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  • You can make a thorough research, write a text according to the structural rules of an oral presentation, look for practical examples. Revise the text, let it rest for some time and come back to trim it. Go to a forum to test the content through discussion. Then look if you can develop some aspect remaining in the text and make more research. If so, revise it, let it rest and trim it again. Record your voice reading the text plainly with a chronometer. Point towards a certain limit, like five or ten minutes - trim words and sentences from the text to reach the goal. Then proceed with making the video. The content should be straight to the point, without apologetic fillers to disguise the relevant ideas nor stories from childhood and the past. Even less references to personal experience in order to validate the proposed ideas.

    Folks just write notes and add the most content possible, without structure or critical thought.

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    I would absolutely agree. If you check all of the G/O Media websites, there is a clear blog-style uniformity between say Kotaku, Jalopnik, and AV Club, so my assumption is that this blog-site style must be a mandate from above and I bet they're expected to make this type of content. At the same time, Kotaku, Jalopnik, etc, also have hard hitting reporting mixed in-between so its a toss up what you'll get on any given week.


    Oh totally. I didn't explain my personal POV very well. I didn't only throw my hands up because I thought my work wasn't good, I just didn't value the time I was putting into it as I already have full time work and would rather focus on different avenues. I suppose my main concern is that there are a lot of very popular video essayists out in the wild who don't add anything compelling or informative and its a shame that there is quality more thought provoking writers out there, but the sea of YouTubers continues to grow and I think some of these people should put together better videos before hitting publish.

    I digress though, because my original point was that the Metal Gear Solid 2 Retrospective is really good so I'd just like to keep the attention there. I saw Heather wrote her process out in a comment below:


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    @dipset Ye it is very unfortunate that the Conservative side of the YouTube gaming scene has seemingly decided that Kotaku are a bunch of "betasimpcucks" and other buzzwords simply because they would like games to advance in meaningful ways, and also treat women/trans folk like actual humans.

  • @dipset I feel that. The tone is pretty inconsistent, but I don't usually go on the website without already knowing which article I want to read, so it doesn't bother me too much.

    Also, Irongrey deleted their account so I'm not going to @ them, but I think channels like Jacob Geller, hbomberguy, and Every Frame a Painting more than make-up for much of the drivel in the video essay genre.

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    Every Frame A Painting produces videos so compelling they engage me like a film itself. I absolutely love their work. The video about Vancouver speaks to my heart (despite me living in Ontario) but they have so many gems. I don't think they've posted in a few years which makes me sad :(

  • @dipset Every Frame a Painting was great, but they decided to end the channel a few years back. Tony and Taylor wrote a post-mortem for Medium if you're interested.

  • Speaking of writing I need to try and work on mine, literally bought a decent enough computer to do some video editing on (at least some basic stuff), spent a few hours learning the software (divianchi resolve), and recorded footage from a few dozen games (most of it B-roll), but while I know what I want to talk about I have a hard time figuring out how to start writing it. Did try one go just recording my thoughts on Phantasy Star Online 1, but listening back it just came off as me jumping from one jumbled thought and back again for 45 minutes.

  • @dmcmaster Something that I've found to help me when writing is to make a PowerPoint presentation first. It basically forces you to have an ebb and flow, having individual thoughts while still being narratively succinct. It's relatively limiting when working through a three act structure(which is why I only use it for planning), but I imagine it'd be helpful for video essays.

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    I'll have to give that a shot.


    If you unlock it in the next 24 hours, you can get Stadia Pro (it has 8-10 games included) for free for 2 months.

    I'm trying it right now and i don't know if it has improved over time or something else, I played a bit of Gylt, Steamworld Dig 2 and Grid, and so far so good with a up to 100 mbps (realistically around 50-70 mbps most of the time) connection.

    Input lag is not bad considering it's streaming, playing it with mouse and keyboard, i tried Geforce Now too a while ago and to me they are comparable.

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    Well, that was really bad.

    Serious Sam was absolutely chugging @ 50mbps. Like unplayable bad. Then Stadia swallowed up my whole Chrome browser and I didn't have the ability to exit the game without physically closing Chrome which then closed all my tabs with it (which weren't recognized while Stadia is running a game).

    Tried Grid and that was pretty choppy too. Instantly cancelled.

  • Video games aren't movies or TV shows, streaming will never be the future of this medium and I don't know why companies think they can just brute force it into becoming that.

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    The only streaming service I've given even a passing thought to is Nvidia's, because it only works when you ALREADY OWN THE GAME ELSEWHERE.
    But of course that is FAR too pro consumer and all the companies are pulling support.

  • I also don't want to see stream services becoming the norm. Alternative? Sure, but not mainstream way to play it.

  • this aughta be interesting. I have to assume they got it re-rated since I don't think they could change the underlying conceit of the game enough for it to go down to an M otherwise (no way Nintendo's just gonna let an AO game on their store unless the ESRB changes their stance on it first)

  • @hanabi oh no... not again.

  • Have they even made anything since Hatred?

  • @dmcmaster checking their website they've done one or two games since then, yeah

  • @hanabi
    Welp answers that question

  • This is not exactly news yet, but the official Crysis twitter account posted again after years of nothingness.