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  • Sweet dancing genie
    Youtube Video

    My general reaction to this news is
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  • Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot?

    I never heard of that one, had they announced it before?

  • @axel It's the VR one, where you play as a hacker controlling the Nazis' robots. They announced it at E3 last year.

  • @bam541 Ooh ok nice! Completely forgot about it.

  • Actually now that I think about it shouldn't Cyber pilot be out already?

    Guess its going to shadow drop at E3.

  • well CTR was cool i guess..... LOL i feel sorry for the "state of play"station 4 right now after watching that

  • @dipset did ubi, ea, bethesda lower their price when it was their store?

  • So somehow how this was missed, but CTR will include stages from its sequel

  • @yoshi Dude you are so right. Announcing new games for their successful VR platform after having an entire generation's worth of straight bangers with some of the most prolific and highly anticipated games in the industry slated to end off this and next year just leaves Sony in a real bad place.

    @DMCMaster Yeah I noticed a few levels in previous trailers. Glad it is official now though.

  • @yoshi Maybe you should not worry about Sony and worry about playing Yoshi on your switch in 480p

  • @iboshow Yoshi's Crafted World looks sick with the art direction and even got praised by Digital Foundry technically so maybe not the best example you could have picked. Why even incite and respond to console wars BS anymore? "Brand loyalty" is an outdated concept these days. Hell, we have Xbox games like Cuphead coming to Switch. Limiting yourself to any one camp is pointless.

  • @mbun I really don't care what platform people play on.
    Unless they play on Xbox. Then it's like what the fuck are you doing man seriously get it together.

  • Sony will stop selling download cards at retailers.
    Currency will still be sold


    I get the impression this has to do with frustrations regarding the development of Senran Kagura 7EVEN, and said frustrations are likely entirely based on Sony's censorious nature as of late. Won't know until the interview in Famitsu and even then I feel like they're going to dance around the actual reasons but still.

  • @mbun Best example for what? I was under the impression that DF said it ran using the resolution of 480p. If you're going to say I'm making console war bullshit, you were the one saying all Sony does is that it copies from Nintendo.

  • @iboshow said:

    Best example for what?

    A game that reflects a poor state for Nintendo right now or whatever you were getting at.

    I was under the impression that DF said it ran using the resolution of 480p

    Dynamic Res that lots of Nintendo games have been using, so it fluctuates, but it still manages to look impressive for an Unreal Engine 4 game on underpowered hardware.

    If you're going to say I'm making console war bullshit

    I mean the user Yoshi started it, but you reaching for a comeback was just playing into the nonsense further.

    you were the one saying all Sony does is that it copies from Nintendo

    That's exactly what they did recently and often do though. It is no different than calling out Nintendo's shitty online every time they continue to disappoint on that front.

  • Hey all, let's agree console wars are dumb! Hooray, the end!

  • Console wars are yesterday's news. It's all about stream wars from now on j/k
    I can see why State of Play was disappointing for many but since I am with that 4,5% people who owns PSVR, I think it was a solid "direct" excluding that Ironman VR opener. I don't care about MK but it was the best they ended on with it. Swimming in 7s. Nothing big but short enough to cover what they had.

  • @mbun you can't say what I did is console wars and yours isn't.

  • @iboshow I just pointed out "look it is happening again" to something people have become pretty accustomed to. You were aiming to defend what the user Yoshi said about Sony by deflecting it with something you could twist to sound bad about Nintendo. The difference is a willingness to indiscriminately call out bullshit across the board instead of creating bullshit to play camp favorites. There's plenty of valid reasons to express dissatisfaction for things, but someone insulting the things you do isn't one of them, except in the case of the things being similar enough where you can draw some sort of meaningful comparison between the two. Attempting to throw Yoshi's Crafted World under the bus isn't going to make people like that State of Play presentation any more than they currently did.

    It wasn't even as bad as yall are acting like it was, besides that awful opener Iron Man VR game. Just another case of people's expectations being out of whack, but I'll forgive them this time since we had very little clue structurally what we'd be getting before the presentation aired. I'm all for more of those on the regular. Only part I didn't care for was how much the screens at the end of talking about a game looked like you were watching an ad on Youtube or whatever. Felt kind of dry without anything fun between the games, (Nintendo has done some like this before and weren't any better about it then) but I'll sympathize with Kyle's view of wanting to be treated more as an adult and not have to sit through bits ...even though he does bits all the time himself.