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  • @bam541 People always freak at the beginning of the year and act like there's going to be no games. This is why I always tell those people to just wait for announcements. Although 50 minutes might be a little deceptive when Smash is confirmed. 30 of those could easily be Sakurai time, not that I think they will with how he has been segmenting out to his own videos lately, but I still think a big part of this will be updates to existing games. Hopefully they're planning a cool 1 Year Anniversary Animal Crossing update.


  • @bam541 @Axel It's time.


  • Did they ever announce a port of Metroid Prime to Switch?

    I might just get the GC versions. I used to own it but it was too complicated for me as a little kid and in the biggest regret of my life, I sold my dynamite GC collection so I'm slowly rebuilding it.

    It's my understanding you should play MP1, MP2, skip 3, and get hyped for 4?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I will also channel my energy for a Metroid Prime Trilogy port for Switch. Outside of the Zelda games, Metroid Prime is like THE Nintendo series that I have always wanted to play.

  • @dipset I feel like most people rank them 1>2>3. I didn't think 3 was bad but it felt bogged down a bit by trying to use a larger cast than previous games.

  • Banned

    I'm looking forward to 45 minutes of mediocrity and disappointment followed by 5 minutes of mind blowing Smash hype.

  • @dipset
    If you have a Wii U they added Metroid Prime Trilogy as one of the few Wii games to get a digital release at $20

    Anyway being realistic I'm expecting a last minute reminder about Bravely Default, Zelda Anniversary Collection, "Psych Mario 3D All Stars isn't going anywhere, but Mario 35 is going to the Shadow Realm", something surprising like Deadly Premonition 2 was. Age of Calamity DLC.

  • @dmcmaster

    Don't own a Wii U and pretty glad that I didn't bite back when I was a starving student because 99% of the lineup is on Switch now. I'm convinced they'll port Metroid Prime trilogy to Switch sometime soon in preparation for Metroid Prime 4. If the story contunity matters, I don't think Nintendo is crazy enough to expect people to buy a GameCube then spend $99+ on getting a used copy of Metroid Prime just to catch up on the plot, but then again, it's Nintendo.

  • @el-shmiablo As a Geno fan, I'm looking forward to the polar opposite.

  • Wreckfest and Dirt 5 coming to Gamepass this month.

  • @phbz Two brilliant racing games.

  • @dipset I think you're overestimating the importance of the plot in Metroid. There's some level of continuity and cool references, but you can absolutely jump into any game without having played the others and enjoy it. The Last of Us it is not.

    Metroid Prime 4 will surely feature one or two returning characters and stuff, but I fully expect it to be more of a reboot than anything.

    That being said, the original Prime trilogy is amazing so you should play it anyway! And what's this talk about skipping 3? I loved it just as much, if not more than 2. I guess some people like it less because it doesn't follow the classic "isolated on one single planet" formula and has you jumping between multiple worlds instead, but it's still an awesome game.

    One last thing, the Wii Remote controls are a huuuuge improvement on the classic controller, free aiming is much more enjoyable and immersive, I would never go back to the GameCube version for that reason. So if they do port the trilogy to the Switch, they better make sure you can play that way with detached Joycons. I'd recommend waiting for that to show up, don't get the GC versions.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I actually feel we're more likely to see a new 2D Metroid rather than Metroid Prime 4, but I wouldn't complain!

  • @axel

    IDK I've heard a lot of talk about Metroid Prime 3 being mediocre and Samus getting sexed up for no reason. Also apparently the plot gets confusing?

    I still think Nintendo will port over all three to Switch regardless of plot importance. I'd love that.

  • @dipset For what it's worth ;)


    There's always going to be nitpicky fans and it may not have the "purity" of the first game, but it's still a very, very good time.

    It would make perfect sense for Nintendo to release the trilogy in HD with added bells and whistles, so... they very well might not do it, but let's keep hoping!

  • @dipset Metroid Prime 3 is Mediocre compared to Prime 1 & 2.

    still a fantastic game though.

  • @Axel @Yoshi

    Okay so upon further research I’ve a) never even heard of Metroid Prime 3, and b) was thinking of a game called “Metroid: Other M”

    So that’s the one I heard was bad.

  • @dipset Metroid Other M was a good game. it's just a bad Metroid Game

  • @dipset Ahh ok makes a lot more sense now haha. Yup Other M is pretty universally reviled, particularly for its plot and characterization of Samus indeed. You can absolutely skip that one.

    I still had fun with it because I played it years after the fact with zero expectation, but it's not what anyone wants out of Metroid.