bothers us so much that Sony hasn't put the PS1 Classics on the PS4 Store yet.

    Just pull the trigger Sony! Nobody is trying to play PS Now.

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    Don't forget that its on Nintendo DS/3DS and the Wii Virtual console.

  • This game is pretty hard, guys. Do AI characters always just run headfirst into enemies? Also, I want to grind a little to get the JP boost ability for everyone, but even random battles wipe me.

  • @naltmank just go back to the areas where you have easy battles, until you defete enemies in one blow, the first hours should be easy for that same reason, don't pressure your self

  • @holy_angel_mx even those places wipe me sometimes, though...
    I took @SabotageTheTruth's advice and managed to get myself into a position where I could have my party beat each other up, and that helped a bit. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it, but it's still pretty tough.

  • @naltmank Hmm, if random battles are wiping you, just a few generic tips - don't rush the enemy in random encounters, let them come to you. Stick as a group, always target the same enemy until it's down. I generally start the game running two chemists (who then turn into black mage/white mage once they've learned essential item skills like hi-potions and phoenix downs). Gold is hard to come by in the early stages but spend it anyway, make sure you've got the best gear out there. The direction you face is vital for avoiding hits, try to make sure your back is against a wall, or even the corpse as an enemy works well as a buffer. You can even use your own party members to group around weaker members - although I do not recommend bunching up later in the game as AOE attacks will murder everyone.

    I know a lot of that is RPG 101 but stick to the basics for now, as you probably don't have anything too fancy (like spells with charge times, or the archer's aim ability). The first chapter shouldn't take a lot of grinding, besides maybe a battle or two to get ready for Dorter. To answer your question, yes, AI controlled allies are usually very, very dumb.

  • Got the hang of things on the train to the airport the other day and managed to grind everyone up so they got focus, JP boost, move +1, and auto-potion. Once I got autopotion the game became so much more manageable. Started playing around with the jobs a bit, grinded a little more, and finally tried the slums again. Wrecked it. Just started chapter 2. I'm pretty addicted right now. We'll see if it can keep this up. Main impression: this game is dark.

  • @naltmank Glad to hear you're starting to enjoy it! I was getting worried there for a second. Yeah, tone wise it is one of the darker FFs out there. Besides some of the optional side quests, there isn't really a lot in the way of comedic relief.

  • @naltmank the game is pretty much final fantasy meets game of thrones

  • @FF7Cloud I was thinking the exact same thing

  • Question: is there a way to naturally discover in-game how to unlock new jobs other than trial and error? I just unlocked geomancer by accident, and Samurai and ninja gear (historically two of my favorite FF jobs) are both available at the stores now. Trying to avoid looking at a guide, but the pull is real strong right now.

  • @naltmank No, honestly that's one of the few things I use a guide for when I play the game, since I generally forget what the requirements for certain classes are.

  • Reviving this thread for a hot sec: I just started grad school, and am really stressed and busy with all my work. I like FFT, but I've been stuck on this one level for almost a month now (Orbonne monastery fight against 3 dragoons, 2 time mages, and a chemist with revival skills) and it's kind of stressing me out too much. I've hardly had time to play games lately, and the gaps between play sessions isn't really helping my tactical mind. My question: is it worth me grinding to get through this fight? Or does it just get worse? I kind of feel like I should switch to a more low-key, break-friendly RPG for the sake of my mental health, but I also hate quitting things that I like.

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    You could always play a different game in between and give FFT a break. Sometimes coming back to it at a different time can work wonders.

    Personally for a SJRPG I would have suggested starting off with Vandal Hearts (not sure if that's available on PSN, I know it isn't in the EU region sadly).

    Vagrant Story would probably be a good game to play in breaks (and definitely something you should play at some point regardless).

  • I would recommend these games from the ones I mentioned prior in this thread (since they're avaliable on PS Store) for a more chill game.

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Mega Man Legends (2 plays better, but if you want to play them in order you can, but it's not really 100% necessary)
    Mega Man Legends 2
    Chrono Trigger
    Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return
    Suikoden (you don't have to focus on getting all the 108 characters, if you like the game you can always do that in another playthrough)

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon (You can jump straight into 2 and it's honestly more preferable since it plays better, the story connection between 1 and 2 is very loose).

    @MCRMJ said in Help me pick my next "retro" RPG!:

    You could always play a different game in between and give FFT a break. Sometimes coming back to it at a different time can work wonders.

    This. You can always return to a game later.