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  • Campo Santo (Firewatch) team bought by Valve.

  • @tokyoslim
    And with that they never made another game ever again.

  • that is such a weird move from Valve, it seems like they don't care about game development, but then what the hell would they have bought a dev studio for?

  • @bard91 I think it's that they reached a turning point and do care about game development much more now, and not just vicariously through Camp Santo but internally as well. I'm reminded of this recent PC gamer article:

    Gabe Newell: 'Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again'

    At a presentation for upcoming Dota 2-themed card game Artifact at Valve's offices in Bellevue, Washington today, Gabe Newell reiterated that Valve is getting back into developing new games beyond its current roster of multiplayer titles. After talking about Valve's focus on Steam and hardware during the past several years, which he described as "an investment in the future", Newell said "Artifact is the first of several games that are going to be coming from us. So that's sort of good news. Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again."


    That's games, plural: Artifact isn't the only game Valve is working on. In a January 2017 Reddit AMA, Newell did confirm that Valve was working on at least one fully-fledged singleplayer game. And the following month, in roundtable interviews with PC Gamer, Newell said that Valve was working on "three big VR games."

  • I’m liking this new old Vavle!

  • So does that mean Campo Santo won't be able to make a third game? Valve does seem to have an aversion to 3s.

  • i hate that company, they DMCA'd Pewdiepie because of a disagreement, they can rot for all i care

  • @the_andredal

    I love their decision to do that. Children like Pewdiepie need consequences for their actions so they actually learn a lesson. Otherwise you get famous rich brats who act inconsequnetially.

    He complied when they asked for their game to not be associated with him through his videos. Fair by me, I'd want nothing to do with him and that's a fair way of trying to teach him a lesson. So did they actually file a takedown or did they ask and he complied? Either way I'm glad it happened. Because like I said, actions have consequences.

  • @dipset Regardless of personal opinions on the guy (can't say I'm a fan of him by any measure) it's pretty scummy to have something like this on your website giving explicit permission to monetize and make videos based on their game and then to change the rules once someone who made a video within those rules said or did something you disagreed with in a completely unrelated stream/video.

    In any case Valve acquiring them makes me wonder if or how they plan to use their talents to develop new games the same way they've used talents before in things like Portal or Left 4 Dead.

  • EZA News: 6,360 patrons, which apparently is the new high number.

  • @dipset that is a dangerous precedent you're setting, so any developer can now just DMCA anyone they don't like... You really want to go that route? Also he would have won that lawsuit against them... They were actually breaking the law... The explicitly said anyone could stream or post their game and then change their minds when it comes to a person they don't like. It's hypocritical as hell. You have a very dangerous view on this just because you disagree with someone. I like pewdiepie and hated the slander that was shared by the Wall Street Journal and other outlets, it only made pewdiepie bigger.

  • @tokyoslim said in That's News!:

    EZA News: 6,360 patrons, which apparently is the new high number.

    Now that is some good news! With this and the recent Getting Stuff For E3 donations the guys should be getting some pretty snazzy new kit!

  • @the_andredal

    No changing their policy isn't the best move, but I don't see them doing this anymore. I think they were putting their foot down by trying to send a message that they don't tolerate tasteless racism out of YouTubers who make a living streaming video games. I don't see them doing it again, but they were taking action.

    Also is it really slander when there is video of him yelling the n-word?

    I digress, that wasn't the news story. You don't have to answer me. It is big news they got picked up by Valve. Glad Valve is making games again as well.

  • @tokyoslim

    I think that $50k goal will happen. I upped my pledge, but I wonder where the NEW people came from.

  • @dipset racism? You do know the point of him doing that was a joke right??? He put up a video saying that people will take this out of context, because of outrage police and they obliged... Have you even seen the video? The guy is not freaking racist... That word has lost all damn meaning these days... I and many others are gonna boycott that anti-consumer developer forever.

    "Also is it really slander when there is video of him yelling the n-word?"

    So you never yelled out profanity ever? This is really freaking hypocritical of every person ever... He apologized for it, the only reason people went after him was because he's the biggest youtuber and because he said it when he was angry and frustrated... I hope the company gets shut down for their practices

  • @the_andredal I don't think the N-word has lost it's meaning at all. It is still a horrible bastardization of the word Negus, which in the Etheopian Semitic languages means royalty, which was unfortunately stolen from the black man and transformed into a hideous word as a means of demeaning an entire race during hundreds of years of slavery, and still to this day.

    The N-word is off limits to whitey for a very, very good reason. Pewds fucked up hard, and while I don't think attempting to censor him from playing the game was the right move, I still believe the dev had every right to distance themselves from him for his actions.

  • @el-shmiablo that sets a very dangerous precedent, so anyone a developer doesn't agree with because they said something is now deemed illegal and they can copyright strike someone because of it. A word only has meaning if you let it. A gaming company to actually result to illegalities and strike down a persons stream because they said something in anger is really stupid. I don't need to support what he said, to stand by it by principle. The day we ban words because they "might" be dangerous is the day we lose free speech.

    A gaming company should provide a service or a product, that's it. They should not ban people because of something they said. There is a reason the block button is there, you can also use the mute button. Why is that so hard? You don't need to look at everything that is offensive to you. Do we ban Shakespeare because he did offensive things? No we don't. Same goes for game developers, i don't want them to censor themselves just because they don't want to offend. Just look at Far Cry 5, people got offended because it wasn't political...

    No word should be off limits, and don't tell me you never shouted out in anger because of a boss, npc or other player during gameplay. Because everyone has. Having a double standard to a youtuber is very hypocritical for everyone, because none of us are saints

  • @the_andredal

    Nah man. Yelling the n-word live on camera to the world is some weirdo racist stuff. That's the bottom line. This wasn't some art project conspiracy. I'm not saying he is incapable of making mistakes and learning from them but you actually have to, you know, learn from it and accept the consequences of your actions.

    A bunch of presumably white people debating the n-word is weird in itself so I'm really out on this discussion now. Adults know what he did was some seriously bottom tier loser behaviour. He should grow up.

  • @dipset "Yelling the n-word live on camera to the world is some weirdo racist stuff. "

    No it's not, you need to prove he's a racist then.

    "A bunch of presumably white people debating the n-word is weird in itself so I'm really out on this discussion now."

    Why can't white people suddenly discuss things? Sounds pretty racist to me if we're gonna apply your standards here...

  • I'm done with it man. We disagree. We said our points.