Game tournaments on espn

  • So Sunday night ESPN aired the top 8 street fighter tournament at Evo. Everytime ESPN airs a game tournament (or has a Esport story on there facebook) twitter and facebook blows up with jocks bashing nerds and saying esports aren't a sport. I'm actually past the argument weither Esports a sport or not but I go after the guys that mock nerds. I just can't help myself sometimes, I even look on espn's facebook for Esports stories most days (I do follow for other sports stories too) I just don't like judging and I know it's the internet, land of trolls but its kinda clathartic in a odd way. Does anyone else do this?

  • No, I ignore e-sports, I really don't care, it's too gentrified, Cammy can't even wear her usual outfit without some SJW losing their shit.

  • In all my love for gaming and games of different types, competitive and even worse professional gaming is the least interesting thing there's to me, no disrepect to the competitors I just don't see any appeal on it, so I really couldn't care less about what people say about it.

    A little ironically in a similar note, I love competitive Magic The Gathering, and I'm always watching professional tournaments coverage, and I keep trying to pro circuit myself.

  • Banned

    Meh. Competitve gaming bought my buddy his first house, so I can't really hate on it.

    On the topic of EVO, Tokido fucking STYLED on Punk. No wonder Punk was crying at the medal ceremony.

  • I don't usually watch any esports. I watched a couple Rocket League matches recently, and I'll watch epic clips from matches of any game but that's about it. I also don't care what those jocks have to say about esports, its pretty easy to ignore.

    Monday morning I got an IM from a coworker (around my dads age) saying he saw people were playing Smash on espn so he sat down and watched it for a while since they were really good. We have talked about Smash before because he used to play with his daughters so he had some knowledge of it, but it did warm my heart knowing he actually watched it for a bit. It's funny to think about how said coworker watched more of EVO than I did.

  • I follow some fighting games. I like seeing how other people play games, or how personalities are reflected in gameplay styles, so 1 v 1 games interest me most, and fighting games are probably the strongest and most popular genre for that.

    In the past I've followed SFIV, Marvel, GG, and a couple others, but lately it's been Melee. It has a compelling history full of mythologizing, and I kinda dig the speedrun-esque breaking of the game that occurs in high-level play; it's absurd. Also I like that a large community stuck to a game in spite of its successors. It would be so cool if Third Strike and CvS2 and once-popular and excellent fighting games were still played on a large scale.