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    Is there interest in a Halo Infinite / Halo tread around here? I've been playing Halo 3 on MCC and wouldn't mind talking about it a bit. Can't say that I have much positive to say about Halo these days, but damn I'm loving Halo 3.

    Please create one. Or even two, one for the console itself as well. I'm surprised there isn't one.

    And not even Switch has a thread here which boggles my mind. All Nintendo stuff gets handled basically in this thread or something.

  • Dunno if anybody else out there is waiting on the new NVIDIA RTX cards, but they are likely announcing them on Aug 31st. Probably retail the first two weeks of Sept.

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    I heard they already spent 500$ million for it. Wow! Would be nice to see it's affect on screen.

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    Youtube Video – [07:42..]

    In 2016, I wrote a comment about my thoughts comparing Uncharted and Star Wars EP IV in the defunct 'Community Comments' series (@7:42).

    Watch the video, but essentially I think Uncharted = Star Wars. Uncharted nails the pulpy adventure better than any Star Wars since EP IV ever has (save the girl, swing on the rope, beat the bad guy).

    Newer Star Wars films and even games are too intrinsically bogged down in lore, politics, and an epic storyline to feel anything remotely close to a simple adventure plot with innocent and simple action sequences. Uncharted, however strips everything down and focuses on that raw pulp that so few films or games surrounding Star Wars ever have.

    That's why I thought the cancelation of this project was a major blow. I truly believe that Amy Henning would have made the best and most "pure" piece of Star Wars media in decades.

    Also, if you skip back to @4:40 in the video, @DMCMaster makes a blood sacrifice. How'd that go?

  • @dipset
    Well we got A new Beyond Good & Evil announced didn't we?
    I also believe there is one where I joked about it before the Big E3 trailer was revealed.

    Also i feel and felt the same way about the cancled Amy Henning Star Wars game.

    That said it sounds like Star Wars might be getting a second lease on life if certain rumors turn out to be true about who's taking over Lucasfilm after the door slams shut on Kathleen. So hopefully we'll see something similar happen to Star Wars soon.

    Hell as I said here (and in a community comments video too I think) Star Wars is too big to be stuck to EA, it needs to be open for other developers and publishers to take a crack at it. Just imagine a Arkane developed Bounty Hunter, A Star Wars fighter from Team Soul, how about a stupid crazy action game from Platinum?

    And for the films, I swear it's just a case of having a studio head assigned who either didn't care about the franchise, or someone who couldn't think a few steps ahead (which you kinda need to when you've got a big Blockbuster franchise to control)

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    How much blood would you spill to make Beyond Good & Evil 2 release this year?

  • @dipset
    I'm still avoiding heat for the last one, so probably gonna be a bit before I can make another. As it is there was the monthly sacrifices to get PSO2 released in the west.

    To follow up on the DC/WB layoffs it sounds like it's mostly at the executive level, and its sounds like the DC Universe (the streaming service) will be merged into HBO Max before the years out. However AT&T might be interested in outright Selling DC (and everything attached to it) or licensing it out to other Publishers.....Theoretically we get a JLA vs Avengers movie.

  • @dipset That's a very interesting observation about Uncharted!

  • @chocobop

    Thanks! And to elaborate in case you didn't watch the video, but the Uncharted series just nails that film genre in a way that very few films or video games ever do nowadays. That's why I really truly felt that a Star Wars game penned and directed by Henning would be a dream come true.

  • Posted this in rumors, and now it's official
    Youtube Video

    I expect Splinter Cell:Blood Dragon to be announced next year at this point

  • While I lament the death of UnstarTed, I gotta saw I absolutely adore Fallen Order.

  • @el-shmiablo
    That reminds me what happened to Tri-Aces Star Charted
    Youtube Video

  • Not sure where to post this, but Huber's review of FF Crossroads is out, and it seems Ian is having a bit more fun than usual in editing it.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541
    To be fair wouldn't you if you had to edit it? Although it will never dethrone Ultimate Duck Hunting

  • Huber just making my Fantasy Critic score worse.

    That was an amazing review though, holy shit I was dying at the script (both Huber and the actual game dialogue), and especially the edits. It's a shame because the series has too much video game potential.

  • Great ending. 🤣

  • Interesting times

  • Surprised this hasn't popped up yet. Epic is filed a complaint against Apple over the iOS App Store. Epic orchestrated getting taken off the App Store in order create a cause of action so they could do it.

    HoegLaw video on the matter:

    Youtube Video

  • That sounds like borderline entrapment but I'm not a lawyer so I'm not gonna say anything else about it