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    @phbz I'm not sure I really see the problem here. Games and developers come and go.
    If they had, say, announced the game and then cancelled it I could see why somebody might be a little miffed, but this is literally the first time we're hearing about this game and the development team that was behind it.

    As somebody who has played most of Sony's offerings last gen, from AAA to smaller indie titles, they've released such a huge and varied catalog of exclusive games over the past years that I really can't say an unannounced one by an unnamed developer being moved to a more prominent studio is cause for concern.

  • I don't think it's ever going to happen but it would be great to have first two inFamous and second game's DLC, additionally Resistance franchise too.

    One of my dreams is a TPS Resistance because I really like how they tried it in PSP game and it got good scores.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    I'm not sure I really see the problem here.

    Of course you don't.

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    @mbun Listen dude. I know your feelings are hurt because you think I don't like Pokemon or Nintendo or whatever autistic reason you've come up with for complaining about me today, but at least try not to bait out arguments in conversations that don't even involve you.

  • @el-shmiablo How long until you realize that every single time there's Sony controversy you defend them, even when it makes no sense to, while also finding every opportunity to take shots at the other Big 2? Maybe if I start pointing out every time you do it, you'll finally realize how often you're subconsciously doing this? Honestly, I hope you're getting paid for it at least. Just read through your last couple posts in this very topic. They reek of fanboy.

    PS: Don't use autistic as an insult asshole. That's very rude to people who actually have autism.

  • @mbun
    dude you know the drill.

    Nintendo puts out a sequel to a Pokemon game from the N64 = an incredibly well off company producing incredibly low effort schlock because they know that fans will eat it up regardless.

    Sony remakes a PS3 that also had a remaster on the PS4 = best thing ever. Sony is just so talented and puts so much effort and thought into their games and respect their fans so much. they totally aren't lazy developers at all.

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    Guys, guys. Let's keep this thread PG. Fellating eachother openly like this is very unbecoming.

    Just stick to the toxic hypocrisy, constant gaslighting, and generally bitchiness you are so good at!

    @Yoshi Demon's Souls never had a remake on PS4. What are you talking about?

  • wasn't talking about Demon Souls.

    was just pointing out that Sony Remaking TLOU is mind blowing isn't it?

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    @yoshi Oh sorry you're just being a whiny baby in multiple threads at the same time so I got confused as to what exactly was rustling your jimmies at this exact point in time.
    My bad.

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    @El-Shmiablo @Yoshi Ok, Why do I always have to come back to see you guys shouting, name calling and trigger each other more than a couple kids?

    Take a walk, both of you. See you in 72 hours. It's not just for this thread, but over the whole forum where you clash. Keep it civil from now on, I've let you both off the hook far too many times.

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  • Sonic Colors might be getting a remaster. Sounds cool to me!

  • Btw just a added thought on TLOU1 thing, but what if it's a single game that flows from 1 into 2 seamlessly, along with a few extra scenes to better setup 2?

  • @dmcmaster that doesn't sound bad to me. I like to believe that there's more to it than just revamped graphics and gameplay.

    Also, I saw someone on twitter saying that they should add the Nomura ghosts from FF7R to the remake and I want it so badly, lol.

  • @bam541 said:

    Also, I saw someone on twitter saying that they should add the Nomura ghosts from FF7R to the remake and I want it so badly, lol.

    Honestly, cancel The Last of Us Remake and fund The Last of Us Intergrade. We the players deserve a nice semipeaceful time in that world by now.

  • @mbun just let me ride the giraffe for a few hours in a open level and I'm good.

  • @dmcmaster

    I saw someone saying that remake might change the scenes from the game to better fit with the upcoming show where Druckmann said some scenes will be different comparing to game.

  • Hey remember Homefront The Revolution and it's little Timesplitters 2 easter egg that let you play the first two stages? Yeah turns out there's a couple codes that unlocks the full game. Complete with Online Multiplayer apparently


  • @bam541 Make a whole online mode of giraffe racing.

  • Quantic Dream won the toxic workplace legal case that has been going on for years now. Apparently the investigations found nothing to back up the allegations.