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  • @dmcmaster Sounds like just an extra costume you can get, but in Ultimate it is replacing her normal outfit, which I find really silly considering she's not even a playable character, just a Spirit, so it's just a picture.

  • @iboshow it's more like one of those angles where a wrestler talks themselves into a situation and shows how shitty that person is. But not realizing it and then get their ass absolutely kicked. Perhaps like Kane vs Undertaker angle in 2004 when he returned

  • I mean, cool for the new costume - but asinine that they are censoring something that doesn't need to be censored in the first place.

  • @luka Yea, I don't get the reasoning behind it at all. Actually makes me expect Mythra as part of a future DLC fighter since the only reason I'd expect them to do this is to prevent upskirts, which you can't do with a 2D PNG, even though Mythra wears shorts under the "skirt" anyways. I've been laughing from afar at this whole thing, because while it was clearly intended to make Mythra's appearance less sexy, artists have used the new black stockings / leggings as an excuse to draw even lewder art of her involving them. So yeah, good job with that one idiots. Adding it as a costume to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems like Monolith Soft making the best of a bad situation forced onto them, and I appreciate them retroactively making her Smash Ultimate appearance have some sense to it in this way.

    But seriously, who's next? We gonna have to get rid of shirtless Shulk and redesign Bayonetta for Smash just to maintain some rating really innocent stuff like seeing a woman's legs somehow violates now? There was the whole thing with them taking away Snake's butt and downsizing Zero Suit Samus's chest before. I think Snake got his butt back in a more recent version since after loud public complaining about the flattening. I can't see this new change as anything but caving to some ratings person in some region with a stick up their butt about anime style characters who heard some dumb overblown outrage by people not even intending to buy the games involved over Pyra and Mythra's character designs, but since Pyra is wearing a different kind of bottoms the ratings person by definition couldn't object to her, whereas Mythra's more skirt-like one he could actually find a niche clause to harass them with threat of raising the game's rating over if it was not changed.

  • @mbun They have an image to protect and a rating to maintain.

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    You mean the makers of a game intended for children want to make the game more suitable for children?



    I figured this game would get delayed anyway considering how little's been shown off so far, but considering how Sony's been lately I'm fully expecting this game to not come out until they can put out a PC/Switch version alongside it, if not getting cancelled outright like Omega Labryinth Z's localization was earlier this year.

  • @el-shmiablo Yes, because wearing a skirt and maybe seeing some legs will cause those poor children to be corrupted. What a world we live in...

  • @hanabi
    This is very interesting, and possibly gives creedence that we will see small to medium size Japanese devs jumping ship to Nintendo, but its definitely a wait and see thing at this point.

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    @luka I mean, not that you need a degree in early childhood education and development to know this, but I have a degree in early childhood education and development, and hypersexualized representations of the human form are not exactly high on the list of things children should be exposed to in media.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    hypersexualized representations of the human form

    A woman wearing a skirt with shorts underneath is hypersexualized representations of the human form? I see worse every time I go to Walmart or any other grocery store.

  • What's the saying one man's censorship is another man's fetish?

  • Maybe move the conversation to a new topic or something guys? I'm not against it but this back and forth is coming across more as bickering rather than a meaningful discussion.

  • @mbun Lol, well said. Kids wear less these days in public than what a handful of people are freakin' out about with Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

    Anyways, back to news and I don't remember seeing this here:

    Some pictures of the new limited edition PS4 Slim KH3 edition. It is gorgeous.

  • Some new screens of Re2make

    alt text

    Btw this dawned on me recently, but there's been a rumor floating around that RE2MAKE will feature some new content, specifically a school allegedly for Claire's scenario that will have zombie children. If this turns out true I have a feeling (well probably more of a guarantee) that RE2make will get a good smattering of controversy not long after release.

  • Hoeg Law is out here making power plays in the media outside of EZA:

    But Richard Hoeg of Hoeg Law told that the odds of the threatened lawsuit going anywhere are essentially zero. "In general, software is not sold to users, it is licensed. Because of that, use of any software is subject to the terms of the licensing contract," he explained. Some countries do have more consumer-friendly refund requirements—recall Valve's years-long beef with Australia's Competition and Consumer Commission—but ZeniMax covers that base with the "required by applicable law" statement.

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    @luka If you honestly don't think that Pyra and Mythra are insanely oversexualized, I'm not sure what to tell you. I work with children every day and personally have never seen any of them with exposed underwear, microskirts, or boob windows, but that is neither here nor there. The point is that children should not be exposed to hypersexualization in media.

    But hey, how about them videogames?


  • Ok how the fuck does that happen? You'd think Valve would try and put something in place to prevent something like that happening, I mean I can see how it can happen with real physical cards, but just how?

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    @dmcmaster Buddy of mine made 300 dollars opening his first and only CSGO crate.
    That is small fries compared to what some items go for on Steam.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Like I knew skin Trading was a big thing, didn't know you could make that much from it though.