Found a way to get your old Gametrailers blogs back.

  • So a couple of months ago, I had bascially inquired whether there was an archive site linking back to the pre-viacom era (april 2012) of gametrailers, ideally with enough working code to actually make use of some of the information more personally. I have been searching for this for a long while off and on again, becuase I know that for a while even after its redesign the gametrailers 'unthumb' page still worked and could be used to retrieve your old gamepad. I'm actually left wondering if there could possible be an archive of that, but I think you'd need a url. Through a couple of random google searches of 'gametrailers', you'll still actaully find a couple of links to the site forums (which of course redirect you to the youtube channel) however, if you're curious about doing some nostolgia digging through some of your old forum posts, you can use that url as a base page.
    Most of the links will work. But you cannot go back by just trying to select an earlier capture. 2014 is about the earliest I've been able to go back, save maybe a few snapshots.

    But more recently, I have acquired what is probably the most comprehensive archive link of the pre-Viacom era GT. Before GT got rid of blogs. It's the default link to a users gamepad, that seemed to at least work for most of the people I tried entering into it.

    Just insert your old GT username in where mine is to see if it's still alive. It's not perfect, in fact some of the captures are too old, but you might be able to retrieve at least one or two of the things from your old account. I'm quite shocked how well it works.