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    Black Ops 1 was a pretty bad follow up to MW2

    100%. Played MW2 a lot at friends' houses so was stoked to get my own copy when Black Ops came out. Was majorly disappointed.

  • -_-

  • I don't believe him

  • @el-shmiablo lol, I definitely understand where you're coming from with Treyarch, but I personally really like the Black Ops series a lot, at least the first three games. World at War is also one of my favorite CoD campaigns ever. They definitely feel a bit lacking in terms of gunplay feel and tech compared to the other games.

    On a not-too-related note, I've been wanting to play Infinite Warfare and the new MW just to sample how well IW is doing these days. Maybe I'll get a cheap used copy somewhere.

  • @bam541 If you want to sample how well Infinity Ward are doing, play Titanfall 2 or Apex Legends.
    Infinity Ward, much like Rare, Retro, Bioware and so many other "legacy" companies, are basically just the company in name alone, as the majority of the original talent has left.

  • @el-shmiablo ah, I forgot about Respawn. I already played those, Titanfall 2 is one of the best FPS I ever played. I hope they keep making shooters somehow, I know they're probably working on the next Fallen Order game which I also enjoyed.

  • @el-shmiablo

    A lot of the major staff who made COD2-COD MW2 left after MW2, went to Respawn then made classics at Respawn, then returned again to make COD MW 2019. I think NoClip covered some of the development of that game (could've been another company tbh), but a ton of the core IW staff returned to make Modern Warfare.


    I never understood the World at War love. That game was terrible. I don't understand how a series could step backwards so much from COD4 yet sell so many copies.

    Treyarch is like the douche bag in college who is banging the smart hot chick AND stealing her notes yet and somehow gets better grades than her despite stealing her essay verbatim.

  • @dipset I think that's a case of the sales being mostly driven by the quality of the previous game (CoD 4 in this case, obviously). I personally just like how violent and visceral the game is (spraying down enemies with a LMG and hacking of their limbs feels so good), and I'm personally always been more interested in the Pacific/Japanese side of WWII so it was quite a fun time for me. Funny analogy, btw.


    Honestly not to hate on the guy but how are people going to know they love a game before trying it. Like I get there being pedigree, getting caught in the hype, or the studio/team having a proven track record, but to essentially shit on people waiting for something to go on sale when they have nothing other then reviews to go on is kinda of a shit take.

  • @dmcmaster Wasn't Days Gone kinda broken at release? Not having a buggy game might help initial sales.

  • @dmcmaster

    Ahahaha! Hilarious guy. I will buy your game for the full price if I want to; making me want that is your job with good marketing, solid development process, intriguing story and world, demos or trials to experience some of it etc. Don't blame the gamers because of your average looking game and gameplay, technical problems, not-so-great reviews didn't make them want it for full price(still yet to play it but never had the need for to play it immediately since the first E3 demo).

    Amazon continues to burn money:

    This was their 4th or 5th attempt about an online game. I don't know, maybe they should try something more humble and focused like a singleplayer game for a change?

  • @scotty
    For the Amazon game, I believe Tencent swooped in and bought the developer, then Amazon and Tencent couldn't come to an agreement.

    They have actually released on single player game

  • @dmcmaster

    Yeah, details are those. I was talking about the recent years of them in industry.

    What is their singleplayer game?

  • @dmcmaster I think some version of "please buy the game at full price" is a reasonable plea, even if I also think people should feel morally fine ignoring it and basing their decisions purely on self-excitement vs self-patience. The rest of it just comes off as making a dumb fool of himself, as does swearing at gamers in the process.

    Go ahead and promote the message that buying at full price benefits the studio the most (and let people weigh that in their own minds), but moralizing about it won't get far. This isn't a two way street...developers don't care about the suffering in the lives of their customers (or rather, to tie it to this conversation, not enough to send them money). Honestly, there's probably a lot of people who play games to cope with suffering, and they might be better off it they quit the hobby, as opposed to "owing" developers more.

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    Oh! That...

  • @scotty
    You make it sound like you have history with it

  • The finger wag from the Days Gone director about buying games at launch for full price kinda reminds me of a few years back when Capcom was making horrible decisions and greenlighting bad ideas for games. I recall some executive saying something about the spin off action-oriented Resident Evil games (Operation Racoon City / Umbrella Corps crap) being made because RE5 and RE6 were highly successful action games and they expected those to sell equally as well due to the genre.

    They also made a quasi threat around the cheap Devil May Cry HD port to PS4/PC saying like, "the future of the franchise hangs in these sales."

    That kind of guilting and handcuffing fans isn't what developers or publishers should be doing. Just let them buy it at their own merit and pace. Some people stop gaming for decades at a time, then come back to it. I'd hate to find out they cancelled a series I love because I was too busy with life to buy it right away.

    Ultimately, if you want me to buy a game at launch you need to completely sell me on it. Days Gone should consider itself lucky launching in Q1 2019 among other single player games and before the Fall / Christmas rush.

    Back in the day there were multiple games in the same genre launching at the same date head to head, vying for your dollar:

    • NBA Live vs NBA2K vs NBA The Inside
    • Guitar Hero vs Rock Band
    • Call of Duty vs Battlefield vs Halo
    • FIFA vs PES
    • Gran Turismo vs Forza

    I think if a game like Days Gone only has x-amount of fans, then why get pissy at them for the cancellation of the series cause they didn't buy it right away. So shortsighted.

  • @dipset I think that the worst thing about his statement is that DG2 didn't even got cancelled because of the lackluster sales, it's because of the metacritic scores. The game ended up doing relatively good considering the rocky launch it had, and that's partly because of the players that did buy it full price early on recommending it to other people. It ended up having a decent and passionate fanbase because of it. Like, why the hell did he throw the biggest silver lining about the game under the bus? It's just so ungrateful. Apparently he got fired for his asshole attitude, no surprises there.

  • Well shit I must hate videogames because I haven't bought anything for full price in years.