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  • @shoulderguy I saw it before this. No it does not. I get that somebody probably made this as a joke, but the joke went too far. It encourages poaching and selling endangered "monsters". I honestly hope Steam takes it off their store front or at least appropriately age rates it to keep it as far the fuck away from children as possible. This is not okay.

  • @mbun This is some quality shitposting. Bravo.

  • @shoulderguy This trailer gave me whiplash.

  • Do not dismiss what I'm saying. This is not behavior to be encouraged, especially to children.
    From Pal World's Steam Page.

  • I think I might pre-order this just because of the reactions in this thread.

  • I'm agreeing with mbun; yeah, I'm not an idiot, it's obviously more cartoonish than realistic, but it's still in super poor taste. Some games are better left not made.

  • It's actually really poor taste, I agree too.

  • Just FYI, I was joking about the game looking jolly.

  • Honestly I'm kinda intrigued by it, like I'm at least willing to give it a shot at the very least, probably at a heavily discounted price but still I'd at least give it a chance.

  • It needs appropriate ratings and then people can play it if they want.

  • @el-shmiablo That's pretty healthy for both platforms & I'm sure Nintendo are doing okay aswell. Just think what they would have sold if they were readily available. I only managed to get a Ps5 after 6 months on trying.

  • Yeah I think it was Mat Piscatella who said that though the PS5 is steadily outselling the XSX, it's not like any are being left on the shelves. It's just a matter of Xbox putting less up for sale than Playstation, which isn't to say that the PS5 wouldn't outsell the Xbox if they produced the same amount, because it certainly would, just that these figures are what Xbox expected and are happy with.

  • I'm still wondering how many of both are consoles people are actively using and how many are in the hands of scalpers

  • @capnbobamous

    In my aggressive 30 day hunt for a PS5 back in February-ish, I can safely say that my Discord pings for PS5 drops were gone in a matter of seconds whereas XBSX drops could last for hours to days.

    Both sold out obviously, but I recall one time I sent my co-worker an XBSX link to send to his cousin, who saw the message the next day and still managed to get it. So I think that kinda speaks to the difference between the demand for these systems.

    Honestly, the fact that an XBSX is "easier" to get is kinda enough reason for someone to say fuck it and switch teams. My PS5 hunt was only doable cause I work from home. I'd never have one otherwise.

  • @dmcmaster said in That's News!:

    I'm still wondering how many of both are consoles people are actively using and how many are in the hands of scalpers

    My co-workers 19 year old cousin who is a prototype hustler kid and university student, snagged some shoes from a popular release and also scooped up like 5-10 PS5's in late-2020.

    He flipped them then took some of his profits from that as well as CERB money from 2020 (federal pandemic monthly payment of $2000) and made some ridiculous bets on the Canelo vs Saunders fight from May. He bet Canelo to win, Canelo KO, and KO in the 8th. Made some stupid amount of money like $20k ish.

    He then took that $20k and put it into some meme stocks like AMC. Last week he was up some ridiculous amount of money so he recouped his $20k and let the rest ride. If AMC goes up, he can be hundred's of thousands in profit all from some PS5's and our government giving teenagers with no job free money over the pandemic.

    I hate that folks like us who want PS5's can't get them cause of 19 year old kids who live at home with their parents, but at the same time, fuck it. It's nice that he won't have to be in so much debt for his university whereas I am still repaying having graduated 4 years ago.

  • @dipset Well in Ireland & UK its almost impossible to get a Ps5 or Series X although I managed to get a series S without much problem nice little machine for the price but when the X does become available I'll trade my series S & One X in for one.

  • 0_1623183477906_1623162377140.png
    Sales of all current consoles lined up from launch, if anybody cares.

    I'm wondering if Sony is going to beat the PS4 and 2 with the 5. They're currently selling more than the PS4 in the same time span, which is impressive considering the global pandemic and chip shortages.

  • Silver linings

  • @el-shmiablo cute.

    let's see how the sales last in the long term now.