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  • @tokeeffe9 I'm super excited for Animal Crossing Mobile. I think it will be the first Nintendo mobile game I really jump in to.

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    I'm honestly not entirely sure how much new stuff there is but the first season was a lot of fun so I'd honestly recommend it if you haven't played Hitman at all.

    The Game of the Year Edition content includes the Patient Zero Campaign. There isn't a new location. Instead there will be 4 bonus missions on Paris, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido, as well as some new unlockable suits by completing challenges in each mission. If you are familiar with Landslide or The Icon (The mission where you kill Iron Man) I would expect four more missions like those.

    It costs $20 standalone and $60 as part of the Game of the Year Edition.

    While the $20 is quite steep, I think if the content is the same quality as Landslide and The Icon then it will be more than worth the cash.

    More interestingly, there's an associated update coming out. They're going through the Elusive Targets again to allow people that didn't get a chance to play them the first time another chance to play them. As well as this there's a big UI update planned, including (finally) re-organising the terrible main menu.

    If you already played the Elusive Target and Succeeded or Failed then you don't get to try it again. I disagree with this quite a lot. They're already taking away a lot of the value that buyers got for originally supporting the game. So far, no one can give me a compelling argument for why people who already played it shouldn't get a second chance. It's just as exciting, they'll still only get the one try and completing the mission. It seems like a nice gesture. Certainly better than giving players a "special badge" if they played an Elusive Target during Season 1 like they are doing.

  • Wooo Ninja Gaiden Black is "free" on Xbox Game Pass! downloading as we speak :)

  • ^ Played til after the first boss. Runs great, smooth performance, crisp graphics, controls well. This is great stuff, can't wait to see more Xbox original!
    The videos looked pixelated but I guess that's natural.

  • Thought I'd ask here as it's quasi-news related, do you reckon there is any worth to having a "rumour mill" thread? I just saw some rumours about upcoming Switch stuff that's pretty baseless, so it wouldn't belong in here, but still seems worth talking about!

  • @Tregard are you asking for a That's Rumours! thread

  • @ib0show "That's Rumours!" would be a fantastic name

  • I would prefer 'That's News?'

    Y'know, just so we can tell them apart at a glance.

  • @Haru17 that sounds better but it would be confusing

  • @Tregard
    Rumors are more or less news in the world of gaming, if anything is say post them here just so that people might see them frequently.

  • Some ResetEra news by polygon. Its cool to see Shinobi602 involved and its also exciting to see a fresh change in governing structure. One idea i cant seem to let go of is that, it almost seems as the industry was just waiting for a moment to pull the trigger on NeoGaf. I think the new Era will be a more positive one.

    I also dont understand the type of people who are openly trying to take down ResetEra already. Wtf is wrong with the internet.

  • @ib0show
    I......might pick it up.........just to laugh at it.

  • @Axel I know I'm going to play it. A lot of people in chat we're freaking out over the micro transactions but to be honest in AC they're pretty mild as far as mobile games go.

  • @michemagius New Leaf only costs 20 dollars these days and offers everything the mobile game has and more without constant popup banners for special limited time offer promotions, the game guilt tripping you into paying for tickets to increase your friendship so you can build an attraction for your animal friends faster like a good friend, needing to buy a loot box net or honey to speed up fishing/insect catching, etc. Buy the largest level of tickets available three times in the shop and you've spent more money than a copy of New Leaf.

  • @Mbun It just doesn't seem that different to other mobile games in my eyes. And I payed full price for my copy of New Leaf so I'm not really planning on spending more than that on a game that does't actually require me to pay for anything at all.

  • @Mbun That's not really the point though. Everyone will agree that New Leaf is a "better" game than Pocket Camp. The objective of Pocket Camp isn't to replace the main series, it's actually to increase public awareness of the series. Just like Fire Emblem Heroes did.

    By offering smaller, simpler, free-to-play versions of these games on devices that are widely available, they're reaching millions and millions of potential future 3DS/Switch buyers. Those games' main role is to be adverts. But of course they also expect these games to generate revenue on their own, hence the micro-transactions.

    They saw how the premium price business model simply doesn't work on mobile with Super Mario Run, so what else could they do? The thing that will make or break the game is how aggressive these micro-transactions are, but if it's anything like FE Heroes, I'm sure we'll be able to enjoy the game for what it is without spending a cent.

  • So what's the deal with the upcoming single player campaign for Battlefront 2, are we playing as the empire and fights the rebels now??
    Haven't followed the game because of the online focus but is that something people have requested?

  • @Axel Early reports straight outta Australia are that the micro-transactions are pretty dang bad. You have 45 days to earn 250 tickets each for two chairs that control the spawning of the characters Tom Nook and K.K. Slider before these furniture items are permanently retired. Somebody did the math of the cost of outright buying them with real money, which came out to $12.50 a piece, funnily enough pretty much the price of an Amiibo at launch. And this is just the start. We know for a fact they are going to have limited time items to coincide with holidays and other events, some of which you might have as little as 24 hours to claim with fat bundles of tickets before they're gone forever.

    While I agree with you that the main purpose of this is to advertise the core Animal Crossing games and how this is everyone who complained about $10 Super Mario Run's fault, this thing's simple existence is setting dangerous precedents for places the series can go moving forward and simultaneously exploiting children through usual mobile fare as well as a sick in the head Animal Crossing twist of finding a way to monetize the concept of friendship.

    Iwata said a long time ago the core gameplay of Animal Crossing would never be tainted by microtransactions, but that's exactly what this new business oriented President of Nintendo has done here.