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  • @dipset yeah don't have a ps3. They should just put ps1 games like that on the PS5 store

  • Get ready for PS5 price raise, guys and girls! Sony sneakily added $40 to the price tag for both versions of PS5 in Russia. The currency conversion course hasn't changed since Sep 2020, so it's not like they are adjusting local price to match global price. They just raised global price.

    To make things worse, Sony also cancelled previously placed pre-orders in their official store (including those that were made even before PS5 launch) because they "can't fulfill them". So those, who were waiting for months to get their console will not just have to pay more, they will have to return to the start of the waiting line.

  • @ffff0

    That's terrible and can cost a lot to Sony, just like the first years of PS3.

  • Lost Dreamcast Castlevania game found and in a playable state
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  • Seems like most of the main press conference gang will be at E3 this year. I don't know what the heck Konami will be doing there though, maybe Contra Hard Corps 2 or something similarly weird.

  • If its anything like 2020's GDC then it should be solid. I heard a lot of GDC was behind closed doors (aka they weren't recording Zoom meetings), but I think that helps add to the industry trade show nature of E3 if they do something similar. Devs can still meet with the press to passionately talk about their games.

    I heard Capcom had an awesome Discord thing going on for MH Rise, pre-release so that's another example of how things like this can pan out well.

  • @bam541

    I don't know what to expect.

  • @bam541 Didn't know Konami cared about games anymore-thought they were more interest in pachinko machines now?

  • @jdincinerator Last time I heard, the pachinko stuff isn't doing so well, lol. I don't think they got much other than ports of old games and PES in the past few years. They probably gonna show PES 2022 since they took a break last year to switch engines to Unreal from FOX Engine.

  • They would earn so much money with SH and MGS remakes for 10 years.

  • @bam541
    I think Japan passed some law in 2019 making it harder to run pachinko parlors or something.

    That said if Konami is there maybe the rumors of the SH and MGS remakes are true......or they're just porting Bomber-Girl or something.

  • Mario died so that Pac-Man may live
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    Honestly this is a nice surprise

  • I guess this kinda counts as the first game made in Dreams to be released as a standalone game... crazy stuff.

  • This new No More Heroes 3 trailer is really, really fun:

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  • Honestly, as someone who played all of Sony's AAAs last gen and only really enjoyed God of War, Bloodborne and TLoU2 this push does nothing for me. Do we really need Naughty Dog working on a remake of the original TLoU? The game runs and looks great on the PS4, what's the point other than being a money grab? Jim Ryan worries me.

    I want my sci-fi Naughty Dog game god damn!

  • Jason doing great work again. If you ask me, all of this sounds like bad news. A remake of TLOU 1 just doesn't sit right with me, I want something new. I also feel bad for the VASG team and Bend Studios, I understand the idea of this whole support system for big devs, but it's not really a satisfying position to be put in. All of this really puts a sour taste in my mouth, especially after the Japan Studio exodus. I'm sure Sony will keep making great games that I love (my top 10 games of last gen is pretty much all Sony exclusives), but man, there's just something not quite right with all of this news.

    P.S. I just noticed that the Bend guys are indeed working on a new game of their own. That's good news at least.

    P.P.S. I have a feeling that Sony are going to replace this lack of more niche games by supporting more indie stuff in the long run. Y'know, giving certain games extra marketing or support behind the scenes in exchange for exclusivity. I don't really know if this is true but I hope they're supporting indies either way.

    P.P.P.S. this is a good tweet:

  • I will say a part of me is curious what the TLOU1 remake is, like is it just a straight port but on TLOU2 engine and assets or did it include some gameplay changes?

    And from a marketing perspective I can kinda see a reason for a remake especially with a direct sequel and wanting both games to have a more consistent visual experience between the two (look at Xenosaga for an example of visual inconsistencies between games) and it could make for a nice boxset type package or pre order incentive, but then why not just package in the OG game?

    I mean I love alot of Sony's big first party games but since the PS4 launched we've gotten less and less smaller scale games. Things like The Last Guy, Tokyo Jungle, Puppeter (why was this never ported to PS4?) Are so increasingly rare that when one does happen they pass by with little to no fanfare or even a trailer sometimes.

    I mean I get the reason for the big tent pole franchise release ,it's what draws people to the consoles but for every TLOU, God War, or Ratchet & Clank there needs to be a Resogun, Siren, or Toon Grand Prix (God just imagine what a new one could look like? )

  • I'm a sucker for Sony exclusives. It is the only reason why I bought PS5 this gen instead of XSX but man, this news is not good.

    TLoU Remastered is enough for the first game. It doesn't need a remake. It's waste of resources and I would like to see some other games' remake or more preferably a new IP instead of a game which is not even 10 years old!

    Sony's choices this gen start to make me worried...

    Edit: Looks like a new Uncharted is still coming, good to know.

  • Who on gods green earth wants a TLOU remake? Who even put that idea forward? It’s been ported to PS4 so it’ll be archived in history properly by getting off ‘teh cell’

    I normally scoff at fair weather gamers who say stuff like, “all these companies care about are making remasters and remakes” when most of these remakes are useful and justified, but this kinda just adds fuel to the flame that the big publishers just like $$$ and remakes.

    Haven’t read article FYI but based on the comments above, I get the vibe there is a bit of a Blizzard or Rockstar methodology going on at Sony where they are making one or two games every so often. No thanks pls.