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  • Whatever happened to the discounts for subscribed to it?
    But yeah, the selection is small and slow to update, and personally I'd just be happy to have the option to purchase all the NES, and assuming SNES and others down the road.

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    As someone who just got a Switch, I decided to take their free trial of the service and it's abysmal. While I was in an area with an extremely fast internet connection, Smash online played at about 10 fps.

    The fault of that is less Nintendo's overall online infrastructure and more that they keep using P2P as the online solution for almost all of their online games. P2P means it does not matter at all how good your personal connection is. It will tank the moment you're paired with someone with a worse connection down to their stability level, which is very likely when the console itself has no built in LAN adapter, meaning the majority of people you encounter will be using unstable wifi to connect. This is why during the Smash Directs Sakurai was begging the audience to buy those LAN adapters, which Nintendo is dumb for not including in the Switch Dock itself. They've had like three console generations to fix this now but instead keep cutting costs in one of the worst areas. Some online games like Splatoon handle this system better than others, but since Smash is a fighting game that can't flub precision inputs it brings out the worst with this system. Now that we're paying for online, Nintendo really needs to stop using P2P and actually run dedicated servers for their big online games for things other than just matchmaking.

    it's a good sign Nintendo seems to be aware. Whether or not they actually improve it in a significant way, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    It won't. They'll just start giving subscribers SNES and Gameboy games too to placate people, because that's much cheaper than actually hiring people to develop proper online systems and pay for dedicated servers to run their games. At best we'll get built in voice chat like Fortnite has as the people responsible for that are bringing it to more games on Switch soon.

  • Yeah the lack of a LAN adapter on Wii, WiiU and the Switch dock is something that baffeling to, especially on Wii when WIFI wasn't really all that common when it released.
    Hopefully that's something Nintendo will fix one day with a updated Switch dock.

    Actually on that subject does anyone find the Dock layout weird?
    Like I get that the dock is meant to be displayed wide so that you can walk up and grab the system, but then theres the two USB ports on the side that make it look awkward, and then the ports in the back can be a general pain just to plug stuff in, whereas my PS4 X1 I can plug stuff in without moving the console at all.

  • @mbun The vast majority of console games use peer2peer connections. Yes, this includes Xbox Live. These services are really just matchmaking apps. 3rd party publishers and developers are still solely responsible for providing their own servers to play on with all platforms.

    Nintendo's failure of a network is a perfect storm of bullshit, really. No option for a wired connection without buying an overpriced dongle. This is really the first generation where their console has had any sort of online focus, and it is STILL incredibly archaic even compared to consoles from two generations ago. Voice chat is done through a fucking phone app that also requires additional peripherals.

    This is to be expected from the company that didn't even start working on the WiiU's online infrastructure until 6 months before the consoles release, and explicitly instructed their designers to not look at Xbox Live or PSN while doing so.

  • New Jump Force trailer, I think I'll pick it up if only for the bound to be absurdly dum story
    Youtube Video

  • Jim "No to cross play, and backwards compatibility "Ryan huh

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    Makes sense. I'm not too surprised with 'gamers' questioning this but the dominance of Playstation over his tenure makes this a bit of a no brainer really.

  • Take that PlayStation US and JP, EU FTW.

  • @tokeeffe9
    True, but also makes me question the potential future for Sony but its definitely a wait and see thing for now since it will probably be about 2ish years before we see the results of anything okay'ed under his new position.
    Also Starbreeze sells back System Shock publishing rights.

  • @dmcmaster The change happened so Kodera can focus on what he does best and that's PSN.

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  • @tokeeffe9
    Now to commence Wild speculation.
    F-Zero from Yakuza team

  • Looking forward tomorrows announcement of a new FE sword user for Smash!!! /s

    I really to want to see more about Three Houses though.

  • @tokeeffe9 Finally! Looks like we're finally getting a Three Houses blowout, I pray it's more like Awakening than Fates, or even something actually innovative (controlling small squads seems to be a step in a new direction).

    I expect more info on Yoshi too, since it's their closest game to release. Probably another Wii U port (Tokyo Mirage Sessions please!) or two.

    And I'm pretty sure we'll either get a brand new game reveal and/or a new Smash character. Probably more info about Joker himself (release date) and possibly the Persona 5 port?

    Also how about a Shovel Knight: King of Cards shadow-drop?

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    F-Zero from Yakuza team


  • @axel said:

    I pray it's more like Awakening than Fates

    I hope it is nothing like either.

    I expect more info on Yoshi too

    Maybe, but I feel like we know everything after the story trailer got shown, unless there's some hidden feature we don't know about yet like crafting our own Yoshi.

    And I'm pretty sure we'll either get a brand new game reveal and/or a new Smash character.

    Probably multiple games.

    Also how about a Shovel Knight: King of Cards shadow-drop?

    That's already confirmed for April 9th. Thank Papa IGN.

    What we need is more info on Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 3, as well as release dates for lots of stuff, an update on the rumored added functionality / value coming to the Nintendo Online Subscription, and maybe even announcement of this rumored Switch revision if they're not going to wait until E3 for that.