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  • @jaggafredde I'm a bit disappointed that fable isn't on the list but between ninja gaiden and kotor let's just say I'll be busy until oddessy comes out.

  • Unfortunate but I think we knew about this for a while, confirmed now.

  • @Pensanden. Fable would be cool to have too, I actually haven't played it, maybe it'll pop up later on. I'd like Rallisport Challenge as well. And Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. But I think it's an okay start for sure, and it arrives surprisingly early. To be honest I always thought it would be an Xbox One X thing. There is a lot to debate about Microsoft current state in gaming but what's clear is that they've really turned things around since the first unveil. Lets just hope they can dig up some more first party games and this generation will end on a very positive note imo.

  • @Haru17 well they did relaunch a renewed version for the P3 and P4 japanese websites last weeks, so that seems indicative that something may be happening, my money would be a PS4 digital release, or PC, but I would love to see them on the Switch as well.

    And I'm fairly sure there's no such thing as an agreement with Sony for P5 or any of their games, I don't think there have been official statements about this, but I believe they simply chose PS3/4 as the best platforms to release for, given limited development capabilities, that coupled with Sega's recent interest in moving games to PC makes me think that we will see a PC version sometime soon

  • @bard91 I was referring to this. (Apparently Hardin was an Atlus PR manager at time of tweeting.) So, kinda definitive, which sucks. I had no idea abut the P4 thing though. I'll be happy to play it on anything that's not a Vita.

    Switching gears, I've still never played a toys-to-life game. Except Breath of the Wild, lol.

  • @bard91
    If I had to guess it has to do with Sony being pretty helpful with Devs back during the build up to the PS1 release. (As in helping devs actually get stuff up and running on PS1) Thus Atlus has favored the PlayStation ecosystem, and Sony was extremely picky about who they helped during the PS2 era (allegedly the reason why REmake,0 and 4 were made as Gamecube exclusives is because when Mikami went to Sony to get help with their PS2 dev kit making the port of RE:CV, they blew him off, which led to him wanting to put the mainline games on another system)

  • @Haru17 that's a bit out of context tbh, I remember when John twetted that out and there was a ton of speculation about P5 going to Switch for some stupid reason I can't really remember, so my interpretation of that is that they wanted to be clear about the platforms people could expect the games to actually be on (at the time) and stop any rabid speculation, not necessarily that there would be no other platforms in the future, afterall John was PR for Atlus USA, so at the end of the day this is a PR statement from a bracn office not a direct message from the developers.

    Other than that with the whole PS3 emulator thing they released a statement which seemed to indicate that they are aware of the interest for the game in other platforms, so nothing concrete but it seems like they may be evaluating other possibilities.

  • @DMCMaster that may have to do with it, as well as an established fanbase, honestly I think it mostly has to do with their focus on the internal japanese market and developing specifically for it, so for that they probably concluded the PS platforms would be sufficient for their expectations.

  • @Haru17 they have plots while not as deep as persona they usally have something to do with religion or the devil

  • Dragonball FighterZ finally has a release date

    And there will be a season pass. It will feature 8 DLC characters with other stuff to tie-in to those characters. The Season Pass is currently priced at $35.

  • Holy crap is that the final box art? Why does it look so ugly and early 2000s 'underground' font-y?

  • About damn time that AC mobile game is getting shown. I wanna see NTDOY break $50!

  • @Haru17 It hurts my eyes. I feel like taking off the wrapping should reveal a popsicle with a bubbegum nose.

  • Season pass, I call it Not Buying Incomplete Games Pass Release a Full Version.

  • 4 Xbox 360 games getting Xbox One X enhancements! Halo 3 (boring), Oblivion (awesome!), Fallout 3 (whatever), Assassin's Creed (could be cool if the performance is improved!)

  • @Torigasa-Reta
    Your not familiar with how Arc Sys does things are you? Usually its Base Game, DLC, Updated Base Game (Think Super/Hyper Edition), New DLC on top of that, and repeat. Hell the closest thing to a Complete edition of BlazBlue is Central Fiction, and even that has 4 other DLC fighters (Although I think one is just a quick unlock)

  • I have to say, the Xbox Compatibility list isn't too bad, I do own 5 of those myself, but it won't make me keep my XB1. But I'll definitely continue to keep my OG Xbox collection (78 games) so maybe some day I will rebuy an XB1 (X) and use that feature then. Or when my friend says after checking it out on saturday (he never played XB1 before) that he doesn't want it, then I'll keep it, but I don't think that will happen.

  • @DMCMaster That is correct, I never played BlazBlue, and I find this pretty bad tbh.

  • Eurogamer - Nintendo has quietly added GameCube controller support to Switch

    Nintendo hasn't publicly announced it, but GameCube controllers are now supported by Switch as of the console's recent 4.0 update.
    You need the GameCube controller's USB adaptor, but with it the Switch now recognises GameCube pads and already supports them for play.

    The 4.0 update has some nice QoL changes. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come with VC and more further down the line.