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  • @dipset Metroid Other M was a good game. it's just a bad Metroid Game

  • @dipset Ahh ok makes a lot more sense now haha. Yup Other M is pretty universally reviled, particularly for its plot and characterization of Samus indeed. You can absolutely skip that one.

    I still had fun with it because I played it years after the fact with zero expectation, but it's not what anyone wants out of Metroid.

  • @axel
    At the very least I'd say give Other M like 20 minutes, still kinda surprised Team Ninja made a competent 3D action game with NES controls.

  • Banned

    @dipset in Metroid Other M, Samus has to ask a man permission each time she wants to use a new upgrade.
    She also has a complete mental break when she sees Ridley.. after canonically having pushed his shit in at least three times already.

  • @el-shmiablo I have great difficulty putting into words how mad the sexualization of Samus makes me. Zero Suit Samus is my most hated Nintendo property. And I'm generally ok with sexualization in media but when you spend 3 games building up this badass hero who's gender is basically irrelevant (yes I know, the bathing suits - that's why I said "basically") and then shit all over that with a stupid blue spandex jumpsuit so you can see her long blonde hair, beauty mark and boobies, you're just setting your franchise and your company back. They could have brought Samus into the 21st century by eliminating the bathing suits but, instead, they made everybody forget about them by doing something infinitely more egregious. And now even her god damn power suit Amiibo is walking like it's on a fucking runway. God I hope they take off nothing but her helmet in Prime 4 and she has a shaved head and/or massive battle scar on her face. But they won't. They'll bring in the DOA team to do her physics. End of rant.

  • Now I really want to play Other M.

  • @phbz It's actually a really fun game. Completely unlike Metroid in so many ways but still really fun.

  • She really rocks that Zero Suit for sure. :DDD

    Here's a funny one:

    alt text

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I only have investment in Metroid through Super Metroid so I’m not necessarily super into the series or anything but I totally back you up on this one.

    I was kinda unaware of the bikini thing and the overt sexualization in ‘Other M’ and the Amibo’s until very recently and I have to say that it should absolutely be expunged in 2021 and beyond.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve read many females and writers speak to how women in media are normally in a binary between bald badass with a scar, or a hypersexualized character. So I don’t even know what the solution is, but not having Samus running around naked would be a good start.


    Doesn’t surprise me, just learned Team Ninja made DOA Beach Volleyball.

  • Saudi Arabia Acquires $3.3 Billion Stake In EA, Take-Two, Activision Blizzard

    Things illegal in Saudi Arabia

    • Female athletes
    • Females driving cars
    • Gambling

    Things EA makes video games about

    • Female footballers
    • Female MMA fighters
    • Female drivers
    • Lootboxes


    Small stake all things considered, but ironic. Kinda tired of big corp doing business with the Saudi crown. WWE debacle was ridiculous and a massive step backwards for women's wrestling. Also not to mention the Crown told the airport to hold the talent hostage over a payment dispute with the company. Because that's how normal people do business. In the same year that Formula 1 announces Formula W to foster female talent in motorsport, they also announce a new race in Saudi Arabia funded by the Crown.

    I just don't like supporting stuff like that. But it is a pretty small stake obviously.

  • @dipset

    Women can drive cars for some years I guess. :P But yeah, generally speaking I too don't like money is this important over much more valuable things about humanity.

  • @dipset I see it as an opportunity for positive change, but yeah the moment it turns into them trying to steer EA away from those things, get fucking lost.

  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    Kinda tired of big corp doing business with the Saudi crown

    Yeah, call me old fashioned, but I prefer my corporations avoiding business with literal murderers

  • @dipset said in That's News!:

    Female athletes
    Females driving cars

    Uh? Please don't spread misinformation and blatant lies. Yes, stuff like this has been against the law. But, the country has seen an enormous spike in support of women and general freedom and expression of thought. It has gone over and repealed many of the laws that were frowned upon within a very small time margin. People usually view this as a no-brainer, but the reforms happened in such quick succession that I think many foreigners believe Saudi Arabia is the same as it was 10 years ago, which is completely inaccurate.

  • @bam541 The comments hate it, and seeing that art, I kind of understand.

  • Banned

    I hope that is just a stylized cover or something. That's some really poorly traced game asset level shit.


    Looks like Street Fighter is coming to Fortnite. I'm sure streamers' fans can look forward to plenty of Guile's theme in the coming months.

  • This is seriously cool, a extremely late N64 build of Dinosaur Planet is out, a build from just after Star Fox elements got added.

  • Looking like the Hawkman is coming to Switch soon
    Youtube Video