The Evil Within 2 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • @BogusMeatFactory for what it’s worth this game isn’t scary at all and I’m someone who still gets creeped out during playthroughs of the original game.

  • @Scrawnton both Evil Within 1&2 aren't scary but they can be intense, especially in nightmare difficulty. The games that I personally consider scary are Silent Hill and Siren series.

  • @Danjin44 Resident Evil 7 had me on edge towards the beginning, but for some reason I feel less scared in these games the moment I get a shotgun in hand.

  • @Scrawnton I might be odd one here but I personally much more immersed in third person rather than first person. I was hoping Evil Within 2 sells good enough to see more third person survival horror games in future.

  • Did Huber actually play the game for 19 hours straight? I'm seeing that length in the Twitch archives. Insanity. That's already even dangerous, you know.

  • @Sentinel-Beach He did indeed play it that long. The final time was 18 hours and some change in game. Bosman bowed out around 5 hours prior-ish.

  • I'm about half way through this I think and the game is fantastic. Well worth the CDKeys price.

  • I absolutely adore TEW2. I'm going through the last few chapters slowly just to savor it. I really hope word of mouth spreads, and the game finds the audience is so deserves. It's honestly the most fun I've had with a game in 2017. It ticks all of the right boxes for me.

  • @Sentinel-Beach the insane part for me is that he died 19 times on nightmare.

  • I finally got around to The Evil Within 2 and completed it about a month ago so my thought will probably be a little hazy.

    So I definitely enjoyed the game but I do think it loses a lot in terms of horror from going with the more open hub style. This allows for a lot more player agency but also reduces the amount of more scripted sequences that the player can run into. I'm not sure if that's me just excusing the game here, as I think it's absolutely possible to have horror in a more open area and we've seen with Alien Isolation how it doesn't have to be completely scripted. Either way it was something I felt throughout the game. That I was very rarely scared.

    The one thing I will say is scary is the ghost lady who absolutely does have some very creepy vibes.

    But with that I did like how I was basically able to explore an area at my own pace. I t was up to me if I wanted to follow a signal, clear out an area or whatever and this game does perform/look much better than the previous entry (although I did play on PC this time)

    I think the only other issue I had which probably did cause the game to not be as scary is due to that corner takedown move. It's insanely OP. Even if you're seen, you can just lean around a corner and get an instant one hit kill. It's just way too powerful.

    Now with all that more average to negative stuff down, the weapons do feel great. There is a nice chunky feel off them and there is enough challenge in the recoil/sway to try and make every hit that it does make early fights pretty intense.

    Also visually, this game has some superb moments. The introduction to the game is fantastic and the final chapter has some absolutely amazing transitions. I actually like the story in this too, it's a lot more personal and I think they had to go that way really since the first one was so difficult to understand without the dlc. I would have liked to have seen the main antagonist from The Evil Within in here but other than that I actually think they've actually tied up a lot of the story.

    Also I really loved this track, still listen to it a decent bit when I just want to relax.

    Youtube Video

  • Basically agree with everything you said. Replayed it this October with my roommate who went through 1&2 back to back and we both feel like TEW2 feels better in the movement, stealth, and gunplay department, but it loses so much in the horror department. Even the shootouts in close corridors sprinting, turning around, then looping around again go out the window when the game gives you all that open space to hide, dodge, etc.

  • Personally I feel like it's a sort of RE4 type experience mixed with a bit of Silent Hill, you have these big set piece moments ala RE4 (stealthing past the camera boss being an example) mixed with a bit of the settings of Silent Hill (how environments change or represent some of the characters) along with the sorta hub like nature of Brain Town.

    It's a formula that I hope Evil Within 3 (if ones made) continues, I also hope some of the ideas from the planned DLC for TEW2 finds it's way into TEW3 (from what I recall Military Chick would have a story around the time shit hits the fan, leading to her recusing Sebastian, Guy who tried go escape ends up stuck going further and further into the horror animus, and something that would have involved Glassed Guy and Jackie Earl Haley in a hoodie)

    I kinda forgot some people's names

  • The characters aren't the strong suit, I forget their names too.

    Let me regroup on what I want out of The Evil Within 3 but all I can certainly say is that I really really want an Evil Within 3. I just finished Silent Hill 1 for my first time ever and I think the first half of the game tastefully repeats areas. At least for the school sequence. I'd like that kind of horror in The Evil Within 3. The STEM system always devolves into more and more chaos but maybe it can be subtle at times?

    I'd also like more linear story moments like those Batman Arkham Asylum type moments that The Evil Within 1 has. Walking down a hallway with flash back, then cut to some abomination of a monster chasing you while you hop over gurneys.