That's News!

  • @hanabi 2021 release? heh, GOOD LUCK!

  • Not surprised at the delay, am surprised at Darick Robertson providing some art for the game.

  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake to be announced today, allegedly plays better then it looks


  • New Game & Watch trailer
    Youtube Video

  • pulls out Game & Watch to check time in a business meeting

    immediately gets fired

  • @yoshi
    I can already hear 10 year old's screening about how they need it

  • Not feeling it...

    An apology should be approached with accountability and willingness to learn. Rhetoric like "[...] certain Ubisoft employees" implies Ubisoft is taking the approach of throwing some "bad apples" under the bus rather than looking in the mirror. Their recent trailer for the Tom Clancy mobile game is proof of how daft the company is in their approach to creating content and how few filters existed to prevent this kind on nonsense.

    I recently heard a story about a worker for Adidas, a woman of colour, who was like one of very few people who needed to call out Adidas management for including a Confederate Flag as part of their "ideal image" for some product line. That kind of tone deaf daftness isn't propagated by a few "bad apples". Sometimes these companies gotta just listen and adjust.

  • God & Monsters is now Imortal's Phoenix Rising.

    It's just BOTW, but with Greek stuff

  • It is finally back. Support this to escape endless Assassin's Creed.
    Youtube Video

  • Maybe it's just me, but the faces look a little weird to me. That aside, I loved this game back when it came out originally and was just thinking of picking it up again a couple days ago so the timing couldn't be better!

  • Immortals Fenyx Rising: Both new name and new character design worse than first reveal.
    PoP Remake: Low effort and dissapointing. Youtube comments and like/dislike ratio say it all.
    WDL: Same kind of trailer 3rd time I guess and ''whatever''.

    Generally meh, like nearly always.

  • I don't know where to say this so I'll just say it here: I think this this Ubisoft Forward was pretty great, it's been a while since a press conference/show that I really enjoy. I'm most excited for Riders Republic, so hyped for more extreme sports games. Seeing Sand of Time and Scott Pilgrim feels good and jolly, and Immortals Fenyx Rising looks pretty fun despite the art style not being really my thing. I think the Watch Dogs Legion part was too long, but I love seeing that game anyway so whatever I guess.

  • Faces look off in PoP, but the environments look spot on, also nice to see Yuri Lowenthall doing performance capture for PoP.

  • No way I'm supporting that PoP Remake. It looks so low effort and the original game doesn't even feel dated to me. You can get it for like $5-25 dollars at like any game store. It's $10 on Steam right now. I mean, I also didn't think Spyro needed a remake either, but that at least had nice animation and had 3 games in one package.

    My memory is probably wrong but did the original have the British accents?

  • @dipset
    Yeah everyone had British accents in the original
    I might be misreading this but original graphics are a pre-order bonus?

    And cutscenes from the original as a reference point.
    Youtube Video

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    What is so special about this game/comic book/movie? I'm really curious. I watched the movie and didn't feel anything special about it.

  • @scotty not sure. I just know the game was digital-only on PS3 and has since been delisted and people always say it's such a shame. But it's back now.

  • @dmcmaster

    Watching that cutscene makes me double down on the fact it still looks really good to me. That was an insanely polished game for the time.

    I wonder if there is a one size fits all solution to the cheesy British accents for anything fantasy or foreign. I get how fantasy kinda comes from European folklore so the accent there is almost synonymous with the genre (but then again, The Witcher knocked it out of the park by having a plethora of accents). In things like this I find it weird that Middle Eastern people have British accents. It's also brutal when movies in Ancient Rome or Greece have British accents. Assassin's Creed Ezio trilogy used cheesy Italian accents.

    I just wonder what a better solution would be? Maybe they could cast people are of that actual race or nation to act dramatically in a way to portray "fantasy" without the old dramatic English accent.