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  • @el-shmiablo Would they be named "Team Meat" if it was one guy? No.

    Super Meat Boy is a 2010 platform game designed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes under the collective name of "Team Meat".

    Team Meat also includes soundtrack composer Danny Baranowsky and sound effects designer Jordan Fehr.

    Baranowsky's music was not used for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita versions, as he "no longer [had] a working relationship with Team Meat" and they could not agree on licensing terms.

    First member dropping. Goodbye incredible original soundtrack.

    Development for Super Meat Boy Forever was announced in 2014 as mobile-only sequel to the original Super Meat Boy. Team Meat founders Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes originally teased the project as a "live action stealth game" called A Voyeur for September, but this was later revealed to be an anagram for Super Meat Boy Forever. After a few years of little to no public updates, Edmund McMillen left Team Meat and began focusing on other intellectual property such as The Binding of Isaac and The End Is Nigh.

    Second member dropping, and this time probably the most important member of the original Team Meat.

    Refenes said to not "hold your breath" expecting McMillen to come back after Super Meat Boy Forever is released.

    There's lots of drama you can look into behind this departure.

    In 2017, Refenes restarted the project as full-fledged sequel and several new team members joined Team Meat to help with development. Among the new team members were Kyle Pulver (Offspring Fling, Snapshot), Paul ter Voorde and Temmie Chang who worked on the art for Undertale.

    So by this point, after many long delays to the project, (if you've ever watched GDQ, you'll realize how many years this game has been advertised for) the team is basically a whole new team, besides Tommy Refenes. The game, which originally was just supposed to be Super Meat Boy Mobile, is being propped up on the name of the original, despite being an endless runner now that seems to barely resemble the original and much more closely resembles a mobile spinoff, which it was planned to be at some point, but I think they realized they'd make more just bringing it to console and riding the legacy.

    I mean, I want it to be good. I love Super Meat Boy. It is 100% a case where people should wait for reviews though. It could turn out to be a garbage cash grab.

  • @scotty said in That's News!:


    WTF!!!??? HOLY SHIT!!!


    First game is Cities Skylines...

    Edit: They already gave it before; dude, like at least don't give the same game again for God sake!

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  • Terminator Resistance is getting a free PS5 upgrade. Been hearing a couple good things about this game, it sounds like a swimming in 7s kind of thing. I don't really care about the Terminator franchise at this point, but I might pick this up at a sale or something one day.

  • @bam541
    Seeing as i got the original version on sale, I might buy this version at full price.

  • Someone uploaded some never before seen footage of Doom 4 on YouTube, and Someone on reddit stumbled across it.
    Youtube Video

    Gotta say I love the whole gore building idea, like buildings with exposed rib cage and bones.

  • Super Baby 2 and Super Sayian 4 Gogeta announced for DBFZ
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  • Epic continues its ultimate game galore(!) with Defense Grid: The Awakening...

  • Who wants to take on evil Freddie Mercury?
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  • Gotham Knights is coming on the 16th of July:

    alt text

    I'm afraid choosing your own from those 4 may cause the story to be bland and shallow. It would be better if other three that you didn't choose were still with you in the missions; just like SS: Kill the Justice League.

  • Long lost Gameboy accessory, the Workboy found and played for first time in 3 decades
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  • @scotty Limitations of current gen maybe? The whole game is co-op though and the other characters drop in. I don't think it's apart as you think. It's 2 player max co-op which is why 4 people aren't with you all the time.

  • @iboshow

    We saw many 4 player co-ops this gen, mainly some Ubi games for example. Thing is, if they are not preparing it specially for each combination of those duo/solo mods for each different choice; then they will simply prepare shallow and bland story/cutscenes to make it fit for all of the combinations. But if they had 4 players no matter what(AI or co-op) then they wouldn't have to think about different combinations because all the characters are together all the time whichever one you chose.

  • Youtube Video

    Hopefully, what this does mean though, is that they'll come to Switch eventually in some form.

  • ^ Read a theory that they're old placeholder dates that were never removed.

    Remember - Microsoft was so sure Goldeneye would be in Rare Replay that they made bonus videos for it, but it didn't happen.

  • Another good month for PS+. Really excited to try out Greedfall!

  • Oh man first time in a while I'm fully on board with Ps Plus offering I think, and the fact they seem to keep giving 3 games is encouraging.

  • @bam541 Oh nice, they gave out Rise of the Tomb Raider earlier this year which was fun, didn't expect to get Shadow so soon, that will be a fun one to go through while I keep waiting for my PS5.

  • Speed runner/ Streamer Applo Legend has passed away, allegedly from suicide but no cause has been released yet.

    That said I'm willing to believe it was suicide given recent events

    Youtube Video

    Man some of wording in this video is eerie now, video does forget to mention Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell suing Applo.