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  • @tokeeffe9 I honestly think Yakuza 2 Kiwami or whatever it ends up being called is a no-brainer already based on the reaction to Zero. I think they've just been sitting on it so they don't saturate the market.

    Idea for a future PSX or E3 booth - get a big plush tiger that you can launch out of an air cannon at people for them to punch.
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  • Yakuza 2 Kiwami just has to happen, but that's what I thought about RE2 back then when REmake came out. I know they are doing it now, but I doubt it will be anything like REmake and more like RE4, or when they want me to kill myself, RE7.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou
    Yakuza 2 Extreme is bound to be announced next month, as for RE2Make I'm willing to bet it will offer classic,4, and 7 styles

  • what do people think about the likelyhood of Yakuza games on PC? Sega has been focusing a lot on porting their games and it seems to have had good results so I don't think it is a crazy to imagine it could happen.

  • @bard91
    Seems possible.

  • @bard91 I wouldn't be too surprised by that either. I've no idea if there is a deal in place with Sony but generally, Sony haven't considered PC a rival.

  • Today is one of those days why I made this topic

    More Bad News for Mighty No.9

    If you check out the video in the previous tweet, you'll see that you also had to make the box yourself. Also, I'm assuming those backers got the game digitally previously because it doesn't come with a game.

    A really bad kickstarter just keeps getting worse. The portable versions are going to be so bad.

  • I didn't realize they were still working on portable versions! Assumably the horrible art style they ended up with was to accommodate for less powerful platforms but apparently that's still not low-tech enough.

    There are a lot of things that can be excused but this Kickstarter was seriously a disgrace.

  • @Axel This is from an update last month

    Hand Held versions They are not being cancelled, we are still in the process of porting. The porting had to be put on hold for a while due to the other versions being delayed and the recent adjustment we had in comcept. However, everything is back on track now. The developer restarted the porting process in early May, and we estimate to release them within 2017 (it could be earlier, but it’s hard to estimate a more precise date at this point). We will update on this when we have more information.

    I just hope there is a silver lining with how bad this paricular project has been. The standard of gaming kickstarters appears to have improved from the ones I've seen (Good pitches, demos, trailers) and hopefully people are more frugal regarding the projects they back.

  • Nintendo Hardware/Software Numbers

    Nintendo Hardware Sales

    Switch - 4.7 million Units

    Switch Software Sales

    Zelda - 3.92 Million
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 3.54 Million
    1, 2 Switch - 1.22 Million
    ARMS - 1.18 Million

    I had no idea that Mario Kart 8 sold that well. The attach rate is insanely good.

  • God dammit, is there anything about Mighty No.9 that isn't a complete mess?

  • @tokeeffe9 A New Frontier worked perfectly for me outside of Steam Cloud Saving essentially deleting my save.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou
    The concept art looks nice?

    Made a thread about this, but looks like The Sims 4 is coming to PS4/X1 in November

  • @DMCMaster Spot on!

    Sims 4 coming to PS4 & Xbox One

  • @tokeeffe9
    Yay......I'm probably the only person mildly excited by this.

  • Youtube Video

    A Hat in Time looks like Mario with less polish, but we're going to be fresh out of Mario games after Odyssey and its DLC come out, so that's great that it's coming to consoles around when it comes out. Layout-wise the game seems to have a mix between Sunshine and Galaxy-style levels, and haunted mansion and train stages. It'd be a good fit on Switch too.

  • @DMCMaster I actually would be a little interest if it weren't for the fact that there's a going to be a ridiculous amount of DLC, I always found Sims games as fun distractions, so I wouldn't mind checking it out if there were a definitive edittion

  • @Haru17 It's looking pretty good, hopefully it turns out better than Yooka Laylee, which I only found fun for a while.

    Also is there Odyssey DLC already confirmed?

  • @bard91 said in That's News!:

    Also is there Odyssey DLC already confirmed?

    I mean what do you think?

    Mario Galaxy 2 was already glorified DLC, so I'm confident this is when Nintendo pulls the trigger, but there's nothing concrete yet.

  • @Haru17
    I'd be down for some Mario DLC

    I'm actually kinda surprised that it looks like they are doing the expansion packs on consoles this time.