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  • @el-shmiablo

    D O U B L E ? !

    WTF - may as well just get Game Pass Ultimate if you're an Xbox user. I feel like that's why they would double it. I miss the days when online was free.

  • Banned

    @dipset Pretty sure that is exactly what they are doing. Make buying plain ol' Gold a stupid decision so WHY NOT JUST GET ULTIMATE???

  • Current subscribers and renewals remain unchanged, this is just another terrible marketing move by MS.

    They should just say Gold was no longer available for new subscribers and only Gamepass was available moving forward. Because that's basically what they did but had to do it in the worst possible way.

    Edit:And while they're at it make online free, at the very least for f2p games.

  • Tencent is raising a few billion for a hostile take over, people seem to think it's Take Two, EA or Zynga (they're still around? )

  • @dmcmaster

    I don't know enough about business and the stock market (hence why I'm a salaried chump) so I have questions...

    A) How does a company "raise billions"? Do they just sell a bunch of assets or beg for more investors?

    B) Don't some publicly traded companies like, say, EA have national laws (i.e. US Federal Laws) to fight against international takeovers?

  • @dipset
    I don't know much either. That said with it being Tencent, I imagine they are either begging investors for more money, or asking the Chinese government for some kind of loan.

    As for laws I know Japan has laws preventing foreign companies from owning more then 40% of a company, but I don't believe there is anything like that in the US (I might be wrong)

  • Something Metal Gear related might be's another pachinko game isn't it?

  • Clarification on classic team

    Bethesda VR game
    High impact violence, online interactivity

  • Microsoft canceled the Live Gold price increase and will be making free to play games not require Live Gold anymore in the future. Good stuff!

  • @bam541 Before the calendar even turned a day on the west coast, impressive response time - I'm shocked they didn't see it coming before hand but I guess you never know unless you try. I could really go off on a lot of the reasoning, but it just didn't make sense on any level. Glad they heard clearly.

  • @bam541 Microsoft know how to rile up fans and then back pedal when the backlash gets too much for them to handle.

  • Seems like Microsoft and Activision are in a contest to make the most terrible decision they possibly can. Maybe if everybody gives Activision shit, they’ll revert too.

    That company usually manages to make quality content but they care so much more about the “names” of their IPs than they do the quality of the title and who makes them. At what point do any and all of their franchises lose their identity?

  • @dipset Doesn't feel like much of a contest if those two are the competitors, Activision is playing prevent defense in the first quarter.

  • @bam541

    Microsoft was only testing the waters to see how much they could get away with. they wouldn't think twice to **** you up *** the second your attention is diverted elsewhere.

  • Would love to know how this decision was made. Microsoft literally threw hundreds of millions out the window. They could get away with maybe plus $30/20 a year, along with the announcement of free online for f2p and the increase of monthly free games.

    And I do get they kinda have to kill Gold and move people to Gamepass but this is clearly not the way.

    I also think someone must have looked at a spreadsheet and concluded that, between people already on Gamepass and the large user base already on Gold that was exempt from the price increase, this was not really going to affect that many people and was an elegant way to kill Gold in the medium term.

  • @phbz

    Can't Microsoft just cancel the Gold for the people who don't own it from now on and just make the Gamepass options avaliable? 🤔 With that way, except the people who own it for next years nobody will have Gold anymore.

  • @scotty That was what I thought it was going to happen for months now. Killing gold and making f2p subscription free. Perhaps announce its end a couple of years ahead. Maybe even just offer Gamepass to all Gold subscribers for their remaining time. It's quite the conundrum for MS, having this huge source of revenue they need to shift between services, and it's not an horizontal shift, it's quite vertical at double the price. There's always risk of a catastrophic loss of revenue. Maybe creating a Gamepass Silver tier could be the answer, I have no idea.

    Someone must have thought that by doing this it would be a great way to show how great deal Gamepass was. (I do think if you have an Xbox and don't have Gamepass that's kinda crazy, but that's beside the point). But even then it would make more sense to make it gradually a worse deal than just doubling it. I do honestly think that whoever made this decision did it because in practical terms this wasn't going to affect most people and would move new comers to Gamepass.

  • @phbz

    Their logic is reasonable but they had to guess main headlines will be about the "Doubling the Price!" instead of "Gamepass is More Advantageous than Ever!".

    Or yeah, they could just turn all Golds to Gamepass Ultimate and be done with Gold forever.