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  • I actually watched a bit of that. I hear out points from both but I tend to find Jason Schreier hits the nail on the head about most things, but mainly the YouTube gaming community sharing negativity and grossly inaccurate information. One example recently would be the BF V pre-order sales being down but every YouTuber latched onto it with full steam of "BF V SUX".

    Yong Yea makes good points about microtransactions. I hear them both to be honest. Pretty fair and respectable discussion. Comments section is a mess. People need to breathe a little in my opinion.

  • Stuff I've known about for 7 months now is finally public

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    @dmcmaster Nintendo Land port for IRL confirmed.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Lol, hell you should see some of the early costume sketches, there will be Mii's

  • Data miners have found an additional 30 character slots in Smash, between it being Nintendo's most pre ordered game, and bound to have a long shelf life for years. 30 actually sounds pretty possible.

    Also have this feeling a Direct will be announced soon, I can feel it in my claws.

  • I think we'll definitely get more than just one DLC fighter season, but I doubt we'll reach 30 new characters. Probably just purely placeholder or dummy data.

  • @hanabi
    That's what I'm thinking too, still fun to dream.

    Also Dataminers have found two RARE franchises in Spirts, Jet Force Gemini, and Blast Corps.

    Also maybe someone else can look into it since I'm about to sleep, but someone started a lawsuit against Bethesda and Zenimax over Fallout 76?

  • @dmcmaster There's no lawsuit against 76, at least not yet. A law firm made it public they're "investigating" 76 and asking people who have had problems with the game to step forward. Since they didn't release the game through Steam, they apparently don't have a refund process in hand and the claim is the game in "unplayable". I personally find that's going to be a hard thing to turn into a class-action lawsuit because the game is absolutely playable, people are just disappointed with the product they received and the outrage over the game continues to fester. With the potential litigation though and the ill will, Bethesda should probably review their refund process and make some exceptions - make it similar to Steam where if you've played less than a certain number of hours, you're good to go. They need some sort of good press, since I'm apparently the only person in the world that loves the dang thing.

  • @dmcmaster i respect Jason work but when he was talking about leaks he said that they (Kotaku) don't just leak stuff but wait to see how they can use them, and in the same video he says you have to respect the devs that work hard on these games!!

    These are two contradiction statements, you can say respect the devs hard work and leak there hard work for personal gain.

  • Not really gaming related but Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants has passed away, losing his battle with ALS

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    I would like to hope this is a sort of preview of what we'll be getting this upcoming gen. Hell, I'd even settle for 4K/120fps. Framerate > resolution.

  • @el-shmiablo I'm sure I'd get used to it, but my eyes straight up can't handle high framerates. It's like information overload and I get real bad motion sickness. Tried watching my old housemate play some shooters on his decked out rig and I almost puked after about 15 minutes.

  • @el-shmiablo There is absolutely no chance we will get anywhere near 8k/120fps.

    Honestly, if console cycles remain as is, that'd probably still be a further 2 gens off.

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    @tokeeffe9 Yeah I know, but it is a nice thought.
    I do still hope that there will be enough overhead on the new consoles that at least 4K/60 will be a regular thing.

  • Gran Tursimo HD Prologue was a free game that ran 1080p 60f back in like 2007, right? That was beyond mindblowning back then. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if GT7 can do 4K 120f on PS5.

  • The frames will be dependent on the CPU and with what's rumoured with the CPU, 120fps is possible. This generation was held back by the CPU for both Xbox and PlayStation including the half consoles.

  • Netflix is making a live action version of Cowboy Bebop...

  • @iboshow this is true but you still need one hell of a processor to run a full display at 120 fps, let alone an 8k display, neither of these are even close to an standard yet so I don't see anyway they would actually push for this on the newer consoles, specially considering that consoles are never top of the line technology when they come out