The Evil Within 2 (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    Kinda been out of the loop with TEW2 just because I won't be able to get it till later in the year/early next year realistically.

  • been watching some footage. game looks really good.

    really looking forward to play it. hopefully this time its not horribly optimize like original game.

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    @Black-Cell As somebody who has been vocal about their disdain for RE4, why does this game interest you?

  • @El-Shmiablo said in The Evil Within 2 (PC/PS4/XB1, 13th October):

    @Black-Cell As somebody who has been vocal about their disdain for RE4, why does this game interest you?

    it looks better than resident evil 4 ever been.

    what interest me is creepy atmosphere, combat looks really good for survival horror. i didnot liked first game but while watching it. it feel like very much improved.

    now let see how it will turn out.

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  • I trust Huber when it comes to horror games. I never want to play horror games, but I trust him all the same.

  • Spent about 6 hours with it so far (would be more but working 3am-11pm is just so much fun) and I gotta say this feels like a missing game from RE series. Although It does eriely remind me of Silent Hill Downpour a bit, but that could be chalked up to the slightly open world design with a handful of side activates.

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    What I really liked about TEW1 was the weird linear moments and the shifting levels because of the STEM being able to jump you around. Did that carry over?

  • @GoTaco
    Yes and no, granted I've only finished the city hall section, but there have been a few moments where the environment completely changed for both main missions and a few side missions so far.

  • @DMCMaster

    When TEW1 had those weird linear moments, it reminded me of the parts of the Batman Arkham games that I liked in that regard.

    For me TEW was 1) really tense gameplay - sprint away from enemies in stressfully shaped environments, turn and shoot. That kind of gameplay, and 2) weird linear story gameplay moments where the world shifts and turns and you are thrown into something completely unexpected out of nowhere.

    If they have the polish and budget that you'd expect from a sequel, plus those two elements I adore, then I am SOLD as soon as I get time. It can jump the backlog line.

  • Started playing it. game run so much better than original and its major improvement over original game.

  • Finished the game yesterday (20 hours), i loved everything about it except for the writing, some of the dialogue felt like i was watching a bad horror film, still enjoyed the game alot also great boss fights.

  • Loved the game, just finished. Loved the references to the first game. Sad to see nothing about Ruvik. I will do another playthrough soon.

  • I'll check out the full playthrough of Huber when it is on youtube, interesting as it looks I know I won't be able to go through it myself.

  • I marathoned the last six chapters yesterday and beat the game last night before I went to bed and, without spoiling anything, holy crap did this game end VERY strong. I was a little iffy on the open world nature of things and I found most of the side content to be dull, but the story segments of the game were fantastic. After the beginning hours, I wasn’t expecting much from the story: however, they handled the second half so well. It’s rare to see a game pull off emotion as well as this game does.

    A top notch experience.

  • Just finished it last night, damn does it end strong indeed. Still gathering and processing my thoughts, but I feel like saying this is a game that should be getting the same level of love RE4 got. Walks that thin line between horror and action, has a way more focused structure, a pretty gripping story ( even if it never follows up on a few lose ends from the first, while setting up more).and its also a pretty meaty game well worth full price.

  • All I gotta say is, after coming in and out of the full play through by Michael Huber, he is a certified hero. What an experience and what a crazy game! Will definitely be watching it in its entirety later when uploaded.

    I am of the Kyle Bosman approach to horror games. I enjoy watching them, but can't play them.... NOPE!

  • @BogusMeatFactory for what it’s worth this game isn’t scary at all and I’m someone who still gets creeped out during playthroughs of the original game.