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  • @tokeeffe9

    Agreed. The game was clearly marketed as a slightly graphically updated version of the original Dark Souls on present day consoles, like the vast majority of remasters on current gen systems.


    Resident Evil 7 "Cloud Version" coming to Switch.

    Everything runs through the cloud (the “download” is just 45MB), so you won’t actually be purchasing the full game that can be played offline. You’ll need a stable internet connection while accessing the title.
    Players will nonetheless be able to play Resident Evil 7 in its entirety on Switch. This includes the Banned Footage Volume 1 and 2, End of Zoe, and Not a Hero DLC.
    Resident Evil 7 can be played for up to 15 minutes on Switch for free. After that, you’ll need to purchase a 2,000 yen ticket, which lasts 180 days.

    That's a bold move Cotton!

  • @axel that's a pretty interesting idea, which funnily enough takes zero advantages of the Switch features.

    It's of note that they are only doing this in Japan right now, which I guess gives them some more guarantees about the availability of good internet connections, and I wonder how much this could allow if successful for a similar model for other titles and which I imagine could have significant upside in terms of development and porting time.

  • @axel If this was an option I wouldn't be upset, but this basically means the Switch won't get a normal version of that game, and I'm afraid publishers will look at this as a way of escaping the dreaded "Switch tax", the cost of putting large games on Switch Carts. Not owning the game also is sketch and could lead to some shady Virtual Console shenanigans with renting titles for limited periods going forward instead of being able to purchase them if this takes off. This whole thing happening right before E3 also scares me, making me wonder if Nintendo themselves are going to offer stuff like this, announcing it during E3. The Switch also doesn't have the strongest internet capabilities, doesn't even come with an Ethernet port, so I could see this being really unstable. There's only a couple days until it comes out in Japan, and since the Switch is Region Free I'll definitely try the 15 minute trial to see what this is like for myself.

  • @mbun Yeah, certainly not an exciting prospect if this were to become a widespread practice :(

  • @mbun I think there are a good number of possible downsides as you are mentioning, as well as ways it can be abused by publishers which would be unfortunate.

    Trying to think positively this could end up being like the idea that On Live originally had, and it could allow for more games to be on the Switch, which if it works well I could be a great benefit to it. I'm just spitballing here though, as I don't really know if the Switch would lend itself well for something like that (hw and sw wise), and the coverage of something like that might not be great either.

    Still I'm interested to see what we hear about this first case, I'm definitively thinking it will be working as a litmus test for many publishers.

  • I don't think I could possibly be less excited for a game than if you told me it was only available through online streaming, for an ostensibly portable console at that.

  • Is it 1080p 60fps


    Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 remasters announced for PS4!

    So now, should I not play Yakuza 6 until I get through all of those and Kiwami 2?

  • @axel
    Just about to post that, hopefully they all get physical release in the west

  • @DMCMaster Probably too soon, but I hope we'll get a E3 announcement about it.

    Amazing news, Yakuza has quickly become one of my favorite franchises and I was really close to buy a PS3 just to play Yakuza 3-5.

  • @axel I wouldn't bother waiting. It's gonna be at least next year before we get them.

    That being said... YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!

  • @axel

    Just play Yakuza 6. It feels more like a follow up to Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 5 than anything else. The recap of Yakuza 5 inside of Yakuza 6 is enough. BUT, I've heard Yakuza 3 is classic so I am so happy about this happening.

  • Xseed announced some game I don't care about, but they also announced they're bringing over Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient and Gal Metal (the Nintendo Switch rhythm game from Tak Fuji).

    Still waiting on more Trails though...ahahaha.

  • @axel I guess I really need to Yakuza a chance, no excuses now.

  • @thenerdtheword Start with Zero.

  • A new trademark suggests the Nintendo 64 Classic console is coming

    I'm one of those people who didn't see the value of the NES and SNES classics but i would buy the N64 classic if it had a Pokemon game, Zelda OOT and mario 64.

  • NES Classic | 30 games | initial price = 60 bucks
    SNES Classic | 20+1 games | initial price = 80 bucks

    N64 Classic | 10 games | initial price between 90 and 100 bucks.

    dammit just make a HD revision of the N64 that has an inbuild RAM pak, HDMI out and plays all N64 cartridges region free I'd pay 150-200 bucks for that.

  • @musou-tensei ill say it will have 15

    mario 64
    Majora's mask
    bamjo tooie/kazooie
    ogre battle
    paper mario
    pokemon snap
    mischief makers (a favorite of mine)
    a arcade racer