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  • @dipset I feel like the most realistic thing we can expect from Sony rn is expanding the PS+ Collection and/or having more than 1 new games for "free" each month. I personally would want them to totally revamp PS Now to be way more competitive to Game Pass, but I think Sony isn't in that headspace yet.

  • Microsoft's business plan seems to be "buy every company so people see value in our products, and then be nice to our consumers." I'm not opposed to it.

  • @bam541 said in That's News!:

    PS Now to be way more competitive to Game Pass, but I think Sony isn't in that headspace yet.

    They already have a solution for Gamepass, they just need to expand it worldwide and promote it.

  • It seems like the PS+ Collection and Games of the Month are their reaction, and the offerings seem pretty good - its obviously not Game Pass but they're providing good things. Can't speak for PS Now, never really see too much about whats on there. Whenever I get a PS5 I'm planning to subscribe for a bit to play through a lot of their PS4 offerings. I think the competition is improving all services.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I meant Xbox Game Pass is 12.99 per month and I wish Sony had something similar. PS Now just doesn’t work on my 150mbps connection which is the best I can do.

    I know M$ has enough money to just buy the entire game industry if they wanted to squash the competition, but it would be nice if Sony had something like Game Pass for the same price.

    Crazy that a Sony 1st party game is launching Day 1 on Game Pass.


    All PS4 games are downloadable. Shame that they don't share anything about previous gens' backwards compatibility side though.

  • @scotty

    I had no idea that you could download the PS4 games which is really really nice, but also a testament to how little Sony / PlayStation do to explain or push PS Now. I am pretty dialed into the gaming industry and I outright didn't know PS Now offered downloads. Last I checked, that was not an option. Likewise, when I originally tried PS Now waaaaay back when (2014-2015ish), the pricing was completely fucking insane so I wonder if those early days did anything to tarnish it's rep.

    I could swear back in 2013 when Sony was announcing the PS4, they brought up the Gaikai purchase and I'm sure if I dig hard enough I can find evidence of this, but I swear I remember them saying the whole PlayStation library will eventually be available to stream going all the way back to PS1. I really was looking forward to that future where I can just click a button and play Twisted Metal 2 on PS4 then jump over to Killzone 2 or maybe some Jak & Daxter if I felt like it. Obviously the whole library wouldn't be available but they meant the possibility of streaming PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 all on one system. What happened to that? I know I'm not imagining it, I remember somebody saying this back when.

    Maybe with the PS Store being closed down on PS3, they might focus on bringing this to life?

  • @dipset

    I really can't help but feel furious about how Sony treats its legacy comparing to Microsoft. You can even play Xbox(first one) games on XSX as far as I know.

    Just dedicate a team to optimize the most popular 100 games from each gen to PS5. I'm sure they have the resources but they just don't care unfortunately.

  • @scotty Xbox is the best of the big 3 in preserving it's old games.

    Sony doesn't really do anything other than limited edition consoles

    and Nintendo was good with the virtual console, but they got rid of that and the NES & SNES games you get free with online is the bare minimum. Nintendo mostly just milks the public for cash with things like Mario 3D all stars which wasn't even a remake of the games but bloody emulation of the old games

  • @scotty You can play more PS2 games on PS5 then Xbox games on Series X.

  • @iboshow

    I didn't see PS2 games on the store for PS5, nice to know. Still, it would be really great to see all 4 generations, especially PS3 because that one is really missing.

    And I want Sony to promote this more, like I just learned about PS2 thing because they really don't talk anything about this other than PS4 bc which was already given since the first announcements.

  • @scotty that's a weird article. It's clear to me that MLB had a much bigger part in that deal, I don't know why they blamed Jim Ryan for that. It's MLB that pressured Sony to make it multiplatform in the first place, and considering they're doing it to make more money, they'll probably be very receptive with whatever amount of bucks MS throws in these deals. I understand not liking Jim, I don't either, but what a weird opinion piece to publish.

  • @bam541

    I don't think article directly about not liking Jim Ryan, my comment was not directly related to article; just came to my mind again after reading it.

    About MLB having bigger part and pressuring Sony adressed both in the article and comments of the writer below. Article's main point is having the game on Gamepass day one while Sony's own fanbase have to pay full price is not making Sony look good and it's true. Sony should had do something about either Gamepass side or their own market whether it's holding game for some months before bringing it to Gamepass or giving the game also on their services or at least a discount etc. If Sony can't do any of these just because their agreement with MLB(which would be odd to not being able to do something in their own market) then that's not a good deal for their part because it makes them look like this.

  • @scotty Sure. I don't know how much Sony cares about this whole Game Pass thing, but I feel like they'll have some sort of reaction soon. Probably some PS+ related discount, if any.

  • @bam541

    One comment below the article says:

    No matter what your stance on this is I will repeat myself and say that the more bad press Sony gets the better it will be for all of us because it will force them to do more pro consumer things

    Great thinking. 😃

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    @scotty I think that GamePass is sustainable for Microsoft because they generally don't release nearly as many high profile games as Sony does. A lot of their offerings on GamePass are filler like Sea of Thieves, Grounded, or that terrible hero shooter Ninja Theory made, Cutting Edge.
    But for a company like Sony, that basically only releases gigantic AAA tentpole franchises, releasing them to play day 1 on a subscription service isn't nearly as lucrative for them, especially considering that their 1st party releases regularly break sales records.

    Not to mention I think Microsoft has a lot more to gain in regards to consumer mindshare by doing this. Halo is a shadow of its former self, modern Gears is mediocre at best, and the only real exclusive titles they have that can be unanimously considered great is Forza Horizon.

    Personally I don't subscribe to any of these rental services because I already have a titanic library of games, and I prefer owning my games to not, even if it means paying more in the end. I can totally understand it if you're new to gaming and want a huge library of games available to you out if the gate, but I'm personally not interested in any of it.

  • @el-shmiablo

    My buddy is the same way as you and definitely wants to own all of his games, but what's been amazing about Game Pass and subscription services is that it's brought my hometown friends together like never before. We play Battlefield V and Halo 3 almost daily now and we didn't have to "buy" anything. It's definitely opened windows for sure.

    For me, I don't mind Sony's model of full price video games. Xbox Game Pass can only do what they do because they have Micro$oft money, but I do think PlayStation should have a response when their exclusive game is "free" on one system and costs $89.99 + tax on their own.

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    @dipset To be honest, I don't think Sony really care, because they are still making money either way. People who have invested in the Sony ecosystem to play the game aren't suddenly going to turn around and buy an entirely new console just for one game, but people on Xbox who have been waiting for literally anything baseball since MLB was exclusive to Sony for so long, now get to enjoy the game for free, and Sony is still pulling in the fat stacks.

    I understand that this is great for the consumer, but Sony still control the power narrative in the industry. They announce a new game and people lose their minds. Microsoft announce a new Halo and most people just hope it won't suck as much as the last one did.
    I expect they'll have a response at some point, but I don't think this is what will force their hand. They need to actually lose ground first, which they haven't done.

  • @dipset

    yeah game pass on xbox is pretty cool. so much good stuff to play and lots of stuff i've never played before too. whenever i'm not playing stuff on my switch i'm usually playing stuff on xbox gamepass with my friends tbh

    @el-shmiablo said in That's News!:

    Sony still control the power narrative in the industry. They announce a new game and people lose their minds.

    uh huh....