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  • I always wondered how EA games chose their licensed music. Across multiple games you’d see: Airborne, Chiddy Bang, Plan B, and a few others I can’t recall.

    Plan B stood out to me cause he’s this generic white rapper from the UK and I don’t understand the appeal.

  • I feel like a lot of times, it's one of those nebulous parasitic relationships that exist between record labels and commercial music scouts. Some tracks are obviously "Dev is going to reach out to see if a specific song can be licensed", but I feel like there's a lot of filler track that is the label reaching out to devs, production studios, commercial agencies, etc. with demo disks of artists/tracks they have licenses on. Wouldn't be surprised if it's just somebody's job to listen to tens of thousands of 60 second demo clips and click yes/no until they get to a narrowed down to a list of "maybes" that fit certain predetermined criteria, BPM, mood, etc.

  • @tokyoslim
    Your not too far off the mark, at least from what I've been told in regards to how EA handles it's music selection lately, except for NFS Heat, allegedly Ghost had no say in it's soundtrack which was decided by some other department at EA.

    I'll send a email to my friend who works at Tiburon (AKA EA Sports) and see if he has any knowledge on the subject he can spare.

  • @dmcmaster

    That would be sick cause I'm genuinely curious. I know every company probably goes about it a different way, but there were these bands and artists that kept repeating in EA games from the 2000s and there had to be some sort of backdoor shady deal there.

    I know sheer popularity is one thing, but you mean to tell me Airborne was popular worldwide before they started appearing in EA games?

    Here's a very quick roundup I did of some kinda random, mostly unknown bands on major labels that kept appearing in EA games back in the mid-2000s to mid-2010s:

    Louis XIV - FYI, one of the worst albums I've ever heard.

    • SSX on Tour
    • Skate 2


    • Burnout Paradise
    • Madden 09, NHL 08 / 09, and NASCAR 09
    • Battlefield Bad Company
    • Rock Band 1 & 2
    • EA Skate
    • Other non-EA games, but mostly EA

    Black Tide

    • NHL 09 & 12
    • NFL Tour
    • Rock Band 1 & 2
    • Skate 2
    • Other non-EA games, but mostly EA

    The Young Punx

    • FIFA 07
    • Fight Night Round 4
    • FN Champion
    • UEFA Euro 2008

    Valient Thorr

    • NFS Carbon
    • EA Skate

    Plan B

    • Madden 08
    • FN Champion
    • NFS Hot Pursuit

    And I'm sure there are A LOT more I can't remember. And I'm not trying to speak disparagingly of these artists, but it just seemed so weird that EA would double, triple, quadruple down on some of these bands across multiple games. Some of them ended up getting really popular to some degree, some of them not so much. Maybe they were trying to catch an up-n-comer and it didn't land? I'm just curious what the story is there.

    It's likely what Tokyo said, labels just sent CDs and some bands made the cut.

  • @dipset
    From what I remember last time I asked (which things might be different now) the team will usally have a memo that says something like "pick 30 songs for a Playlist, but it must include X,Y,Z, and songs must be from February 2019- March 2020" or something like that, then someone makes a Playlist and sends it off to EA's main HQ usally followed up with "we can't reach an agreement with Artists for A,B,C songs, find replacements " repeat that a few times, and you get your average EA Sports soundtrack. Or in one instance I was told of some new rapper was pissed off about them having to make a game/ radio edit of his song and pulled it at the 11th hour.

  • One Second From Every Game That Defined PS4
    Youtube Video

    PlayStation YouTube channel just put this out. Is it bad that I feel emotional after this? 2014-present has been a complete blur.

    Graduated high school 2012, went to university in 2013, I remember playing the PS3 version GTA V in residence right when I started my first year. Residence didn't have a good internet connection so I waited to get a PS4 in 2014 when I moved into my first apartment.

    Played lots of those early-gen titles like Rocket League, Bro Force, NBA 2K15, and Alien Isolation with one of my best friends / roommate. We drank a lot of alcohol, listened to music, and played a lot of late night PS4. Finished university in 2017, my last hurrah for having free time to play games steady. Got my first career job in 2017 and as we wind down this gen, I think back on those early-PS4 days quite fondly because little did I know those would be my last couple years playing video games for an unfettered length of time before the realities of real life hit.

    One thing that defined the PS4 gen for me was being able to just walk into a store and afford a console on my own. I didn't have to save up Christmas and birthday money, I didn't have to trade 25 old games in. I just bought a PS4. In some sense, it felt good because it solidified that this isn't some kiddy hobby that I'll outgrow in adulthood - it's the real deal.

    Looking forward to the next 7 years with PS5!


    Also want to point out that at a glance, the multiplatform games were more generation defining that the exclusives. Looking at: Rocket League, Life Is Strange, Fall Guys, Among Us, MGS V, The Witcher 3, Destiny.

  • Sayonara Wild Hearts AND Pheonix Wright shoutout??? I approve.

  • @yoshi Given the previous problems with that collection in the past, I don't trust this to work flawlessly as advertised at launch, but that is nice if they manage to deliver eventually.

  • @dipset Rosie Caddick on the PlayStation Access team put this video together. Really recommend the channel.

  • @mbun i don't mind anyway. i already own the collection physically on Xbox One. i might get gamepass later though

  • Youtube Video

    This looks pretty phenomenal! I'm in for a dark, slow paced, highly atmospheric FPS. I hope they manage to this pull off. A sub 10h game would be ideal.

  • Kojima Productions are working on a new project, and they're hiring! Excited to see a teaser trailer for it 8 months from now.

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  • So the first Fire Emblem is up on the eshop for pre order for $5.99. Comes out December 4th