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  • @dmcmaster That would be pretty funny, lol.

  • In "probably nothing but damnit I WANT TO BELIEVE" territory, but

  • @hanabi I would have some faith tbh, Sega has been repeating recently how they are looking to dive back into their backlog of franchises so this would be very consistent with that.

  • @bard91
    Cool maybe we'll get a Phantasy Satr 5, Crazy Taxi 4(5?), a remake of that one insanely expensive Panzer Dragoon game (the one that was a full RPG)

  • @mbun
    Half tempted to test this with mine, at the very least get that bit of foam thrown in so I can use them from more the 3ft away from the console.

  • @dmcmaster cool i loved the show as a kid

  • @ff7cloud
    I vaguely remember watching a few episodes of it, Zoids (Before it started airing on Cartoon Network/ Toonami) and some other show that I can't really recall the name of, on the USA network before going to school in the morning.

  • @dmcmaster im Canadian so it was on YTV for me right before pokmon and Digimon

  • Impressions from people who got play a preview are up too. Only monetized part of the game is for gacha'ing Sync Pairs, which is a currency also earnable through normal play at a rate similar to Fire Emblem Heroes. (very generous) They didn't want to make the game Pay to Win, because they knew lots of children would be playing it, so miraculously all the potions, items to level, and items to learn new moves are only earnable through playing. There's no PvP, but there is Co-op, and it is confirmed you can Co-op with friends, not just randoms. The game is mostly about the interaction between trainers you'd never normally see interact in the main games. Apparently the game even runs as good as 60 FPS on newer phones, and as the tweet above mentions Preregistration has started being rolled out. They plan to do monthly updates going forward.

    @DMCMaster I read that when you contact them they'll sell you a prepaid envelop to mail them in with, so as long as you can do without your Joycon for a week or two, there's nothing to lose contacting them about it.

  • Speaking of Pokémon Masters, for whatever reason it's soft-launching tomorrow in Singapore before anywhere else:

    So I'll give it a shot and share some impressions too. Happy to hear monetization seems to be very reasonable!

  • @axel Yeah, apparently yall and Canada are getting a limited version of the game to test in a live environment, but your progress carries over into the full version, so I'm still jealous! I was thinking about making a topic for Masters, but the Pocket Camp topic didn't seem very popular, so I'm not sure mobile games around here have enough buzz to warrant a full topic.

  • @mbun
    I got a Pro controller (and a wired one too) so I'll be good

  • Pokemon Masters a good game? It's sounding like it might be a good game.

  • @inflorescence It is still a Gacha mobile game. There will inevitably be Gacha power creep as time goes on, so newer characters will be better than older ones either by stats or by skills, and limited time characters that tempt spending. But lots of the other things that plague most mobile games, like stamina bars where you have to wait to play more aren't in the game. Microtransactions are solely for the Gacha currency, that you can also earn in-game. You can't pay to win using it on any of the other items to power your characters up, with the singular except that up to 5 dupes of a particular Sync Pair can combine to power up the strength of one of their big attacks, forget the name for it.

    The level, moves, skills, and overall strength of your characters is dependent on the work you put into playing. There are still 3 and 4 star character pulls you can get, which aren't as strong as 5 star pulls, but there's a system with another earned in-game currency that lets you turn 3 and 4 star characters into 5 star ones, closing the stat gap between them, so you can viably use all your favorites, no matter what they're initially classified as. Some Pokemon can even evolve as the Sync Pair levels up enough. Apparently there's limited Player Character customization too such as eye color, skin tone, and hair color, although this only affects the male and female "Player Characters" that you can ditch as soon as you have three other Sync Pairs if you don't love Pikachu.

    So basically, there's only so good a Gacha based mobile game can inherently be, but this is looking to be one of the most generous of them and much more story focused than we usually see from Pokemon games with a spotlight on interaction between the Trainers for once. It is also setup so people who don't know much about Pokemon can easily get into it with a new "real time" battle system that resembles many things from the core mainseries but has some changes like every Sync Pair having only one weakness, (similar to the TCG) so it is easier for new people to get into. Instead of Go or Let's Go style butchering of core mechanics to dumb it down for new players to a level with no challenge or no skill involved, they instead made something new that still feels like Pokemon, can incorporate all the past regional gimmicks like Mega Evolution and Z-Moves in a way that still canonically makes sense, and makes people wait less for each other to choose actions when playing the game Co-op, which is especially funny to me when Sword and Shield will make people just wait during Raids in that game.

    Is it good? I don't know. I haven't played it yet. Am I excited about it based on the info they've put out there? Absolutely.

  • @mbun said in That's News!:



    Hearing it is about as microtransactions heavy as FE has me pretty excite. I don't think I've spent a single dollar on that, and whenever I come back to it after a while I'm always swimming in free orbs and other shit.

  • @sentinel-beach I was like... I should play something. But first I'll check the forum.
    You made me reach over and hit the PS button on my controller.

  • Doom 1-3 are coming to Switch today, they popped up briefly but I couldn't buy them.