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  • @el-shmiablo that sets a very dangerous precedent, so anyone a developer doesn't agree with because they said something is now deemed illegal and they can copyright strike someone because of it. A word only has meaning if you let it. A gaming company to actually result to illegalities and strike down a persons stream because they said something in anger is really stupid. I don't need to support what he said, to stand by it by principle. The day we ban words because they "might" be dangerous is the day we lose free speech.

    A gaming company should provide a service or a product, that's it. They should not ban people because of something they said. There is a reason the block button is there, you can also use the mute button. Why is that so hard? You don't need to look at everything that is offensive to you. Do we ban Shakespeare because he did offensive things? No we don't. Same goes for game developers, i don't want them to censor themselves just because they don't want to offend. Just look at Far Cry 5, people got offended because it wasn't political...

    No word should be off limits, and don't tell me you never shouted out in anger because of a boss, npc or other player during gameplay. Because everyone has. Having a double standard to a youtuber is very hypocritical for everyone, because none of us are saints

  • @the_andredal

    Nah man. Yelling the n-word live on camera to the world is some weirdo racist stuff. That's the bottom line. This wasn't some art project conspiracy. I'm not saying he is incapable of making mistakes and learning from them but you actually have to, you know, learn from it and accept the consequences of your actions.

    A bunch of presumably white people debating the n-word is weird in itself so I'm really out on this discussion now. Adults know what he did was some seriously bottom tier loser behaviour. He should grow up.

  • @dipset "Yelling the n-word live on camera to the world is some weirdo racist stuff. "

    No it's not, you need to prove he's a racist then.

    "A bunch of presumably white people debating the n-word is weird in itself so I'm really out on this discussion now."

    Why can't white people suddenly discuss things? Sounds pretty racist to me if we're gonna apply your standards here...

  • I'm done with it man. We disagree. We said our points.

  • @the_andredal
    "A word only has meaning if you let it."
    I'm sorry but that idea in itself comes from such a place of privilege.
    With that, I'm going to conclude my participation in this topic right now, since I doubt it will go anywhere meaningful. You don't think Pewds did anything wrong. We do. The end.

  • @el-shmiablo I guess that answers the question if we should invite you to out ex-GT members discord, lol.

  • there's a huge number of criticisms I could make at Pewdiepie and plenty of reasons why I don't care for him, having said the n-word once on a stream is not one of them and certainly not enough for me to call him racist.

    the meaning of words is important, and that word no doubt carries a lot of history and weight with it, but the language and words change and their meanings is not the same for everyone always, condoning somehow for a one of thing is honestly short-sighted.

    anyhow I think I came in for this :P, I had forgotten about that whole debate and for what is worth I think it was blown way out of proportion.

  • How is it even a question if he's racist? You don't shout racial slurs in reaction to getting upset unless you are on some level. You'd just shout nonracial curse words instead. Anyways, let's get back to news and stop promoting some racist dimwit.

    New Splatoon Update coming in a couple days with lots of new clothing. Don't get too hyped, because the new campaign is still scheduled for later.

    New Rare Blades coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , one for Expansion Pass owners that is a new Artificial Blade you get from a new quest, the other is another Blade based on a Xenosaga character available for anyone who has beaten the game and is playing New Game+, with a high bonding rate. So you shouldn't have to spam too many core crystals to get her.

  • @musou-tensei I'm sure you can tell how very, very disappointed I am about that.

  • In OTHER NEWS, videos games sure are cool, huh?

  • Detroit Become Human is gold + demo today

    I'm really hyped to play the demo and see how much my choices matter.

  • @a7x458 Too bad their lawsuit against French media outlets is happening at the same time. Though perhaps that will get them even more publicity for that demo.

  • @mbun I'm glad they continue giving people who didn't bought the season pass new stuff as well, and tbh I think T-elos is superior, lol.

  • @musou-tensei said:

    tbh I think T-elos is superior

    Depends how sweet the Mecha one is and how cool the quest for it is, but I agree completely. I didn't feel like I had to buy the Expansion Pass for anything. Just did it, because I have over 200 hours with the game now, so feels like I owe the developers a little more for making such a robust game and continuing to support it this long with improvements.

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  • @inustar i personaly don't care but it is nice to a dev studio fight back like this, i just hope that they win.

  • @a7x458 If what was reported is true (and the French media who investigated are among the most reliable we have, so chances are it is), I see no reason why they should win. If they do, that sets a dangerous precedent for the freedom of the press.

  • I mean if the claims of work conditions and improper behavior in the work are true we should definitively expect they lose, there's no reason we should subject developers to poor work enviroments. And this is completely aside from my contempt for David Cage.

  • @dmcmaster said in That's News!:

    Capcom X Sega Humble Bundle for PlayStation

    That is a really good bundle! Although I did get excited thinking Crazy Taxi was out on PS4 but then I saw it was the PS3 version of the game in the bundle >.<