Announcement: EZA Fan Disneyland: Halloween Edition

  • Hey everyone! Just coming in here to announce plans to have another day at Disneyland this October! The planned date is Sunday, October 8th and it is again being planned by the same duo as the March event. There aren't any solid specific details as of yet due to it being a ways away and there being no official schedule for the park on that date yet, but we wanted to announce it now to gauge interest. Another post will come when more info is known.

    March was an incredible time and we understand fewer people may be able to make this one, but we wanted to try anyway because Disney feels so fresh during the spookiest time of the year. Any questions can be directed to either @KyraKyr or myself @rickemrobo on twitter. Please post in the comments below if you are interested in joining.

    Finally, we were also interested in doing a Park Hopper day so we could go into both Disneyland and California Adventure Parks, but it it a pricier ticket ($165 v $105.) Let us know if this is possible for you or if you'd rather stick to just Disneyland.

    P.S. BOO!

  • I know Silentconsonant already talked to Kyra, so you know we're interested and trying to figure out if it will work into our budget! :D

  • @logic__error Would love to have you again if possible. Stay in touch and let us know when you settle on a decision :)

  • I'm planning on going for the 1st time in December right before PSX.

  • @TokyoSlim There may be a PSX meet-up as well. Disneyland.

  • I'm in for a PSX Disneyland trip if I end up going this year and it happens.