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  • Really? We're doing this again? Go ahead and point to a developer doing a better job animating 900 monsters doing 800 moves in a two year developer cycle, because you know, fuck crunch, but those lazy GameFreak devs aren't crunching hard enough.

  • @mbun My issue, and I imagine others will feel similarly, is it doesn't feel they like they are investing enough into producing the game compared to what they're making on its sales. This gets into an issue with a lot of games, particularly those on Nintendo, where it feels like they're doing just enough; they won't cross the threshold to make the game better because they don't have to. I don't want their teams to crunch, their team could be large enough where it shouldn't be a problem but they choose not to, and people have a right to take issue with that IMO.

  • @mbun

    But like... Let's Go Pikachu for example has 5 cutscenes and they are barely animated. We're talking one walk cycle here. Cycles that already exist in other areas of the game. It's 2021.

  • @miserableperson Again, I really don't want to get into this again and in the news topic, but they are. They legitimately are expanding the team with every game. The core team sized doubled between Sun and Moon and Sword and Shield. You can only bring new people in and train them so fast, and there's only so many available.

    @DIPSET From my understanding, that was a test game to work with the Switch hardware, but I can agree with you on this point. In general, the content of the main adventures, both when it comes to cutscenes and just interesting areas with interesting NPCs you meet has nosedived since Gen 6. Sword and Shield basically had no "dungeons", unless you count the pretty short Tanglewood Grove or whatever it is called before the Fairy Town, and that I do take issue with, but it also seems like in Sword and Shield's case, they stuffed the Wild Area in late during development to appease people wanting a big open area and had to cut back elsewhere.

  • @mbun I don't know where you got into it before, but I don't care to either; just trying to say most people don't want crunch, they just want to feel the investment in the franchise by the developer.

  • @mbun Don't you think it is a little strange to ask people to name another dev doing those things when GameFreak themselves don't even do that?

  • @el-shmiablo No, because people act like GameFreak is just slacking, so I expect others to have examples of who they should be emulating, but the truth is that there's nobody even attempting near the same scale and schedule, because even what they're doing now is nuts to begin with. Although this move to DLC seems a bit healthier overall since they can stagger out waves that way. Really just sick of this shit coming up every time something new comes out "that looks so much better than Pokemon". Remember Temtem? Nobody gives a crap about it anymore, even though right before launch everyone heralded it the Pokemon slayer. Oh, and about that launch, it launched Early Access. Even Temtem, which didn't have the same media franchise time constraints of Pokemon couldn't just release the whole scope of their game at once.

    As for New Pokemon Snap, the word right now is it has over 200 Pokemon in it. Still a fraction of what's in Sword and Shield, which makes sense given the animations for each in New Pokemon Snap are more elaborate, albeit fewer and who knows how long that game has been in development. GameFreak can't make everyone happy, but they're trying, even though people want to get super toxic and act like they're not.

  • Savage Starlight hopefully.

  • Sony removed third party title release dates from the CES trailer. I think this is like the second time Sony goofed the release date end card in their trailers since the first PS5 showcase. Not a good look for them tbh.

  • Last of Us HBO series gets a new director.

    I’m a little bummed that Johan Renck didn’t get it because of how much I loved his work on Chernobyl, but I’ve heard Beanpole is good even if the directing style feels decidedly different compared to what Renck did.

  • @scotty unless it's a new Crash or Jak & Daxter game, i doubt it.

  • @bam541

    I know all those ''shareholders have to see something for future, investments etc '' thingy but announcing games waaay too early starts to getting on my nerves...


    Prepare to be dissapointed.


    As a fan of the series, I'm really curious about how they are going to find the middle-ground for this considering it will tell the same story of Part I and II but more detailed with extra materials of that world.

  • @scotty I'm guessing it will stay fresh by not following the story beat for beat.
    Also, I think they will follow a young Abby parallel to Ellie, which honestly will be so much better for the story imo. Still think it was a lost opportunity that the story was told out of order in 2. Telling it chronologically would have endeared the player to Abby SO much better.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I didn't like any flashback scene in the game except the last one which was perfect. But now I thought about just starting the game like you said and have the crucial event happen towards middle of the game and it could be interesting but I wouldn't feel the things game wanted me to feel that way.

  • Some new screenshots of a canceled Big Comfy Couch game have surfaced (fun fact the show stared Alison Court, the original Claire Redfield) along with screenshots of a never announced game Capcom Generations
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    A look on some technical stuff Ninja Theory is developing.

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