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    Aloy coming to Genshin Impact.


  • Activision-Blizzard story is disturbing. I feel deeply for the woman that killed herself. People need to work to put a roof over their head and I wish she didn’t have to experience what she did every day at work to lead to that point. It’s beyond heartbreaking.

    I don’t understand why public companies only focus on profits. I don’t think there is a dichotomy between an assurance of work equity and general quality of life, and net revenues.

    Bobby Kotick, the investors, and anyone who is content with this should take their millions of dollars and shove it up their asses.

  • @el-shmiablo I'm really curious what people think about this. It seems like such a weird collab. Makes sense in Genshin lore to have crossover characters, but this is such a weird first pick, and I kind of don't see lots of Horizon fans being into it either, so the whole thing is just ODD.

  • @mbun
    Actually Aloy would be the 2nd guest, the first is some character from the Developer's other game Honkai 3rd Impact.

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    @mbun I think this is probably Sony seeing some return on that "Chinese Heroes" investment they made a few years back where they splashed like a billy on Chinese game development.

    As a Horizon fan and somebody who played Genshin on mobile for a minute, it does make me interested in giving the game another shot on PlayStation.

  • @dmcmaster said:

    the first is some character from the Developer's other game Honkai 3rd Impact

    I definitely don't count that when the games are already implied to be in the same universe type deal.

    @El-Shmiablo Interesting, thanks.

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  • @el-shmiablo I hope this comes out like next year, I really don't want to wait too long for this, lol

  • So I'm on the last two chapters of Schrier's new book, and he covered Visceral Games / Dead Space and despite having never played the game, I could feel the passion behind it. Essentially, the team wanted an identity of their own and really felt proud of developing a new successful IP. The problem—EA at that time essentially thought console and single player games were dead and kept meddling until the series was bastardized and they shut down the studio. It isn't some sort of "EA is the devil" internet rage fan theory, it's just the cold hard truth of what happened—EA killed this franchise and layed off a whole studio.

    So it's both ironic and satisfying for them to backpedal and start re-releasing older games. Hopefully they don't expect these remasters and remakes to sell kajillions and can see success within it's own scale.

    Personally, I'm hyped! Never finished Dead Space cause it played like shit on my PC (like almost every EA game around then). I got it free around 2011 when Origin launched and idk if it was the PC port or something else but the movement and control was way too sensitive and I couldn't fix it. So aiming and moving was just unplayable. Haven't touched it since. I hear it's influenced by RE4 so if it is essentially RE4 in space then I'm already sold.

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    @dipset vsync royally fucks Dead Space on PC.
    Disable it and it should be good.

  • Lost in Random looks pretty much like a new Alice. Very into it.

  • @phbz I don't know if this madness will return though...

  • @jdincinerator
    McGee has been teasing a 3rd game for awhile called Asylum, but he has some Wizard of Oz thing he's working on last I checked.

  • Small Video breakdown of the State of California vs Activision, note the guy isn't a lawyer.
    Youtube Video


  • Nintendo might've finally made an effort to curb Joycon Drift:

    Will take time to know for sure, but this is very similar to a DIY fix people recently discovered for it.

  • On the issue of drift, I noticed in Halo MCC there is a slider in the settings called “Axial Dead Zone” which is a fancy way of saying the amount of force you need to apply for the crosshairs to actually move.

    So I was tinkering around and noticed that when I put it to 0%, I had a disgusting amount of drift on my old controller. So I set it to 6% which was a low amount but also rectified the drift.

    Idk why more games don’t just have that option because it’ll single handedly make drift a non issue.

  • @dipset I think most consoles do have Dead Zone settings for controllers on system level. Been awhile since I checked though.

  • @mbun

    I can safely say that a Deadzone adjustment in Halo prevents drift. Upon research, it seems like Deadzones are smaller in shooter games so that is why they provide an option because drift will be very noticable if it wasn't built into the settings. But I don't see why Mario Odyssey couldn't have that option either which would probably fix the issue.