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  • @dmcmaster he was not, that was Mathijs de Jonge. Hulst was essentially the CEO of the company.

    The news that Shu is going to be heading up an indies initiative is the most interesting news there. Looks like Sony might be starting something like an id@Xbox division

    That being said, all the people leaving or restructuring make me kind of nervous. Andrew House, Shawn Layden, Gio Corsi (head of second party games div, if you're not familiar with the name), and now Shu... something is happening behind the scenes at SIE

  • @sentinel-beach it's actually Jack Tretton's position.

    Fuck Shawn Layden.

  • Reggie on Mother 3/ Earthbound 3 post Nintendo
    Youtube Video

  • I'm not ready to "jump in" on Xbox Game Pass but there are some pretty enticing loopholes going round to get you 3+ years of Game Pass for less than half the price.

    Basically, you can buy Xbox Live Gold (which is cheaper) then trade it in for Xbox Game Pass subscription. So for around $181 USD you can get 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox and PC). Which basically means unlimited games for 3 years. Its enticing because there is a lot of good games on there AND you can download them as though you own them. Problem is that I just outright purchased some of the best ones on there. But maybe when Halo MCC is out and Forza 8 is out, then we're talkin'.

    Even by committing to nothing, you can get two months easily. You can subscribe on PC for $1 for your first month and get an extra month free if you turn on auto-billing which you can then immediately turn off. That means you can have two months to play The Outer Worlds, Gears 5, Metro Exodus, Bloodstained, and other new release games for $1.

  • @dipset

    Very good deal. Also ''3 year'' thing is interesting. It's all legal as far as understand. The question is: Should I try it?

    Edit: Well, PC catalogue is now very bright for now. Of course there are good games and you can try it for two months like you said.

  • @scotty

    There is no way Microsoft doesn't know about it at this point. I just listened to the EZA Podcast and somebody sent in the same tip for L&R. I think they just want people to get sucked in for when they diversify the Xbox brand as not only a console but a gaming platform. Now is probably a good time to get in, but I don't have enough time to try some of these games and I already own some of them myself.

  • @dipset

    I think next step should be add many more AAA titles to their PC catalogue. And to think that someone can immediately play Halo: Infinite when they buy a Project Scarlett+XGP is very interesting.

    I wonder is it sustainable and will it affect the single player games like ''If we want them to continue their subscription, we should do more and more live-service games that can not be finished'' etc.

  • @scotty

    I mean, we could just have a whole thread dedicated to streaming/subscription gaming services but I don't think they need to have an endless stream of content for one single game to keep people's subscriptions. I think they need an endless stream of diverse good games.

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  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    I don't think they need to have an endless stream of content for one single game to keep people's subscriptions. I think they need an endless stream of diverse good games.

    You are right about that but in reality I'm afraid most of the companies will chose having 4-5 live-service games that they can milk for years than having -for example- 8-9 diverse single focused games.

  • Just a heads up Target has a promo for 40% off any EA title (minus Need for Speed and Plants vs Zombies) for today only via thier Circle thing on thier app. It can be used for Star Wars Fallen Order
    0_1573385573896_Screenshot_20191110-063057_Yahoo Mail.jpg

    I know we have a deals thread but this place gets more traffic.

  • Youtube Video

    MUCH better design for Sonic. Not a bad trailer either.

  • One particularly obsessed Sonic fan in my class will probably be going ballistic today.

  • Well I went into that trailer expecting to hate it, and I certainly didn't so I have to admit that was infinitely better.

  • @axel man it's almost like actually listening to the fans is a good idea

  • Wrong thread! Please stop posting everything here.

  • @sentinel-beach I searched and didn't find a thread for the movie, is there one?

  • Still don't like the design. Still don't like the Deadpool attitude/humor. I don't expect it to do well.

  • I think the redesign is better and this trailer over all was better then the first. However I'm kinda less interested in it now. Now it just looks like it'll be a 'meh' movie instead of the dumpster fire it could have been. I kinda wanna see that dumpster fire.