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  • @dmcmaster Oh shitt, this is the one with the orchestral soundtrack right? I'm gonna wait for this instead of continuing my current playthrough.

  • @bam541

    Also Square Enix announced the sequel to Nights into Dreams
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster on one hand that gameplay looks nothing like Nights but on the other everything else definitely has the same vibe, and more importantly they've got Ohshima and Naka on board, so I'm absolutely willing to give this a chance.

  • @dmcmaster Only Nights in style, but I'm super hyped for it. Looked amazing. My only worry is with 80 Costumes with effects it could be annoying trying to get a thing and not having the obscure outfit you need to get it constantly over and over. Could be rectified if it was like BotW where multiple ones unlock different ways of reaching objectives.

  • @dmcmaster I've been going through a constant struggle since I picked up XI on the PS4. I can't stand the MIDI music, but don't want to double dip when I payed full price once. I hope they don't make us pay full price for XI S when it's released if we already purchased, and can maybe just pay a DLC upgrade price, but I'm guessing I'm going to have to shell out another $60 just to get the PS4 graphics and the Switch soundtrack and added features.

  • @happygaming
    $40 actually so there's that at least.

  • @happygaming Only way out I see for you is Xbox Game Pass.

  • In "News literally only I care about" there's a new Kamen Rider game coming out soon. Most interesting thing about it is that it's focused solely on three of the Riders (W, OOO and Zero-One), since usually they're either hyper-focused on the current series or a giant collection of at least every main rider from the Heisei era.

  • Loose gaming news but NBC and SportsNet are going to be using EA Sports audio mix in their live NHL broadcasts from Edmonton and Toronto for the restart of the NHL season. There will be a 5 second delay to get the crowd foley in effect before it goes to air. Kinda neat.

  • So G4 tv is coming back for some reason.
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    Gonna be a uphill battle for the network heads.

  • @dmcmaster What in the

    While I would love to see the return of early G4, I am betting that is not what we're going to get. We'll just never find out what happened to Dave and VAL.

  • @inflorescence
    G4 towards the start was the kinda thing I was looking for from a video game tv channel, news, reviews, trailers, impressions, history (anyone remember Icons?), and coverage of events I dreamed of attending.

    Now, it's hard to think of how G4 can get a audience when YouTube alone literally covers just about anything someone could want in terms of gaming content. The only thing I think they can do to differnate is possibly giving some of the various YouTube personalities a chance with a larger budget (I mean something like Jontrons old stuff, part review, part skit, but now with a budget)

  • I forgot who in the US owned G4 but they rebranded it into a toxic masculinity station trying to replicate Spike TV without any originality. I can only assume they’ve gone back to G4 cause that was such a bad idea.

  • How is G4 going to come back now that Cops is canceled? What will they even air?

  • @mbun
    Btw Apparently Tommy Tallarico (Earthworm Jim OST, New Intelivision, Video Games Live) is in charge of it judging by his Facebook post.

    Also I seriously hated all the cops, American ninja warrior, and 3rd show (don't remember what it was) consuming all the air time.

  • I never had cable when G4 was on, and after seeing that Mega Man documentary that came with the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Xbox, I always wanted to be able to watch more stuff like that. I assumed it was all video game stuff, so had no idea about Ninja Warrior or Cops, etc.

    Maybe it'll be like a 24-hour Twitch program block with reviews, interviews, behind the scenes stuff? With more things going for streaming now, I couldn't imagine them on a television network, closest I would think is partnering with a streaming service like Hulu or Amazon.

  • "GAMERS want two things: BEEFY MEN and SEXY WOMEN.

    Why are our ratings plummeting?!"

  • I know it had literally nothing to do with video games and was part of the channel's death spiral but I don't care Ninja Warrior was my shit in high school (shoutouts to Nagano)

    outside of that I dunno I always really liked Icons. X-play was good white noise but I honestly only really watched it when mXc wasn't on after school. Cinematech was cool in its own way.

  • @happygaming
    The cops stuff came towards the end.

    In it's early years it was a great channel, it was the only place to watch high quality footage of various games, and later E3 when they showed everything live, hell I still remember when Halo 3 was announced during I think thier first year doing E3 live and it cut to a Mountain Dew or Gillet commercial like 20 seconds into it, or when FF13 was announced for 360 they had the camera so far away from the screen you could hardly see anything, and unless you were watching on a decent sized HD tv at the time it was like postage stamp sized.

    Or in it's early years there were the commercial bumpers made by various developers, although I remember alot of them being from Psychonauts (which I thought were just channel mascots at the time)
    Youtube Video

    Here's a pretty decent documentary on G4, since that will probably do more then I can say.
    Youtube Video