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    19 minutes of Marvel's Avengers: A-Day Prologue Gameplay.

  • @yoshi said in That's News!:

    @tokyoslim never heard of it. Sunset Overdrive is the only non playstation exclusive i've ever heard of insomniac games making.

    That's why I pointed out that over the past few years they've made several games that you apparently haven't heard of. Since 2010 they have made 13 non-Playstation exclusive games and six PS exclusive games

    is that like a smaller indie type game or something

    Well, no.

    @iboshow said in That's News!:

    Don't forget their worst game, Fuse.

    Oh, I dunno, they've made some iOS games I haven't played.

  • Best day....EVER!

  • Yeah, expected...but still great news. Digital package with staggered release / physical edition w PS3 case for Y5 is nice for long time fans.

  • Mass layoffs at Game Informer today. So far, Javy Gwaltney, Suriel Vasquez, Imran Khan, Kyle Hilliard, and Jeff Marchiafava have been confirmed as part of the layoffs. Hopefully they're the last.

    I am absolutely heartbroken by this news. I have followed GI for along time, including their video-content, and each one of these people brought something interesting and unique to the table. These are very talented people, and hopefully they find another job in the industry.

  • @capnbobamous damn, that's terrible. Pretty blindsided by the news. Hope they all land on their feet.

  • @capnbobamous
    Just read the news too
    (Link btw

    I had always assumed Gameinformer was doing well separate from all the stuff with gamestop.

    Speaking of gamestop all signs point to them going bankrupt soon, which admittedly I will be looking forward to thier eventual fire sale though hope to get a ton of stuff like when Blockbuster closed (got like an easy $800 worth of movies, games, displays ect for like $5-$10 a piece)

  • Ugh, those are huge names at Game Informer. I had no idea things were bad there.

  • @inflorescence said in That's News!:

    Ugh, those are huge names at Game Informer. I had no idea things were bad there.

    If I recall Game Informer and Gamestop go hand in hand as Gamestop technically owns Informer, granted I always imagined Informer was maybe getting say 20% of thier operating income from gamestop with the rest being from ads both printed and digital.

  • Spider-Man's out of the MCU. Fuck all of this. Sony Pictures basically took the help from Marvel Studios, saw Spidey grow super popular, and then said naah, we'll continue alone from this point on. I don't know how I can love Sony the video game king so much and just loath Sony Pictures so much, but that's exactly how things are.

  • Really sad about the Game Informer news. I think a lot of these publications have done an awful job of adapting to the internet as the emergent platform (see: most magazines from the past), but GI wasn't one of them. In fact, I like their web presence more than I liked their older work.

    Its a shame this is happening to a lot of websites, magazines, etc. Not sure what the reason might be but my assumption is that incoherent YouTube videos are somehow more popular than actual media and journalistic publications putting time and effort into their coverage. Then again... what do I know?

  • @sentinel-beach it takes two to tango. No company in their right mind would drop their cut to 50/50 for the rights they solely own excluding merchandise. Spider-Man as a character is valuable on the same level as Batman.
    I really hope they come to a compromise eventually because a success in movies is also a success in selling merchandise.

  • That was Marvel's opening, for sure, but Sony didn't even start to negotiate or make an counter-offer. I think Marvel would've settled for less or for a different kind of deal altogether.

  • Now seeing that Matt Bertz and Elise Favis of Game Informer have also been layed-off. My heart goes out to them.

  • @sentinel-beach article had an update that they did and Disney shot it down. Negotiations are probably still going so even if the deal is currently off, I believe agreement will be eventually made. Both love money and there is a lot in there.

  • @capnbobamous That really sucks to hear about Game Informer. I visit the Game Informer website all the time and have listened to their GI Podcast every week since 2011. I always appreciated their Easy Allies like positivity. I hope they can figure something out but that is a lot of their staff gone already.

  • I'm not super familiarized with Game Informer staff, but I absolutely loved the coverage they provided to games where they would just blow it out and have a lot of interviews with the developers, so definitively sad to hear this and I hope some of that will still happen.

  • Man, I'm super bummed about these GI layoffs too, didn't see it coming at all (and neither did they apparently). I've been listening to their podcast every week since Ben Hanson was a guest on the EZA podcast and all the people laid off today were regulars on it. I don't even know what the podcast is going to look like this week, if they even have one. That really, really sucks.

    Any of these guys would be a great addition to EZA by the way, if they're ever looking to expand!

  • @sentinel-beach
    Story is still developing, but I have a feeling we will see some kind of resolution to this sooner then expected. Then again if I recall Amy Pascal has final say about Spider-man (as she is the main producer
    for the recent films on Sony's side) and she doesn't have the best track record (look up the general shit show behind the scenes for Ghostbusters 2016)

    But like I said general reaction is so negative Sony Pictures is bound to be going back to the negotiation table probably much sooner then expected, that or hope for another email hack as that apparently played a hand in getting Spider-man into the MCU in the first place.

  • For years, the highlight of my week has been when I would download the Game Informer podcast along with the EZA podcast on the same day and listen to them over the weekend. I hope those staff members have felt their work was fulfilling and highly valued.