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  • @mbun Totally agree. I will not deny the naivety of my line of thinking here, but I think that it's a waste of money to only focus on your biggest games in this market. Like, you should use the big wad of cash you got to take risks and diversify your portfolio like you said. Your big franchises are going to do just fine as long as you keep doing the bare minimum to maintain them. The luxury to "safely" take risks is not something to be taken for granted, I think. I'm sure Sony will do just fine since they have great big franchises, but it's just less exciting (and maybe short sighted) for me to only focus on them.

    Also, I was thinking about Sony spending more money on marketing than any of the big three recently, and I hope Sony actually gets to do marketing right on all of their games this gen. There's many of their games in the PS4 era that didn't get enough marketing IMO. Gravity Rush 2 and Ni No Kuni II being booted off the main E3 conferences to pre or post show comes to mind, and also Concrete Genie, MediEvil remake, Dreams, etc.

  • @bam541 said:

    There's many of their games in the PS4 era that didn't get enough marketing IMO. Gravity Rush 2 and Ni No Kuni II being booted off the main E3 conferences to pre or post show comes to mind, and also Concrete Genie, MediEvil remake, Dreams, etc.

    I'm convinced the Vita was a commercial failure in the west, largely because Sony straight up did not do marketing for it. The damn thing came out without commercials to announce it to the general public. You had to go read blogposts on their website or follow gaming magazines to even know about the Vita releasing at the time. There's most definitely a split timeline where the Vita was marketed properly and completely blew Nintendo out of the water and established a whole handheld Sony branch extending out from there instead of retreating from the arena. Sony really fucked up there. Such an excellent little machine that really didn't get a fair shot, except for Japan, where we saw it flourished so hard that people were still making games for it until hearing about Sony discontinuing store support for it.

  • @mbun
    I remember a handful of TV ads for Vita when it launched, but they were late at night on Adult Swim, Spike TV, and Comedy Central, and by late I mean around 12am-4am when Stoners, Insomniacs and people who leave the TV on fir background noise would be most likely to see them

  • @dmcmaster Where was that? Where I live there was nothing, actually nothing. I was looking for them too. That stuff you named is stuff I'd be watching as well. It was just void of anything. I think something like three months postconsole launch was when I saw the first actual television advertisement for it.

  • @mbun I think the 3G model and proprietary memory cards didn’t help either. Both were just unnecessary risks that confused and angered people/me.

  • Some insight on behind the scenes of Days Gone 2 and could have been from ex-game director Jeff Ross, and also insight of Sony's inner works in response to Schreier's article

  • Potentially have a few hundreds of bucks burning a hole in your pocket?

  • @bam541

    I just watched a live stream of Jeff Ross and David Jaffe today, here:

    Not sure who posted about Jaffe a few days ago but I discovered his channel and he has some good insight about the industry and the figureheads around Sony. Definitely learned a lot just listening to him for a bit.

    Some highlights off the top of my head:

    • Jeff says there isn’t really trouble in paradise at Sony / PlayStation like the speculation going on right now
    • Jeff and Jaffe don’t know Jim Ryan very well but they think he deserves a shot
    • Jeff says to this day, Sony is the best publisher because they are hands off and let the studios just cook up whatever they want
    • Jeff aware of Days Gone’s flaws, but also hoped it would be a foundation for more games
    • Days Gone sold very well but he doesn’t know figures (more than all their prior games combined)
    • Left Sony Bend because a lot of his autonomy and production duties were taken over by multiple staff members. No bad blood, but he preferred to wear many hats.

  • I'm still mad about PS Vita. What a disastrous and reckless process that was!

  • @hero

    Sounds dangerous for the future.

  • For anyone interested Evangelion has been killing it at the Japanese box office, and I can't wait for it and the future bluray release of the TV series over here in the west.

  • @dmcmaster lol I didn't even know it's already released there. So hyped for it, I really like 2.0 and 3.0 in particular.

  • @bam541
    Still need to watch 3.0, I have it but for some reason I thought 4.0 would release sooner then it did.

    Still what a wild ride announced in 2005, first film released in 07, 09, 2012 and finally 2021. Litterly been 14 years waiting for this quadrilogy of films

    (Also 4.0 is the longest Eva film at 155 minutes, can probably add 10-15 minutes for the eventual home release)

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    @dipset Oh damn you mean to tell me there actually wasn't any drama at Sony and that some people were making mountains out of molehills?
    No wayyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • @phbz

    This tweet by Jason Schreier is towards the people doing mental gymnastics to rationalize that a Days Gone 2 might exist because Jeff Ross didn’t confirm the cancelation (because he legally cannot). They also are anti-Schreier people who think he’s making shit up.

    Schreier made overt statements about trouble in paradise at Sony studios but Jeff himself seemed to suggest that things aren’t doom and gloom.

    Either way, people online are taking an inch and running a mile with this news. If you pour over the live stream with Jeff Ross, he addresses a lot of this and you will definitely see that the Tweeters of the world are blowing things out of proportion.

  • Banned

    @dipset I find myself less and less able to put up with this kind of fake outrage as time goes on. Most times it shows a severe lack of critical thinking in the people reporting it and the people who bite without any kind of consideration.

    Legit just had a YongYea video pop up on my YouTube feed about the topic, went "Ew" and immediately hit unsubscribe.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Yeah like I don’t think Schreier is blowing things out of proportion at all, I think he’s doing a detailed report. It’s just people acting irrational online.

    Like so Jeff Ross confirmed he was working on Days Gone 2 but signed and NDA and couldn’t say anything about whether it exists or not. Somehow people take that as bad journalism.

    On the YongYea note—YouTube used to keep making that goof’s videos pop up alllll the time. It took a Herculean amount of “not interested” clicks for YouTube to finally catch on.

    Literally ALL of my Facebook videos auto play into Ben Shapiro or Daily Wire and idk what impression I’ve given Facebook that I care for his shit, but I constantly need to click “not interested” on a near daily basis.

    It gets exhausting. I need that Intel AI ASAP haha

  • @dipset Jason initial report talked not just about Days Gone but much wider issues/changes. Usually Jason is not a BS and relies heavily on several direct sources. So I really have no reason to doubt anything he reported or to dismiss him over what one person said. A bit after his initial tweets he even said this this was not about games but about people not happy with the changes within Sony.