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  • Oh boy... Basically, the project has restarted and Retro are working on it.

  • @tokeeffe9 That sucks, but hopefully in three years or whatever, a good game comes out of this.

  • Does make me wonder whatever happened to that other Project Retro was working on, and if it will ever see release.

  • Let it cook!

  • @dmcmaster ahh I guess that makes sense. I'm playing the game, but since I haven't actually played K7, all those references and cameos brushed right past me. I sure hope they aren't officially connected; the world of No More Heroes is complicated enough.

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    Not sure what to think about this. Most of the talent behind the original trilogy has long since left Retro. Hopefully the end product lives up to the legacy of the Prime name, whenever it comes out.


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  • With the SNES classic we have Super Metroid (which I've never played) and I'm holding my breath for a Metroid Prime 1 & 2 remaster for Switch, but my local game store has it for GC. I have a lot of Metroid to go through before Prime 4 so an honest to goodness restructure doesn't sting for me. I want to admire the series more then get excited for a clearly envisioned game.

    EDIT: Watched the video. Class act. I wish more people did this. Sony with The Last Guardian comes to mind. Or Microsoft with Crackdown although that wasn't exactly in the realm of something made by Ico/Sony Japan, or Nintendo/Retro.

    Just let us know what's up more often. We won't think lesser of your company unless it happens every 5 minutes. EA could do this if the weren't so shook up by scaring shareholders every time they open their yap.

  • I think not really seeing much of MP4 softened the blow for me somewhat, as it never really felt like it was close to completion. I never really had anything tangible to grab ahold of other than the legacy. It definitely seems like Nintendo is committed to making this the best possible Prime game it can be, and I appreciate the honesty and earnestness with which the update was presented. I’m fairly confident it’ll be worth the wait.

    But it really sucks to wait.

  • Nice to see the transparency, would be great if some other games do this too cough FF7 Remake cough. It's cool to see that they do care about the people who's excited about the game.

  • @dmcmaster said in That's News!:

    Does make me wonder whatever happened to that other Project Retro was working on, and if it will ever see release.

    Yeah. When Metroid Prime 4 was announced as being done by a "new development team" one of the more interesting implications was that we were going to get both a new Metroid and a new game by Retro. I have to imagine that if this other project was going along nicely, then it will likewise be continued in the future.

  • @dmcmaster If you mean Star Fox Grand Prix rumours, I'd be pretty confident that'll come out this year.

  • It's a good thing Nintendo announce games when they're almost done.

  • @el-shmiablo i thought that too, but you can tell there is still a ton of talent in that studio.

  • @tokeeffe9 My main worry with this move is that the expectations of quality for Prime 4 are now jacked way the hell up whenever it eventually does release, despite the scrapping meaning the development cycle up until this point isn't tacked onto however long it takes from here to release. Everyone is going to expect it to be much better than they would have if Nintendo had just released a meh entry and instead tried again with Metroid Prime 5, knowing to work with Retro from the start this time. This is the right move in terms of keeping your consumer up to date, but it puts much more pressure on the end project by building up expectations all the more, especially when you're now bringing the Retro name into all this. Remember when they brought Platinum's name into Star Fox Zero? Of course, that was a much smaller fraction of that studio helping out with that game, whereas I expect much heavier involvement from Retro with Prime 4 now, so theoretically it shouldn't fall into the same trap Star Fox Zero fell into.

    Also, where the hell is Pikmin 4? Hard for me to praise this move when that game has been MIA this long with no news around it. If we don't hear about that game next Direct, then I'm upset that for some reason Metroid is being treated with more importance than Pikmin. I love transparency, but you need to adopt it across the board if this is how you're handling updating the consumer on your long term projects now.

    @iboshow They were forced to announce Prime 4 too early in the first place, so they wouldn't catch backlash for releasing a 2D Metroid game before another Prime game. It was an abnormal situation, and Nintendo has been attempting to handle it the best they can. Sometimes all the right moves can just harm you more than keeping your consumers in the dark sadly, which is in part why so many developers don't do this, and why this is such a bold move that people can only somewhat compare to a handful of other situations in the past.

  • @mbun has pikmin 4 been announced or is it one of those “leaks” like star fox racing

  • @bigdude1
    Miyamoto said Pikmin 4 was almost done about a year before the Switch was announced.

  • @dmcmaster ah well i can say pikmin is no metroid.

  • @bigdude1 The only difference is it never got a teaser trailer.