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  • Think this means we'll see a actual New Vegas 2?

  • @dmcmaster New Vegas 76

  • @chocobop

    There must be some sort of long term plan beyond my comprehension with Game Pass and scheduling out every year with as few holes as possible regardless of similarity between all these FPS games.

    Considering they probably will spend $100-300M on a game like TES VI, I'm not entirely sure how they expect to make money using Game Pass but that's why this long term plan is esoteric and beyond the realm of my understanding.

    Just a thought and it it's only loosely related, but back in the good ol Blockbuster days, I'd stare at some games on the shelf for YEARS. Sometimes there would be 4 different WWE games and I wanted to play them all. Over time, I'd slowly rent them all with no care in the world for home better or worse they are than other similar games on the shelf or how old or new the game is.

    Maybe there is something to just having a bountiful catalogue regardless of genre overlap. It's just options and if there is a way to give these games attention long term then who is to say a game that a game won't be attractive 2-3 years after launch. I just don't know how MS will market that, but Game Pass helps that "Blockbuster Effect" where I have the ability to choose any game at any time for very little cost or time investment.

    Still don't know how they'll make money from that though.

  • Keep in mind that Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. They're worth $1.5 Trillion. They can afford to play a very long game. They don't need to recoup $7.5 Billion any time soon.

  • I know people are hopeful with regards to how Microsoft treats Minecraft, putting it one everything, but every single one of these IPs is worth more exclusive to their platform than the money they would make from putting it on Nintendo and Sony platforms.

  • I hope Todd Howard isn't included for free with Gamepass.

  • I feel like that long waited Evil Within 3 is more possible than ever now.

  • This is absolutely insane. What a stellar acquisition. The faux rivalry between Obsidian and Bethesda is gone like that, like it's blowing my mind that they are part of the same entity when so much of Outer Worlds' marketing was "Like Fallout but better."

    I know that there's some debate as to whether or not they will make future titles Xbox exclusive, but if they do then Elder Scrolls will be the single best thing to happen to Xbox ever. I can't even imagine how many consoles it would sell. Only thing that could possibly top it is if Sony got GTA.

  • What's crazy is that I just re-downloaded The Outer Worlds last night because I never finished it and got a craving. The universe was telling me something seismic was brewing...

    I played for 5 hours straight, something I haven't done in a loooooong time. As I get deeper into the game, I think I might've lowballed it in our GOTY 2019 thread. Once the factions all start playing their cards and you make alliances, this is some Grade-A New Vegas style storytelling and I can't get enough of it.

    Too bad Obsidian already has like 3+ games on the go. I feel as though The Outer Worlds 2, Pillars 3 will come before any New Vegas 2. Not that I really need a New Vegas anytime soon, but I just don't see how they can make it happen in practical terms. At least not until other projects wind down. Still feels good that it can happen in theory now with or without Bethesda's feelings getting hurt.

  • @dipset

    @Scotty It has to happen.

  • What?

  • @phbz good thing i didn't start it on PS4

  • @phbz
    While that does suck for people who might have recently just start it I'm looking at it as an excuse to play it again.

  • @chocobop
    Same it's almost like going out to aquire both Coke and Pepsi in a way.

  • @hazz3r yeah, things like elder scrolls being exclusive to Microsoft platforms means too much to them. if sony is lucky they get table scraps.

  • @dipset there is way more ips in bethesda than there are in mojang. Not to mention talent.

  • @phbz

    I finished it again recently with %100 just to play The City that Never Sleeps DLC story arc(I also %100 them) and I'm not planning to play it again any time soon. All I'm getting is Miles.

  • @scotty I hope this isn't the norm for crossgen titles. Like starting Cyberpunk on a current gen machine and not being able to just keep playing on a PS5/XSX. It's not vital but having an gen agnostic unified platform should be standard when you plan to support both.

  • @phbz
    Yeah that's something that kinda worries me too. Will all the crossgen games leave us starting from zero unless it's all server side information (Destiny 2, Division 2 for example)

  • so i just pre-ordered my Xbox Series X.

    PS5 pre-orders were better since Sony didn't give everyone a heads up they were starting.
    because Xbox specified a date and time pre-orders would start it meant everyone flocked to EB Australia's website and they crashed the website.

    i ended up pre-ordering with JB Hifi after the EB site crashed but my JB pre-order isn't guaranteed to be a launch console.