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  • @el-shmiablo oh, I thought it was the same service as the Xbox version. So this is only gonna play ps4 EA Games then?

  • Sega has apparently renewed the Super Monkey Ball trademark

  • @hanabi i love Borderlands 2 and will buy 3 day one.. But i hate that this guy is attached to the series.

  • There's a John Wick game coming, I have mixed feelings about the art style but still excited to see more

  • So this is kind of a big deal:

  • WOW! I'm only a mild John Wick fan but I still can't help but be disappointed in this game reveal. The fact this isn't like Stranglehold or Max Payne is beyond a missed opportunity. I get mobile game vibes from that trailer.

    A film studio that as far as I know doesn't even make games is making what looks to be a medium budget cash in. Not to say it'll be BAD because I does look decent but DAMN a missed opportunity.

  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    A film studio that as far as I know doesn't even make games is making what looks to be a medium budget cash in.

    To be fair, it is being directed by Mike Bithell. Thomas Was Alone is great.

  • Apparently the new Ghost Recon will star The Punisher

  • @dmcmaster Dolph Lundgren?

  • @tokyoslim
    No the guy from the Netflix series

  • CDPR has opened thier own merch store with something screaming for my wallet
    Youtube Video

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  • So FF7 is confirmed for E3

  • Did we know before that this would cost money? People seem upset about it, which is understandable when the game was supposed to be a free bonus for online subscribers.

    Edit: Apparently there's more modes coming that they'll be rolling out, and the $10 purchase entitles you to all of those.

  • @mbun Will the stuff that they originally released remain free? Why is charging for DLC bad? Are people legit getting mad over this? Jesus.

  • @el-shmiablo Online is free, but basically playing with bots offline plus the marathon mode costs $10. Someone said something about having to buy the online sub to even be able to buy the offline DLC, but I can't believe that's right. Maybe someone who doesn't have online can confirm it. Just added to my post though that the press release for this mentions these are only the first 2 new modes of many they're adding, and the $10 purchase nets you all of them as they roll out. I just think this was communicated very poorly. People see what's being released now as an offline training mode, and the idea of paying to play with bots on a game that was entirely an incentive for buying the online before seems a little ridiculous when you don't know about the other modes coming too.

  • I agree that it may not be the best communication, but it seems like a pretty good idea and a good way of adding to the game to me. Considering it was 'free' from the beginning with the core aspect of the game, adding dlc for more modes for those interested looks pretty good to me, I'm all for this tbh, though I'm not sure that I'll buy it myself, even though it could be my chance to finally win a match.

  • Yeah. If people are genuinely mad over this, I can't help but call entitlement.
    They got a game for free. How else do they expect the devs to make money?
    This reminds me of when scrubby lil bitches get to the endgame of Path of Exile and are suddenly OUTRAGED that they have to spend a few bucks on stash tabs.

  • Woo.

  • @capnbobamous
    Not sure why people thought that would change, and honestly it kinda makes sense. Possibly.
    This whole remake trilogy (Yes i'm calling it a trilogy) is going to flesh out FF7 to a scale undreamed of back in 97. Fleshing out the events of everything up to leaving Midgard could probably get a 20-30 hour ARPG out of it.
    It's also very likely that this will be a cross gen title either having a enhanced PS5 version or launching the same day as the PS5. In which case it makes even more sense, essentially get the most liner portion of FF7 out to the public, while leaving a fully open world Midgard up to the sequels to flesh out and explore.

    Granted as of this time there is no telling how things will be changed or fleshed out, and what could possibly act as the beginning and end of the 2nd and 3rd parts of the trilogy.