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  • @michemagius Pokemon is beloved, no one can dispute that, you might love Pokemon but they don't always make good Pokemon games.

  • @ib0show Counterpoint: Wayforward spent years making mediocre licensed games with things like the original Shantae being exceptions and not the rule. And it isn't like they're without faults to this day, just look at that Silent Hill game they did for the Vita.

  • @ib0show I'm not saying that Pokémon has never made bad games. I addressed that in my earlier post. There are lots of Pokémon spinoffs that aren't very good. The PokePark games and Pokémon Rumble are both good examples of this. And every Pokémon fan has a generation they like less than the others. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, for me that's gen 7. What I take issue with is saying that The Pokémon Company is somehow a bad developer because they've made bad spinoffs or because the core battle system in Pokémon hasn't been completely overhauled. Lots of famous well regarded series have spinoff games that are absolute trash. And there are lots of famous and well regarded series that stuck to a formula. That doesn't make the developers of any of those series bad. You might not like the Pokémon games. That's fine. The battle system isn't for everyone. I don't like Final Fantasy Games because I've never enjoyed their battle systems or their stories. They've just never meshed well with my sensabilities. But just because I don't enjoy them doesn't give me the right to say that they're all bad games or that their battle system is somehow inferior to other series (and yes I realize the battle system in FF has changed a lot based on the title I just have yet to meet one I like). The other issue I have is complaining about the randomness of the battle system or Pokémon viability from someone who says they don't want to bother with competitive play because it's too grindy. You don't get to complain about the time commitment necessary and the elements of battles that affect competitive play if you don't bother with them yourself. It would be like me complaining about the time it takes to practice and learn about matchups in a game like Overwatch when I've only ever played in practice mode and the most I ever plan to do is play in private matches with my friends. Yeah playing competitive is hard . Yes it takes a lot of time. Yes you do have to consider outside factors like accuracy and evasion. But to the people who actually have the passion and commitment to play competitively, those aren't detractors. Those are just a part of building a strong team and a good strategy. People play competitively because they love Pokémon and because they want a challenge. Don't complain about the things that high level players go through to become strong when you don't care enough about Pokémon or it's competitive scene enough to try it yourself.

  • Since the above posts are quite long, just wanna make sure someone has pointed out that GameFreak makes the Pokemon games, not The Pokemon Company, who oversees the franchise as a whole. GameFreak also does not make any of the spinoffs, so their quality shouldn't be factoring into this discussion whatsoever. I haven't played Tembo, but I really dig HarmoKnight and wish it would get a sequel even though it probably never will.

  • To much Pokemon, go make a thread and talk about it. I come here for news :)

  • I think you mean "plz send nuze"

  • The Horizon DLC could possibly be delayed due to a mobile puzzle game.

  • @DMCMaster it won't be delayed, just that they might not be able to fully own the name.

  • Sony publishes a game for the Nintendo Switch.

    Youtube Video

    Not the most amazing news. But I thought it was interesting especially because they havmt worked together in a long time.

  • I'm on mobile so I can't post a lot, but I'd likr to quickly add that I also think the Pokemon developers are easily one of the most mediocre companies in the industry

  • I'm going to stop posting about Pokemon all together on these forums. People's opinions are just all together bringing me down. I can't really imagine feeling like it was ok to say that a series on the whole was bad or mediocre because they weren't to my tastes. I'm really just disappointed I guess and don't want to invite any more insults to something that means so much to me.

    In actual gaming news Atlus released a free PC Metroidvania game surrounding the Jack Brothers from Shin Megami Tensei. I hope to try the fan translation once it's done since right now it's only out in Japanese.

  • @michemagius After reading the previous 25-30 ish posts I wanted to respond in saying that it bums me out you feel you shouldn't post about something you love here. I read and thoroughly enjoyed your posts and I can clearly tell Pokemon is your game series, above all others. Your passion shows, and it is appreciated.

    To add my personal input about Pokemon, I dropped out after gen 4 because it introduced many changes I really didn't like, so the first three gens are the ones for me. I'm not a competitive player and I rarely go back through those campaigns any more, but I still enjoy them when I do.

    To your point about Final Fantasy not meshing with you, speaking as my favorite franchise, I totally get that. There are entries that are in my top 10-15 games of all time. And there are some I can't stand. But I completely agree with your point and it's because of that why I like the series so much: There is almost something for everyone. And as you touched on, the same is applicable for Pokemon.

    I understand the feeling of not doing so great reading someone's personal criticisms of something you hold dear. But, it shouldn't dissuade you from continuing to champion what you care about. I love Uncharted. Some people here hate it. I'm not into Zelda. I don't think I've met a community (or members of a community) that are more passionate about the franchise, and specific entries of said franchise, than here.

    And that's cool. I will sit here and state: I do find the Legend of Zelda, for the most part, interesting.

    Did I just potentially invite several comments questioning this, a couple at least negative? Sure. But that's my personal opinion. I respect the love and adulation, the defense and reasoning, the fervor and importance any given property has with each person. Much like yourself with Pokemon.

    Which brings me to the thing I am in absolute agreement with you the most on: Simply because I may not like something in no way is indicative of SOMEONE ELSE'S talents in game creation and as a result whether or not they are "bad developers." I don't make games. Having read up some on what people put themselves through, I never want to. People who put themselves through Hell to make something which at the very least will be decent to someone WILL, 100%, be shat on because the game doesn't mesh with those criticizing it.

    So The Legend of Zelda isn't for me. And spoilers, of the three Oct. 27 games, Super Mario Odyssey is the one that's unappealing. But in absolutely no way does that mean the teams who create those experiences are bad developers. Far from it. I would argue Nintendo is one of the best with its stable of talent in creating unique games that, as far as I have seen, never fail on a technical level.

    In conclusion, whether you do decide to cease discussing Pokemon, I appreciate the dedication you have for it and am happy to have read as much as I have of your knowledge on it. My apologies also for the long post as well. Personal opinion based declarative statements presented as fact do that to me from time to time.

    Love and Respect, and have a wonderful day.

  • So Neogaf is burning to the ground?
    Been away from internet all day (worked 5am to 9pm, then ended up having a surprise party thrown for me)

  • @Brannox This man gets it.

  • @DMCMaster I didn't know what you meant until I saw this.

    sexual assault charges

    What the...

    Hypocrite banhammer time.

  • @CGamor7
    Damn, although can't say I'm that surprised given how ban happy the site was against anyone with a different opinion.

    Wonder which place will take its place as "The Spot" for leaks and what not.

  • @DMCMaster I'm not sure the details, but if he's the owner and is found guilty he would probably be best off selling the site to a potential buyer. That place has value still. But again I'm not sure what the ownership details of that site looks like and how that would work. It would be a waste for it to disappear since there was value there. New blood might make it a more welcoming place too.

  • I'm very iffy on the details on this not really having read a lot on it and only seeing the occasional neogaf thread while looking random subjects, but I'm not really clear on why the site has gone down because of a scandal of it's founder.

    Is it in protest to him? to stop him from making a profit?, it just kinda seems weird to me that this would result in a fairly popular site shutting down.

    Sorry if I'm missing something obvious but my understanding of the events doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  • @bard91 Yeah most of the staff left in protest to signal their virtues, at the end they had like 1 admin and no mods, and without the thought police banning people everyone left could finally speak openly, it was quite glorious from what I've seen.

  • Here's an updated article from Kotaku about NeoGaf. More info then I've seem elsewhere.

    If ppl want to discuss this in more detail feel free make a thread.